Anonymous – Red Cult Attacks Israel on Holocaust Remembrance Day


A group of Anonymous known for comprehensive attacks and intelligence gathering against the Islamic State has shifted their focus, for one day at least. Yesterday, April 7th Red Cult targeted 55 separate web pages affiliated with the government of Israel, not to to be anti-semetic but to remind Israel that their occupation of Palestinian territories is illegal and violates international law – “something Israel must be reminded of everyday

Anonymous came out with a promotional message about the attacks on April 6th and no sooner than they released a list of websites, the Israeli government released a statement of their own. In an official statement to the Times of Israel, government officials affiliated with domestic security announced “We are prepared for all forms of aggression. Israel is well-protected.

A claim to which Red Cult responded “Whatever precautions you have planned, Israel, your cyber shell is as fragile as your state of oppression.” The fight against Israel has become something of a tradition within small circles of Anonymous with attacks occurring every April 7th since 2013.

“Tango Down” List – Red Cult:

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  1. I don’t understand something. According to history, long time ago, it was taken from Israel. Nowadays, they take it back, and it’s illegal? This is not a comment to provoke fight, I was just wondering.

    • Keeping in mind I tried to condense centuries of culture/history into an article, when people write entire encyclopedia’s/books about this, I wrote something for my online classroom series entitled “A History of Zionism”. Please read here for some more information:

    • Depends on how far back in history you go. It was taken from another group of people before that –
      If all are Godly people then a compassionate cooperation would be in order, yesno?


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