Anonymous Message To Baltimore And The World


The global collective of Anonymous is outraged at the vicious murder of Freddie Gray. Not a week goes by that some young person, usually within a minority background, is slaughtered by police officers in charge of protecting the citizens of the United States. For this reason, Anonymous will not be satisfied this time as we have in the past, with simply obtaining justice for this young man and his family.
We applaud you, the citizens of Baltimore, for standing up and making yourselves heard when these atrocities occur. We encourage you to continue to make yourselves heard. We have taken notice to the violence committed by protesters during the demonstrations. We do not condone this behavior. Do not release your anger and frustration within your community. There are others who should truly be held accountable. We are saddened to see the violence that is happening. The anger that was, and is being shown is directed towards the wrong source of the problem. There is no reason for violence.
We must peacefully rise together, against police brutality, police repression, and against state violence. This is no longer a protest. This is an uprising. The time has come for more than simple justice for these atrocities. The time has come to draw a line in the sand and say, no more police killings, no more beatings, and no more deaths. Anonymous stands with the people of Baltimore. We stand with the people united and together we say no more. Operation Baltimore Engaged.


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  1. It is time to shift the balance of power back to the people and away from the rich!
    it is time to enact TERM LIMITS for ALL government officials!
    It is time to ONLY PUBLICALLY finance ALL elections!
    This is the ONLY way we can have government that serves the people NOT BIG MONEY!!

  2. the atrocities committed in boltimor are the riots.i stand for justice, I believe that the cops involved should have their due, but I also belive that each individual that took part in the destruction during the riots is just as guilty. if they want the cops to be judged then they too should step forward for their crimes to be judged.

  3. I find this to be confusing. You say “Don’t be violent” but then you call this movement an uprising? The people of the world have been protesting in peace for ages. Do you really the wealthy crooks are going to give up their wealth because a bunch of people are holding signs and repeating phrases? Anonymous always acts like they are some juggernaut against the global elite yet here we are making simple statements like “We don’t condone violence. Good job complaining everyone!”. The best anonymous ever does in its name is make small scale hacks that never change anything, rather they give the government more of an excuse to make stricter laws. I realize that anyone can join anonymous, but this main stream anonymous propaganda is a joke.
    The violence was likely funded by a filthy rich scumbag. Thats exactly what happened in Ferguson with George Soros. Lets quit beating around the bush and actually dig for the truth. The American people are acting like cowards.

    • Cowadice implies the american people are privvy to the facts which is hardly the case. There are far too many misdirections in place to steer U.S. citizens away from true stories. In short the main problem with Americans would be ignorance with a dash of arrogance.

  4. This started out as a legit hackivist group with potential. Now it has been polluted with false guidance. Anonymous is diluted with wolves, inspiring people to fight back in the wrong ways, stirring frustrations. Government agencies now make their own videos to misguide and lead those a stray who believe in dismantling the corrupted government. Be careful who you follow and trust.

  5. This started as a legit hackivist group. But now its polluted thanks to anybody can join. The anonymous message is diluted with wolves who misguide the masses. Government agencies now make their own videos, sneaking them into the anonymous streams and communities. Be careful who you follow and trust.

  6. u disappoint me on this its not only happening to blacks it happens to all and the looting and burning of place there was not standing up to them it was wrong there are as many white people shot and beaten by cops as there are black you just don’t hear about it in the media if u brake the law u are going to be arrested if u resist they are going to use force to take you down. the video I watched he was resisting. he should have just went along and let them arrest him and then took it up in a legal way.

    • Look at how many peaceful protesters get arrested. Take Wisconsin and Scott Walker with Collective Bargaining Rights as example more peaceful protestors were arrested in Madison for doing sit ins and other peaceful methods than in Baltimore during the days of rioting. The laws were created by Walker to arrest the peaceful protestors for things such as “vandalism” to the State Capital Building the “vandalism” that took place were notes from the citizens to our elected officials taped to the wall. Another law enacted by Walker, to arrest the sit in protestors, was to make it illegal to be in the State Capital Building without correct credentials. The protestors were laughed at by Walker and said it will take a lot more than signs and chants to change my mind so what comes next bricks and violence not everyone is a computer hacker. If you look into our history every huge change for good and bad has had some type of violence behind it, even if mixed with peaceful protestors such as Civil Rights movement for example, even that had both types of (peaceful and non peaceful) protestors. The difference they United for same cause even if they had different views on how to get job done. Our wonderful government and media love to throw up smoking mirrors everywhere to keep us separated and as a society we play right into their hands.

  7. to serve and PROTECT ??? yeah right sounds like more bullshit they try and tell us so we will fold and conform to what they want us to do … the police now a days make up there own rules and laws as they feel fit …. sorry . but like the song says…
    FUCK THE POLICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I agree completly caseestle. When I first heard of anonymous I and started following this page I had hope that they could do some good and help our country. Obviously it was foolish hope…

  9. I think we need to quit using the word race,it is a fallacy. We are all human beings. Accidents do happen,I do not believe police officers deliberate or with intent kill anyone. We shouldn’t let tabloid hype divide and conquer us. We are all one police.citizens and residents. Unity and calm is needed.

  10. I do not stand with baltimore. I believe they are fueling a police state, and ti believe that this is all race based is rediculous. I have nore trouble with black people treating me badly than anyother race. They have a chip on their shoulder. I am jewish. I have dealt with racism by all races, but aside from being jewish i have actually dealt with more racism in the oast you for being white than i ever had for being jewish. Wanna talk about ddos.. maybe people in baltimore and mass media will be my new aim if this all continues.


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