Anonymous Operation HTown


Written by: Guy Fawkes


For many years the Huntington City Mission has provided a service to the City of Huntington, West Virginia by giving food and/or shelter to the nearly 400 homeless residents of the city year round. There has been many contributors over the years that has kept the pantry of the City Mission fully stocked with food. These contributors also include WalMart on Route 60 as well as many private politicly influential donors. However, this year many of these private donors have not come through in one the most vital times of the year, the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday season. This is what ANONOP HTOWN is about, for the past month and half, the Tucker Memorial Baptist Church, lead by Pastor Chadd Hatfield has been spear heading the charge to fill the pantry but with the daily influx of homeless seeking shelter from the near freezing temperatures that Huntington gets this time of year, the pantry stays nearly empty. This means, many go hungry on some nights or they go dumpster diving for scraps at restaurants. No human being should have to sleep on the street much less having to go rumaging in restaurant dumpsters and trash cans for food.


There is only so much a small church like Tucker Memorial can do to help the mission due to how small their congregation is. That is where they have turned to Anonymous asking for help. Not knowing that I am an Anon, the Pastor of Tucker Memorial asked for all the help he can get in filling the Huntington, West Virginia City Mission Pantry with food. I have already made many donations of food in the Anonymous name hand delivering them masked up, but one person is not enough. With that said, at noon eastern standard time on December 19, 2014 OPHTOWN will be holding March on the Mission beginning at Joan C. Edwards Stadium on the corner of 20th Street and 3rd Avenue and ending in the Mission Chapel’s parking lot on 7th Avenue. Our Goal is to raise awareness amongst the City of Huntington residents that the Mission Pantry needs help. Affecting this turn around for a deserving organization that helps those in need is indeed something we as Anons both nationally and globally can do. We can fill that Mission to the brim with food. So I am calling on all Anons who can make it to Huntington, West Virginia on the 19th of December to join me in turning this troubling time around.

Huntington City Mission,
624 Tenth Street,
Huntington, WV 25701
(304) 523-0293

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  1. @isabel anything will help from a can to a case or more of food, March on the Mission is December 19th at noon eastern standard time, it begins at Joan C. Edwards Stadium on the corner of 20th Street and 3rd Avenue. We will walk from the Stadium to 10th Steet(10 blocks west) then 7 blocks south to the Mission. If you can be there great.

  2. WHY does this Nation torture it’s citizens. Even the mass murdering Israeli’s supply their refugee slaves with tent cities. WHY does this nation NOT help the people that need it the most? COULD IT BE SATAN?

    • yes, absolutely! evil people are satan in the flesh at free will!

      i’m inside department of mental health shelter. i see everyday how clients are being treated. these people who took office in order to “help” the homeless and mentally ill people make sure to keep them in a state of mind of confusion through methods of isolating the person and humiliating them. deceiving them into thinking that if they have a “problem” to go to their human rights officer and “file” a “complaint” form which will come back if that with answer that “we investigated your complaint and we found it to be unsubstantiated!” meaning “frankly my dear, we don’t give a damn!”

      the clientele is their bread and butter! they don’t give a rats behind! i wish that people would also, stand for the mentally ill who are neglected and subjected to extensive psychological abuse. i feel as though, i’m doing this alone. people who care enough like anonymous is hope for freedom!

      • also, at this shelter facility was during community meeting were told that ” the shelter is closed from 9am-4pm. we do not want anybody hanging around in the building or outside the building. if you have no place to go or have no day program where you can stay during the cold weather, go to your nearest library and hang out until 4 o’clock.”!!!! i’m like WHAT F is wrong with these people? the library is a place where parents with their children go and where students go to do their research and study. i said ‘i wonder what the people who work and run the libraries would say if they were to know that you’re encouraging the clients to utilize the libraries as a hangout?’ you should of seen their faces ha-ha-ha-ha!!! how does the state send mentally ill clients with a psychosis whom are mostly well over medicated on psych medications, smoke K-2, beg for money, bum cigarettes all day all day and hallucinate? they seldom have money because the majority of them have rep-payees who give them approximately, 50$ a week who have a mental illness and substance abuse, who are neglected but for the fact that they have a bed of course, funding purpose. it’s all about keeping these facilities opened because without people like them, there are no need for shelters. so the mechanism to keep them down is to make sure that they stay down! no services but, “please, we need your support, we need to keep our people with disabilities protected! thank you for your contributions!” ha-ha-ha! they all make me sick and i let them know they do!

  3. Feeding the homeless is the point of focus. Anyone that wants to help, December 19th at noon is March on the Mission. Our starting point is Joan C. Edwards stadium. Come and join us if you can that day, also it doesnt matter if its a can or a case, if you want to bring some can goods with you great. Do what you can if you can spare anything. I’ll have bags and boxes with me that day for anyone that wishes to give along our march route.

    We will be going west on 3rd Avenue from 20th Street to 10th Street, then south on 10th Street to 7th Avenue. The end of the march route is the Missions Chapel parking lot right outside of the pantries delivery door. Make sure you wear comfortable walking shoes and dress warmly. The last thing any of us want is someone getting sick or hurt.

  4. I have my anon maskin hand as well but cannot get out there what can we anon supporters who want to help from states away dork help this cause?!?!

  5. I have my anon mask in hand as well but cannot get out there what can we anon supporters who want to help from states away do to help this important cause?!?! Always do things as if no ones looking it’s the Anon way!!!!

  6. I have my anon mask in hand as well but cannot get out there what can we anon supporters who want to help from states away do to help this important cause?!?! Always do things as if no ones looking it’s the Anon way!!!!

    • T, best thing to do if you can’t be at the march or you cant ship food to the Mission is spread the word to people you know in and/or near Huntington, West Virginia or even West Virginia alone. If you know anyone with businesses that can step up and send nonperishable food items and dont want to send it to the address above in the article, tell them to contact either me via Facebook (Cornelius Zeus) or Pastor Chadd Hatfield of Tucker Memorial Baptist Church in Huntington, WV.

      • hello! their are so many homeless people in Boston Massachusetts whom i read in the papers were left without shelter because the biggest shelter was shutdown for bridge repairs. there are people now sleeping in subway stations. people who were a part of their substance abuse programs also had to leave no exceptions! people who were in the recovery process are back to square one. it’s horrible! situations like these puts the state under fear and panic of leaving their homes or even walking the streets. it creates more confusion for the people who do not have a clue why this is happening. people are now committing more crimes because they’re angry and desperate for survival! it is so sickening, sad and frightening. what gives anybody the right to take away the freedom to live decently and prevent humans from the nutrition that our planet alone produces? people turned over their rights. that’s how it’s done. we were all born with human rights. nobody should have to have that in black and white. i want to do more i need help. if you have any suggestions please contact me. thank you!

  7. I am not trying to be a dick in a moment like this. But, do you realize that there are four times as many religious buildings in this country as there are homeless citizens… Shouldn’t religious organizations do more by giving them shelter and jobs in their churches? This is the reason why our country is so fucked.

    • Vapor, the Huntington City Mission is already being helped by Tucker Memorial Baptist but the congregation is so small what donations are brought in are used up immediately. Thats where we come in, with March on the Mission on the 19th and the word myself and a few others have put out here in Huntington donations should be rolling in, in mass quantities if not already, definitely beginning after the 19th.

  8. Can I just take food to the Huntington City Mission? I don’t live in Huntington, But I use too and would love to help. But with me moving to the middle of Ohio, I am only in Huntington on days I see my doctor. Which will be Tuesday the 14th this week. So If someone could reply to me so I would know if I can just take food directly to the shelter, that would be great! Thank you and God Bless!

    • Tasha, if you wanted to take donations straight there that would be great. Since you lived in Huntington I’m sure you know where the Mission is. All you have to do is pull into the parking lot closest to the Mission off of 7th Avenue. On the side of the mission building there are two white doors, the Mission Pantry door is the one on the right. Just ring the door bell. It will take them a minute to get to the door but they will answer.

  9. I was the only Anon there….actually, I was the only person period but some times it only takes one voice to move many. Next years March on the Mission date is already set. I will be posting a new article at the beginning of November 2015 about it. It was not a complete flop, we did manage to get a Marshall student who heard about it, bought a full bag of food and met me at Smith Music Hall along the route, so mad props to that student. Hopefully next year will be better.

      • jeremy, you can add me on facebook, the name on the account is Cornelius White. 2015 March on the Mission date is already set and will be joining Gregg Houshes OpSocks which gives socks to the homeless this year.

  10. This touched me. I am far away and can not march but I will help some how. I was sad to see the post that you were alone. Please do NOT give up. I will try to add you also if that is ok. Mad props for being beautiful and brave.


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