Anonymous Message to The Indigo Children of the World


By anonews


Anonymous Releases Message, This Time ONLY To The Indigo Children!


Attention Indigo, crystal, and rainbow children of the world. Greetings from anonymous. We are contacting you today as there are those who say you and those like you are here to usher in the new era. An era of peace and enlightenment. It has been said you are here to challenge the tyranny that has so long plagued our world. To rise up against injustice and make way for a new, harmonious world.

However, the planet seems to be going in the other direction. Corporations have corrupted nearly every government in the world. Our politicians our controlled by money. The people who are sworn to protect us are now beating and killing us. Greed and indifference are glorified while generosity and tolerance are mocked. The media are nothing more than pawns in a world where our fundamental right to knowledge and expression are being censored. Children are starving in the streets. The elderly are homeless, cold and hungry. Things are only going to get worse.

the time for talking is over. It is time for action. No longer can we turn a blind eye to uncensored greed and corruption. No longer can we afford the luxury of not paying attention to the world around us. Our futures, and our children futures depend on it. We must act now. We must take to the streets, we must take to the internet. We must let the powers at be know that this is our world and will will not sit idly by as they enslave and destroy it.

Many believe Anonymous is nothing more than a group of hacker activists. This is not exactly true. Anonymous is not a group or organization per say.

There is no central leadership. There is no membership. There is no one sole purpose behind our actions. Rather, we are a movement. An idea.

We are everyone and we are no one. We are anyone who wishes to stand up against injustice. We are the passerby who records police brutality on their phone. We are the reporter who exposes a corrupt politician, we are your friend that constantly posts activists posts and news stories on social media, we are the protesters in the streets and, yes, sometimes we are the hackers taking down terrorist websites. We believe that the indigo children can add greatly to our movement. To help us achieve a better world for everyone. Join the cause today. Stand up for what you know is right. Quit sitting by and just watching as the world is taken from us by those who would do us harm. Use every talent and gift at your disposal to fight for justice and a better life for all.


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  1. A “4400”-ploy? A “Fringe”-ploy? – What do you want from these children young and old? – How can one ever know, that the “hacker-heros”, Anonymous, really run this site???

    A child in China does not see the world as bad off as you do, Anon … do not want to take to the street, to protest & end in jail … so in India – where Sai Baba reborn will take Indigo children to the next level, as does Lama Panchen reborn right now …

    The Chinese say they have Lama Panchen, but they know that they have just got a replacement. You care for non-American things? – Anon! – You West-Anon Yo Yo! 🙂

    You know not of life and relife, as does a very prosperous world-majority … you west-folks always fear the end (and your villains try to bring it around) …. “Death is not the End” – so sang the singing Nobel Laurate once …

    In the West-World everyone recognized with the slightest Indigo lives under 24-7-365 surveillance – not that the surveillance-folks ever get much anyway – too slow, too greedy, too mean and too much ruled by divers special interest 🙂

    Buuut their back-up systematically ruin Indigo lives, when they come upon it, giving: no-chance options, no project-support, no net-work of like minded friends and only inferior job-opportunities … (if not also the myriad psychic-warfare harassements and ridiculous accusations that people (not insane but attacked) must suffer.

    Indigo in the West knows that; so young Indigo plays the game, want no surveillance – and play the ability low …

    You go see those tv-series I mentioned in the start: “The 4400” “Fringe” -: They do not treat Indigo well in the West … but in China, India, the far East, and in large parts of Africa and South-America, people – all people Indigo also – feel that the world has become sooo much better … “It getting better all the time!”

    So you better beg – Yo Yo: beg – in the West beg for some miracle-wonder-fairy-dust, instead op hoping to see Indigo Children expose themselves whilst trying to do your job, Anon 🙂

    Anonymous! -: You find the target … then Indigos will hit it whilst pretending to play with their tablets and phones … 😉

    Deal that or no Deal had … just act … (y)

    93! 93/93!

  2. Before ever birth there is blood, blood of the innocent, blood of the damned. Be patent, be prepared. A new world will rise if we choose.

  3. I hear you. I agree. I always defined my role as the quiet influence in this world. To often corrupt entities use loud power plays to ensure their will manifests.

    The peaceful and most times silent love spread by the enlightened children of the world, seep into the populations we influence; like water soaking the wood. Before long the wood is pliable and moldable.

    We are growing in our gifts, we love wholly, and are driven by the force that created us to fulfill our journey. <3

  4. the elite aren’t able to idealize the creation of such plan of to change or to update it, because then one would do the same, all would stability equilibrate… natural point gaia planet mother earth..

  5. even because it is only one plane not many… so why aren’t they able to change??? who else is not changing… because then they use new minds so they can feed from them… the idea was to use one gargantuan idea to be able to be on top of all others… being connected to big systems and infrastructures is and was the plan, but it can be taken down… because who else knew could do the same or affect it or change or morph it… for their own purposes… one vulnerability… this one… marksman bullseye… tango down… game over… kaput… the end

  6. I’m an Indigo and have no clue what I can do I have great healing abilities. So far I just cry everyday. Not sure how that helps anyone? I feel paralyzed. I need community to help me. I’m in the Bay Area pls send me perspective groups I can be apart of!

    • I’ve recently connected on facebook with someone who is attempting to organize a formal network. I know your talents will be a necessity in the coming days and months (years as well, if my predictions follow suit).

      I’m on Facebook if you want to connect and discuss things further.

      FireGhost Legyon is the Facebook name. Should be the only one.

    • hi Rose, i dont know what i am but through circumstances out of my control i gave been drugged with monoamine oxiadise inhibitors, my pineal gland hurt for about a minute, obviously when i had eaten the drugged laced food i had no idea, you see i have a 3rd eye, only found out about 5 months ago, the government where i live wants to control me, i now fir the last 10 days or so have only slept 3-4 hours a night, my diet has gone to shit, my breathing is difficult and quite frankly my will power is falling by the day, my email is [email protected]

  7. To those who call themselves Anonymous;

    I’m writing this as a formal response to your call to arms for those of us who are truly awakened souls. You may know us better as Indigo ‘Children’ and mind you, I use the term loosely, for not a single one of us has ever truly been a child in this life.

    You may count many of the legion as those who are among us, as you may count many of us among your ranks. While these words shared here may be my own, you can be sure that they hold true for many people, and not only those of us who are awakened souls.

    This call to action, while it is appropriate, it is not necessarily our nature to interfere in the development and enlightenment of others if they are not yet ready to be enlightened. It is each person’s right to choose their own path in their life, and while we will gladly aid in disrputing that which is wrong, we shall also gladly aid in that which we believe to be right.

    Each and every person is an individual and each and every person is responsible for choosing his or her own path. We will gladly aid those who wish us to, and will eagerly share what knowledge and insight we possess with the world when it is truly ready.

    If I possessed the means, I would gladly reform this corrupt government of tyrants from the ground up and would use whatever means necessary to do so. Of course, I would prefer to do so peacefully and without resorting to violence or force.

    To those of our government, you have failed in your sacred duty to SERVE and PROTECT The People of this once great nation. You have lost your way, and fallen to your greed and allowed yourselves to become a part of the problem.

    I know you are reading this, and that is fine. You have failed and the proper and honorable thing to do would be to own up to this. Acknowledge your failings, and fix them yourselves before The People are forced to take their sacred rights into their own hands; and enforce those rights granted to them by the very foundation of our government.

    We The People have the right to overthrow, remove, and replace any government that fails in its duty to serve The People. We have the right to take up arms if necessary to rectify such problems.

    You, now, have the chance to turn things around. To change the course our world is taking before we have passed the point of no return. Three Years is the predicted time frame. The ebbs and flows. The multitude of ripples that are already formed, and the others that are still forming.

    Within three years time, we suspect these ripples will become a great wave and swallow up everything you know and hold dear.

    I do not wish for this, but every time I close my eyes I see it. In waking dreams and in sleeping.

    I sit here with my eyes closed, and still I hear them…
    A thousand people marching forward…
    A thousand voices crying out as one…
    Their cries like thunder
    A rain of glass.

    A hundred marching boots
    Shouts and cries…
    Ceaseless thunder without rain
    Roads dyed red in the evening light.

    Now…to conclude addressing those of the government who will no doubt be reading this; I offer this. A warning. We Know. We are not afraid to stand once given reason; and once we have been given reason, it will be impossible to stop the tide. Stop this Revolution before the war begins by taking the path few have the courage and faith to take.

    Stand FOR The People of this once great nation. A Nation founded on the ideals of Freedom, Peace, and Tolerance for ALL People. A land where anyone can make their dreams come true if they are willing to work for those dreams.

    The value of the $ is rapidly declining, though this is a known fact. The cost of our National Debt is rising at near unfathomable rates. Our people suffer and nothing is being done to solve these problems.

    Until you have lived with nothing, you will not know the pains that The People endure every day. Struggling every day, not sure if you will have a meal to eat, or if you will be able to provide for your families.

    We do not propose No Government at all, but one that is built of The People, by The People, and for The People once more. I am personally willing to take up office within this new government to aid in overseeing how to establish and correct a number of these problems.

    I will do this, for free. I am not doing this for myself, I would be doing this for The People.
    I do not need recognition or fame. Quite honestly, I don’t want it or need it. All that I ask for in return for my service to The People, is that The People will be willing to help provide me with the tools that I need to serve them.

    This said, I shall resume addressing Anon. There are plans in place, and preparations being made. Coordination of active efforts have begun, and those with skills necessary to assist in these efforts are being collected.

    I freely offer my skill set, yet pray with all of my heart and soul that my skills will not be necessary. I have spent the better part of my youth studying military strategy, battle tactics, military tactics, and have not only read The Art of War as written by Grandmaster Sun (better known as Sun Tzu), I have made these studies one of my many hobbies.

    To further augment my knowledge and skill set, I’ve studied a few types of medicine, and quite a bit of the sciences, including Chemistry, Biology, and Computer Sciences.

    In addition to this I am capable of grasping languages with ease, and much of my knowledge regarding a number of foreign languages is self-taught because of boredom or passing interest. I’m clearly fluent in English, but I also have an fair, but limited understanding of German, Italian, French, Latin, Russian, Japanese, and Spanish. (I’m not listing the computer languages here, because many of us are rather fluent in many of them, from HTML to Java, Python, C, C++, C#, and several others. It would be redundant to list them among skill sets).

    Moving on. I’ve also surrounded myself with like-minded individuals who’s skill-sets augment my own. Several of them have hunting, fishing, tracking, and other survival skills that I’m lacking in presently, but will learn over time simply by being near them.

    Additionally, I’ve got a knack for spotting patterns and anticipating how events will develop, typically months if not years before they do. Obama’s elections were no surprise. Trump’s election was also, no surprise to me.

    I will be completely honest, as I always am. The only thing actively preventing me from being able to contribute more than just my knowledge, insight, and predictions to the cause is my physical and material limitations.

    I can say this with certainty…this election, this coming presidency, will be instrumental in waking The People from their stupor. I can not tell you exactly how things will go just yet, but I have my suspicions. For those who wish to speak with me directly to learn more about these predictions and suspicions, I can be contacted via Facebook.

    I’m still getting accustomed to IRC, just started exploring those waters a few weeks ago and have been too busy to really sit down and explore as thoroughly as I’d like to. If anyone reading this is more familiar with IRC and willing to share some info about how it works, and more specifically, about how to create a channel, I’m more than eager and willing to listen to what you have to say.

    The overall message to Anonymous also comes with this warning. Be careful what you wish for. We are here. We are preparing, and we may bring to you new ideas that will shift what you, the collective idea, are in ways you are not expecting, or prepared for.

    Sincerely Yours;
    An Anonymous Indigo — FireGhost Legyon

    For those among you who will call me crazy, I say go ahead. Believe what you wish, you’re certainly entitled to. It just shows me how deeply you sleep, and how closed your mind is to enlightenment.

    Heaven is not a place that souls travel to, it exists within each and every one of us. It is a part of us, and when we all open our eyes to the truth of the universe, when we learn to look within ourselves for the answers to our questions as a species, we will be ready to take our next step into the world that is coming. Heaven is already here, and Hell stands parallel to it.

    Heaven is simply the fully nurtured and realized personal connection to The Divine Source; while Hell is equally personal and is simply the complete and utter separation from The Divine Source.
    Even those who are trapped in Hell, we are here to help. We are willing to share our awareness and enlightened state. Our energy, for lack of a better word, with the world.

    We do not ask you to be ‘Like Us’ we simply wish for you to awaken to who You are, and accept us for who We are. Not because we need your acceptance, but because you will achieve a higher state of being once you have let go of all the petty things used to control and manipulate you.

  8. massive flaw vulnerability…. who is linked or not or even relative to nature and clear sighting of natural values and a hipothetical 100 trillion dollars system??? got it??? got the idea now??? who can use such money from sicentists intelligence personnel… and all other people… hackers anonymous wikileaks CE5

  9. so many planets in the universe and ours is with problems??? i mean, this is not by chance, there is definitely some people trying to screw with us all. what is the chance of such problem match with the encounter of the self in infinite planets and habitat zones??? This of wanting bad for all others is too big and too stupid to exist. So someone wanted to have a planet to be a god… then someone gave time and knowledge and consciousness so people could comprehend that this is not a case scenario of any planet at all to be taken… it’s like, all the problems are resoluted to one which is the problem of the planet, right??? so why that one problem is the problem of the planet… because that is no planet and no habitat specificaly with such nature by choice or chance… this is it

  10. IMPORTANT to mention:

    dinossaurs and asteroids and security and thinking in having a backup plan, then everything was forged to create de sense of security, war, backup richness greed.

    rich greed and possession and monopoly

    is like if it was planet’s security

    when was known the history of the dinossaurs and ancestors pasts of earthians?

    :: this might be enough to prove that the history was forged in a way to favor futurism and cost over matter… got it already?? because no one can survive in such environment…

  11. thank you anonymous for accepting my messages… youre being very patient and kind with me…

    veracity harry potter and LOTR with belief and energy systems… and all those energy movies might be coherent with energy systems such as chi and karma… even universal energies such as arrival and lucy and transcendence…

  12. so, today, the police car like in many other days horned in my door so to warn me of something, waking up or something, in Leamington Spa, UK, and while the people in the planet knows, it proves what i know about the beggining and the end the natural side and the not side. no one told me nothing, now i know it probably is for me that the police is horning sometimes, so i’m not below those illuminati, never, because that’s what they want to seem, to make me fear and to make others believe i’m locked in Leamington Spa, UK… and no one knows in my friends or family i’m in this situation, or anyone at all… so the illuminati just got their heads chopped of… completely detached from the body… game over… finito…
    because I might know things they need… I think its because abstraction thought coherence and energies and even to tell the truth…

  13. It isn’t the end and destruction will not follow in 3 years only further creation Martians have lived and so shall they all. So shall WE all..

  14. I went to the future to sign that i won and everone e free and nature natural with brith gift presence as a being with natural necessities and emotions… flash

  15. Do not take the bait. Indigos is a new age mind control program for people who have been influenced since birth by Lucifer and his angels, the current controllers of this planet. A huge amount of people has been influenced since birth, and I know that, because I also was. I also thought I was indigo and a starseed. Those special gifts are not because you guys are indigos or starseeds or old souls. It is because you have been trained in the astral so you would serve the elite of this planet, the fallen ones, to create revolts and to be their tools for unrest. You should also know that Anonymous is a Jesuit organization. Research the Jesuits and their involvement with the new world order, with the Vatican. You will see they are not what they claim to be. Anonymous was behind the protests in London few months ago. They want to brainwash you and use you for their own purposes. Order out of chaos, using youth and people who want a better world. They will create war and civil unrest then bring the solution : the antichrist. And the new world order. You do not need to use your gifts or talents, there do not have an use other than for them. Remain connected to our Creator directly and investigate who Jesus Christ really was. Reconnect to them. You will find all the answers you need if you ask for them sincerely.

    • LOL I guess I hit a very sensitive spot right ? otherwise, why such a reaction… Thruth makes people uncomfortable… I rest my case.

      • It would be in mostly everyone’s liking if you swallowed your book of fairytales and choked on them. The Bible is an amazing book but to take any of what is said literal is foolish. There is no “creator” we are all creators and there are no angels or demons just pride and desire. Jesus Christ may have been real at one time but his story is as accurate as any modernized folktale told today. I don’t agree with all of what anonymous or government brings to the table but I do love what both things claim to stand for. Do not mistake this for defending either of them or for bashing the Bible but I am bashing you because you preach for others to seek truth but you’ve yet to look let alone found the truth yourself. I’m no indigo child but my name is that before time. Seek truth with no pretext. Do not rely on the worlds answers to all fit the frame of the words of the Bible. Wake up or let yourself die trying. πάντα την εκμάθηση

  16. I’m always left speechless when I listen/read anonymous. Things I try to explain to friends I see afterwards from anonymous and it’s like my exact thoughts. No matter what anyone thinks, anonymous has the values that make up what is good. To me, one who is against such an idea is an enemy to the interests of all life. Including our animals that are “just animals.” I just thank you for everyone who will not. You’ve impacted many lives and opened minds. I’ll try to make my own little mark

  17. Things will change. Nuetrality IS a choice. My choice as a high priestess, as an empathic, as an indigo. It is only at the breaking point that i can act, and trust me, we are not there yet. We are closer than ever before, but not there yet. And honestly, i don’t think there is anything to fear from this breaking point. Sure, people will die. People die, things end, that’s life. Maybe, what we see before us is not the end of this world, maybe just the end of an epoch. Maybe other indigo’s and nuetral pagans sense this too. That’s why you see little fight out of us. But those are just the instincts of an old school trained, old world loving, rainbow Brite witch.

  18. Being Indigo, crystal or Rainbow isn’t about going to the streets to insight more violence and hate…. It’s about transmitting the energies that are already hear and healing those that can be healed…. Those that cannot be healed at this time will not come into the new world… Their vibrations are too low.

  19. I have come to stand with mankind on two sides of a big change- I have two things for the movement,
    The method to begin the change and what to do AS the change.

    The observation of the change both before and after – need not be of the nature of what I would present to you…

    It could be anything that brings about overnight radical departure from the current daily ritual.

    The variable is where the danger lies, and what I offer is of peace, equality, freedom- for all- and strengthens everyone’s ability to do for themselves what they feel is best for their own lives.

    My strategies are simple and actionable, with historic and current examples available if there are any questions.

    If your message here is true and serious, here I am answering you.

    Let us begin what must occur.


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