Anonymous #OpSafeWinter 2015


It’s that time again. #OpSafeWinter – 2015. In the last few years, Anonymous have organized #OpSafeWinter to focus on caring and compassion to those less fortunate. The homeless need the help from their community; the ordinary citizen.

This year there is another context to #OpSafeWinter: the refugee crisis and anyone suffering because of war or injustice. The second level of operation,  #SafeWinterActivity  is “ is the act of calling out the greed and injustices that put all people at risk of homelessness. This is not limited to awareness efforts, but also vindicating anyone that is demonized, criminalized or otherwise harassed for attempting to help those in need.”  to the activities Tolerance is vital to humanity, as is compassion.

Anyone can join either operation. All you need is your compassion and initiative. You can establish a work group or join an existing one, collect donations and ensure they’re distributed to those in need, equally.

Things most in need are warm clothes such as shoes, gloves, socks, coats; blankets, food and clean water. These items are critical items for those who need our support and respect.

We are the 99 percent.

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  1. hello,
    i live in france, in the north of mâcon (next to lyon). i don’t know anyone here since i’m there for 2 months. how can i manage to help people in this area?
    is there any groups yet at work there?
    thanks for your answer

  2. hello,
    I would like to help somehow. i dont have any money or anything i can really donate, im at risk of being homeless myself, but there is a huge homeless issue in my town. i even know where they set up camp. i wish there was more i could do for them being on the verge of losing my own home, im sure its even more scary not having a home. i live just across the bridge from Louisville KY. but i also dont want to go to a church for help or to help them. but this i would help with this.

  3. ok…so lets not forget out animals in the cold of winter too…Leave out water, remember to break ice regularly if you live in that climate and food…and call your local animal shelter to see if you can foster/adopt an animal, or donate food, money, vet services, towels, leashes etc. All live matter as we live together as an ecosystem…Thank you and so grateful to you all for every positive action to facilitate the positive changes we all want to see…sending love…because we are all One!!

  4. anyone near south tennessee/north alabama? we need help here, i just got laid off from work, and my 4 year old son Daniels christmas is looking slim. daniel and i just lost (his big sister/my daughter) Emery Beth, she wouldve been 5 in October this year she accidentally drown and has left us in complete devastation. we have spent the last 7 months trying to learn how to live again. since ive been laid off the bills havent stopped so im $300 in debt to power, water, and gas. i scraped pennies for rent this month. but we are making it, rich with happiness, we are alive and well, too bad that is not a currency for payment .

    • didnt mean to insinuate that i want money, i just need someone to help. you can go straight to water, gas, n power company I DO NOT WANT YOUR MONEY i am not a scammer. i just want my son to have a merry Christmas, because he deserves it.

  5. I honestly feel that ANONs should run the government in all nations.Then only we can have a better world…Proud to be an ANON…:)

  6. Mindanao, Philippines here… who wants to help me? there are many people here that needs us i can’t help them all by my self so i need help, anyone in the philippines?


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