Anonymous Release NASA Documents Proving Something Unbelievable …


Anonymous have leaked information that they claim originate from NASA servers, showing evidence of an extensive drone weather modification program that prove that Chemtrails exist.

Anonsec released a paper that contained a detailed account of their hack, as well as analysis of the N4SA data they recovered.

The data reveals information about NASA’s connection to weather modification research in a log of a DC-8 jetliner, which was conducting a flight in accordance with their “Alternative-Fuel Effects on Contrails and Cruise EmiSSions” project. reports:

Anonsec Admin Dêfãult Vírüsa leaked the information early last week to Mikael Thalen of  I-n-f-o-w-a-r-s, before making a public release Sunday.

Also released Sunday was a 276 Gigabyte (GB) data package of 631 aircraft and radar videos, 2,143 flight logs and the personal data of 2,414 NASA employees.


In Anonsec’s zine, they claim that they were discovered and lost access to the NASA servers after altering the flight path of a $222.7 million US Drone flying across the Pacific. In the hijacking the group planned to crash the GlowbalHawk drone into the ocean.

NASA officials have not yet commented on the information leak, nor confirmed its validity, but the released NASA employee information has been verified as real and a drone flight log has been discovered which coincides with Anonsec’s story.




In an official statement released by headquarters spokesman Allard Beutel, NASA is denying the claims made by the hacking group AnonSec.

“Control of our Global Hawk aircraft was not compromised,” Beutel said, continuing that the space agency “had no evidence to indicate the allegedly hacked data.”

Beutel also inferred that the information leaked was already public by saying, “NASA strives to make our scientific data publicly available, including large data sets, which seems to be how the information in question was retrieved.”

The statement ended with an attempt to calm nerves by reiterating their bottom line that, “NASA takes cybersecurity very seriously and will continue to fully investigate all of these allegations.”

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  1. I live in maui hawaii about 3 weeks ago there where flighing drones all over the island around 2:30am nobody ever knew whats was going on . This explain alot.

    • California, 2:30 am till 5:30 am, every morning. Drone sprayers. 6:00 am. checker board sky’s. Barium Blue & Aluminum Phosphate, the main chemicals in the spray. 1993. Idaho Chem won the bid to produce both these chemicals for the government. 93.4 million for 5 year contract. They no longer have the contract as of today. Barium Blue speeds up the rotting process in fruits and veggies. after fruit falls from tree, the natural rotting process, is a redish / brownish color. Barium Blue rotting = red / brown & fuzzy blue / green fur with a pure white base. Aluminum Phosphate powder ( Fine ). this gets into your blood stream over time. replacing the iron in your blood that fights off infection. aluminum blood, fights off nothing,,you become sicker and die. Nothing doctors can end up dead over the common cold. While we are on the story of sprays. look for / Black Leaf No. 50. This chemical is 100% natural. But it causes cancer in all. This chemical is sprayed on all organic foods. This natural chemical is, Nicotine 100% oil pressed from the leaf. It’s only sprayed at night by helicopter..on farms growning organic.

  2. “showing evidence of an extensive drone weather modification program that prove that Chemtrails exist.”

    cant find any proof or leaked docs about that in the paste.
    where is it?

  3. Can someone explain to me about chemtrails? What are they? What are they supposed to be doing? And if there is something sinister about them, then surely everyone would fall foul to their actions and that would include the powers that be as well as the man on the street. Please, can some one explain a reality of their action…

    • According to the chemtrail theory, long-lasting trails left in the sky by high-flying aircraft are chemical or biological agents deliberately sprayed for sinister purposes undisclosed to the general public. look it up

    • To Dougie: there are supposed to hazardous chemicals in them, like mercury, chromium, barium, nickel etc which in return keeps our immune system weak because the air we breath in is contaminated.. it’s sad. if we’re continually sick, then the majority will end up going to the doctors, then they’re prescribed medicine and leads to more and more money from those elite businesses. i haven’t read extensively on this topic because i try to avoid the negativity in this world, but from the theories i have read, that’s the whole point of chemtrails.

  4. Salve a tutti volevo riportare la mia esperienza: non più di una settimana fa 3 aerei di piccolo taglio giravano nei cieli del mio paese lasciando strane scie, con delle forme al quanto particolari, mi sa tanto che è tutto vero.

  5. It has been muted for the last 15 years at least that the HAARP program which originally started at Montauk was devised to alter weather patterns in certain areas of the globe. Cloud seeding has been used for a long time to induce rainfall. Chem trails have also been used for nefarious purposes including spreading of viruses over certain Californian Cities to test the propagation of these viruses! There are no angels in the US (or British) government.

    • HAARP is not for weather modification at all. It is something else and is used for nefarious reasons. Chemtrails are not used for nefarious reasons. It is not to make us sick. It has to do with our atmosphere and weather and the ionosphere and the sun and radiation from our sun. Our ozone is gone and the Suns radiation would cook us if it wasn’t for what they are doing with the chemtrails..

      • Bullshit the sun is suffering because of the chemtrails which are used to kill of the majority of the people, ref the recent climate conference on utube- Climate engineering conference London 22/3/16.

      • This is true. And it’s not Chem Trails. the correct term is Geoengineering. It’s when they spray chemicals to make a criss cross blanket to protect the ozone layer. It has disatrstrous results as it’s making everyone sick with immune disorders. It’s destroying our thyroids. It’s also used to alter weather patterns depending on the chemicals sued. This chemicals are entering our water supply, and landing on plant life. Even if you plant organic, you are dealing with these nano particles. They enter the brain barrier as they are so small. There is no filter to protect us. The only one who is really pushing for this to stop is Dane Wigginton. Check out his website. He has been fighting this for over 12 years. It’s getting to the point that if it doesn’t stop, the ozone layer will be destroyed. So much for helping t save it with this crazy geoengineering.

    • 100% right on the spy chemical testing on, Californian’s. It was in the 70’s I believe.. they released some sort of virus to see how fast it would spread in a week. Cloud seeding started in the 50’s. Back then, you didn’t get involved with what the government was doing. Not like today.

    • HAARP isnt active anymore. It rots itself for the last couple of years now. Ever seen some pictures from HAARP? Its a big field with a lot of antennas on it. No weapon, no weather modification. Just test civil and military test from the us airforce, actually the field will probably be sold from the us airforce to an university of alaska.

      and the next theory: when chemtrails really exist to kill billions people to execute the elites master plan to smaller the population of the world (some people say chemtrails only exist to make us all sick and die sooner). would the elite die too sooner? noone will infect the air he is breathing himself…

  6. So Anonymous is not an actual group of people? I’m kinda sad now because I was just telling my sister two days ago that I wish that I could contact the people of Anonymous or the Flat Earth Research Society to be a part of what they’re doing because I’m too terrified to do any of it on my own

    • Anonymous is a, huge group of people. We all don’t just meet up on different days. No one anon, knows one another. You do your thing, that you do best. To find what ever it is that interests you, and to let the world know, what they don’t know if it’s illegal. Or hidden information that causes harm or what ever reasons you may have towards it. If the world were to let the world know whats going on. None of this would exist. Ha! Ha! Ha!,, funny huh? Anonymous is everyone. Not just a selective group of people. You don’t have to be a hacker to be anonymous. There are ways of finding out what you need to know and let the world know with out hacking.. ANONYMOUS doesn’t mean “Hacker”. as all seem to believe,,

      • so what can an unexperienced citizen do to help get this info out there to people.
        I am not technically minded and have never hacked or tracked or traced anything but I believe there is a lot of info out there that people just don’t know. The world is turning into a very different place in my perspective and I fear what I am bringing my children up to see. I agree with Nicholas I also feel I should be doing something but am just 1 man against a world full of people that have less and less morals every day, should I have to wear a uniform, carry a weapon, and cause pain, damage, and death, to stand up for my country.

        unity no longer exists and needs to be re-introduced to the societies we live in my opinion.

  7. The sprays are real, I one day took a picture 08:00 of the sky before school, and about 12:00 the same chem trails was on the sky they just had moved a little bit.

    They are sprayed all over Europe for sure, but not always same place, at same time.

    Would also be stupid to spray same place, same time every day,,,too easy to spot something is wrong.

  8. Look up in the sky and count how many planes release fuel across the globe. Thailand uses this for it’s so-called rain making methods, but I assume that the chemicals ‘calcium’ as they call it are ending up in the arctic or other countries. Causing them to either flood or not rain at all. It has not rained in Bangkok since last year.

    It rained at most 10 times since last year in Bangkok, but the Thai government has been using the rain making methods for many decades. There is a massive drought across the entire country. The drinking water dams are mostly empty.

    I don’t know why no one has ever pressured governments to stop pumping chemicals into the air, because it affects the entire planet as a whole.

    Someone needs to do something about this. It affects the air that we breathe on a daily basis. Forcing it to rain, is not in accordance with Mother Nature’s metabolism. If humans keep taking medicine for any illness, then they will later need more and more in order for their bodies to accept the effects of the chemicals. Mother nature works the same way.

    Look around in Thailand. It is very bad. I have trouble breathing sometimes due to the effect it has on the human body. Mother Nature needs to be allowed to act naturally. Governments are acting as if they are G-d himself. This is unacceptable.

    We must bring an end to this. It is affecting the health of every single human, animal, creature and plant on the planet. It is affecting the food, the water we drink. Whatever it is that they are pumping into the sky, is very bad for the human race and killing us all one by one.

  9. All these people are just stupid crazy…

    No proof of any of this and even the title of this article is made up BS as there is no real evidence to support these claims.

    • Jason,please look in the mirror to see who is stupid crazy. You have not looked up at all? Have you read the articles the government has posted themselves on this subject? You need to do a little research and look up to see it happen right in front of your eyes. The is plenty of evidence and admission on their part. Aluminum, Barium and Lithium are the ony things they have admitted so I wonder what else is in the mix they don’t talk about.

  10. I seriously cant breathe because of these chemtrails please god help us all please save our souls from these people in power. Love and light xoxoxo i serve the one and only creator.

  11. I thought you guys declared war on ISIS to help stop mass murderds ? Or why is NASA more important then all the people dieting and you can’t hack and post the names of Isis or any terror group ? Spend more time saving lives then hacking into NASA and help make this country safe and terror free


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