Anonymous Shuts Down City of Cleveland Website


In response to the shooting of 12 year old boy, Temir Rice, Anonymous Hactivists have shut down the official site for the City of Cleveland, launching their attack. Temir Rice was shot twice by police after a phone call was placed to 911 stating that someone may have a gun, but that it was most likely a fake one.


The police arrived on the scene shortly after and requested Temir Rice to raise his hands. When he reached towards his belt instead, they shot him twice to disable him. He later died of the wounds in hospital.

Anonymous are blaming the training for the police rather than the rookie police officers. In operation #TangoDown, Anonymous aimed their attack at the City of Cleveland and the police departments, raising the question of lethal force used against a child when options such as the Taser were available. The child was discovered to be armed with a BB gun.

Anonymous vow to tackle the issue of the poorly trained police officers not only in Cleveland, but across the country.

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  1. and tbh every cop os trained not to use a gun there trained how to defnded them selfs agasint attcks yes they have tazzers and mase but they chose the easy way out bcs #1 if they use a gun they can say it was self defence #2 its a lot less paper work and time if u tazzer them or maze them so yeah there refuseing to use there non lethia stuff and go for the gun and i think its stuped that they didnt handle it to were they checked the so called “fake gun” out but instead they shot them i think this whole contury is going down hill we need a voice

        • We are all slaves to a selfish system, I read this letter on William lynch on how to control your “black slaves” and everything he states in his letter/ speach of controlling your slave is what the government is using on us to inslave us to there greed driven system families like Rothschild and rockafeller are perfect examples of greed driven people Rothschild family is worth $500 trillion dollars and controls news that you and I watch and our gold value at the end of the day this is a made up system we are slaves to this system we are not free but we need to change that we live once so why is our system so hard for us to even live they keep us so busy in our day to day life so we don’t ask questions so we don’t see the bigger picture when u take a step back this system is planed to prefect form wat we watch to wat music we listen to and our personal problems we have in our lives disable us to unite together and change the system the government of democracy has divided and in slaved us all

        • Excellent, I think what Allen is saying is totally right. And they are starting to abuse it even more and MORE.

          PS. Stop the grammar bullying.

      • to be honest none of our comments matter we all are Anonymous even when your right your wrong so don’t got telling people how to live and there lifes just cause one messes up on spelling does not make them a bad person.

    • It doesn’t matter what the cop was thinkin nor about the paper work. Trigger happy cops is the probably. You never point a loaded gun at anything unless your taken its life. And plus it was a 12 yr old kid.

    • Let’s break this one down:

      1. ALL Cops are trained to use a gun. But they are by no means professional shooters.
      2. Not all cops carry mace or a Taser. They are not required to carry them.
      3. The cop was unaware that it was “probably a fake” gun because dispatch did not inform them of that!
      4. You don’t use less lethal force against lethal force, ever. You wouldn’t tase someone who is shooting at you, tasers (or mace) do not always stop the threat.

      It is a SHAME and a tragedy that this young child lost his life and I grieve for him and his family, but his parents should NOT have let him leave the house with a BB gun that looked so much like a 1911 handgun!

      • 1) you sound like a cop defending a jack ass who pulled his gun out on a child….
        2) did you never own a BB gun? Cause man they where great, I don’t have many friends who didn’t. And guess what, they more or less always ended up being pointed towards someone. Can you say cops and robers?
        3) the person who called it in told the operator that they thought the gun was a fake. If they didn’t inform the cop (which I’m sure they would have) then that person is just as guilty as the “untrained” cop.

        • I agree with Vanessa.
          Break it down real quick.

          25+ Year Old police officer Vs. 12 Year old child
          the police officer had a myriad of ways to end the threat with lethally harming that boy.Even if he had a real gun

          • My son likes to play with swords in our yard (nerf or plastic or sometimes homemade wooden ones). Do I need to worry about him being shot because the cops are too lazy and trigger happy to be patient when dealing with a child?

            BB guns are awesome! I’m a girl and even I had one as a child!

      • Why do they have to carry guns? Why are the public allowed to own guns? Our cops in the UK do not carry guns unless it’s a hostage or similar crime. Obama needs to ban all use of fire arms by the public, then that way kids can go back to playing with bb guns at the park without being shot by half brained animals with animals badge on their chest!

        • Why are we, the public, allowed to own guns? Hoss, once upon a time there was this thing called the Declaration of Independence, and in it, the right to life was considered to be unalienable. Having an unalienable right to life would be of little value if one lacked the unalienable right to defend that life. It should be undisputed that a gun is by far the best option for most of the public to protect themselves from criminals armed with guns. The United States’ Constitution has destroyed most of the Declaration’s importance, but some of us, hold to the Declaration not the Constitution.

          To answer the question more directly, we are allowed to own guns because we are willing to die and kill to keep them. I am amazed that anyone, anywhere is willing to go unarmed into the presence of the armed. It is foolish to think you are safe when the evidence that you are not is so clear.

  2. I just want to say thank you for all that you are doing. I’ve been following you “guys” online for a lil while now. This “system” is virtually fucked by people in power and or cops! I’m actually in Brampton ontario Canada and absolutely love what you guys are doing for the people and exposing what’s really going on. If there is anything I could do for u guys let me know but then again I bet u guys are pretty well off 🙂 keep on doing what u do! We the people will always support anonymous!

    • I agree but it’s not enough to just say that we support anonymous, what they do is amazing but if change is going to be made then we as people need to back them with physical action aswell. The police won’t just stop if they’re websight is down, there needs to be something extra there aswell. If enough people are in one place at one time and they all believe in one thing then anything can happen. As someone who has been hurt by the police and also seen the pain they’ve caused others I would do anything to see them shut down, they’re no longer here to protect and serve. They only assault and abuse. Peace is the way forward but the people need to take the power back and were not going to get that by leaving our problems to other people to fix. Awareness is half the battle and anonymous are slowly winning that and now we all owe them to act on the information were given, otherwise it’s all for nothing…

        • I think that every able bodied American should stand up to all the injustices that have been put on the American people, regardless of who they. It is a race thing, whether you want to believe it or not! It’s about the human race! Stop letting your government decide what’s good for you and what to believe in. That is why our founding fathers drew up the Bill Of Rights, to protect us from a corrupt government. It is high time we took back control of our own destiny! Stand up and fight my fellow Americans! I have and always will, till my last dying breath!

      • I think you guys are missing the point. Anonymous is not a small group of people, its a movement. If you feel like you’ve been wronged you have the right to express you’re opinion for all to see and hear. Not to say that everyone will agree with what you have to say, but that’s besides the point.

        If you have an opinion on way things could be changed for the better, if you want to stand up and try and make a difference for something you believe in. YOU are part of Anonymous.

        Make no mistake, this is not strictly a hacker group anymore, this is and has become a revolution of both the digital and physical world. We are changing the way we as Human Beings will think and act forever. And maybe, just maybe… we can finally enter the age of a TRUELY united world.

      • Wtf effy was that a serious question police officers are not bad people they are just like you and me, without cops around you wouldn’t be able to go to your local supermarket without being harassed, so what you were handled by a cop you probably deserved it, they aren’t the problem without them and the law system their would be murders and rapists walking the streets i mean i myself would rob you without a second thought if their was no law enforcement to stop me, cops save life’s all the time
        the real problem is our politicians and governments they are the people keeping the rich rolling in cash and the poor staying poor

  3. what the hell is the world coming to i don’t understand why they are doing what they are doing, in fact the whole world IS BEING DRIVEN BY A WAR ECONOMY!!!!! we do need a voice and we need some action. i say let’s start now and show them how we feel. It’s a controversy, it’s set up so that those that have risen to power stay in power. if we shut them offline then we can disable this whole society and therefore create one anew destroy 1984 destroy it.

  4. Officers these days are what I deem: Call of Duty Shooties. They are so used to either seeing, playing or their kids playing a call of duty game where as soon as someone pops up in your field of view, you basically should shoot them until they stop moving. A mentally ill man in the U.S. wielding a knife gets shot 13 times and dies, where in Germany, the same thing happens except the officer shoots the man in the leg once and the man lives, will probably go on to having treatment for his mental instability. I’m Canadian and I see american police brutality every day almost on the internet. There are so many influences of negative and not-so-common sense behavior out there that it just boggles my mind. Advocate for peace! Take action for peace! PEACE!

    • Could not agree more. Me myself live in Norway where it is illegal for cops to carry guns. They have some guns locked down in the trunk of the car, but they have to ask for special permission to use it. And that actually works, in fact we have one of the lowest crime rates, and fewest shotings, in the world.

      Now the norwegian government is discussing wether or not it should be a requirement. I hate how many governments are turning more and more into police states.

      • Maybe in Norway you do not have these people that are like rabid animals running loose, here in the USA we are infested with them. You have a nice country with nice people….for now….but it will change wait and see.

  5. Great job dude. we must keep this up even im not american. if this keep happenings and no one would stop it its only matter of time before this power hungry personality spread into my country

  6. Keep doin what ur doin ur doin whats right and givin the ppl a voice i have nothin but love and respect im beside u the whole way u “guys” r an inspiration im here if u need me mask in hand

  7. Hey guys! Thank you for being there. The question I and so many others have is, how can we help? It would be nice to be able to do something, instead of being the people sitting here having the something done to them. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  8. Read the book RISE OF THE WARRIOR COP…..essential historical information on how we got to where we are.

    Just proposed training program based on the cynefin framework to increase safety into the interaction between law enforcement and those they serve. Find out if it gets funded by the SOROS Foundation mid December. Never have we needed it more.
    Stay strong. You folks provide an incredible effort.

  9. Everyone is all talk. All I see everyday is people talking about making a change or standing up to our government but in reality nothing will get done nothing will change for the better. We are lazy we are scared that if we stand up we will get arrested or killed. Until the day we all as one make a change or stand up nothing will get better. As for anonymous I like what you do but I’m curious if you have that kind of power and if your that smart to do what you do why do you not go bigger why do you not do more to make a change. I mean everything is run by technology these days and if you had the smarts and resources why not make a big change why not show them your really not putting up with this system we call government. Is it because you yourself is scared to get caught or killed? Just my opinion but until I see something happen that really makes a change it seems just like a mediocre group only pushing the limits to which they know they won’t get caught. Hacking emails and twitter and websites will do nothing but make more controversy and anger when really if you have the kind of power you say you have then show these people and maybe you would have more people behind you and stand with you. I am a 30 year old white american I see myself as a country boy who loves this land and I will stand by my beliefs till the day I die. I’m not smart in anyway other then life experience and common sense. I have kids to take care of and a beautiful fiancé. I can not risk taking a stand unless I knew I had the rest of America the good people of America behind me. So with that said show me something that really makes a difference show me your willing to fight no matter what the consequences may be and I will stand there with you.

  10. How about we put you in the street and some has weapon and attacks you and see how you react. So easy to sit at home and pass judgment from a couch. Officers and soldiers risk their lives daily for your freedoms. If he takes takes a chance a someone pulls a real gun instead of a fake he’s dead and not one of you will make an uproar then or even care. It’s such a one sided arguement because you have the luxury of never having to put your life on the line. It’s sad people lose their lives but where is the call for people to behave poorly? You can not just act any way you choose. It starts at home and that’s where we fail.

  11. Show me something other then hacking emails and twitter accounts show me that your really not scared of the consequences. If you have that kind of power and skill do something to show the people your ready to fight till the end to make a difference. Until then we the people will still just sit back and talk the talk but do nothing about it.

    • Even though those action are punishable with quite hefty jail time. Many activists who hack twitter and email accounts if caught get the book thrown at them. Dont think doing that is nothing, its quite the opposite. Its a warning letting people know that someone is watching them. Messages are more effective than violence.

  12. @Tony James, I’ve come to the conclusion that the masses don’t want to pull their heads out of the sand, it’s so much easier to do the wrong thing and let someone else deal with it than it is to make a noise and try and right some of the wrongs. The world is at a crossroads, whether they know it, well that’s another thing! Even here in Australia there has been a string of police shootings, I mean, how well trained are our police if four or five of them cannot subdue a perpetrator ? “Ahh, to hell with him, he’s a waste of space, let’s just shoot him now so we don’t have to deal with the scum again”… I think that might be something akin to the thought process that goes on at these shootings. That, or they are scared shitless and just react badly. I’m over it, some of these kids have mental illness and are in need of some serious help, not a spray of bullets, we have a mental health system that won’t help you unless you meet a particular criteria! wtf, we’re the ones paying for these services, the government is our company and we’ve put corrupt and narcissistic idiots at the helm of it to run it! It’s time to take back our company and make sure it is run properly. I applaud you anonymous, at least you are doing something while the rest of us are sitting on our hands, we, who want to help don’t really know how to except to voice our disapproval in words and petitions. Trouble is coming, in a big way! Prepare yourselves as we are headed for a global crisis, I don’t think you have to be a paranoid conspiracy theorist to figure that one out!

  13. If the kid reached towards his belt, the police acted with quick thinking; it was a human reaction and probably an error. Whether the kid was trying to pull out the fake/real gun or whatever other reason he reached at his belt for is irrelevant, the cops reacted to a potential threat.

    Of course, the cops could have shot the kid and claimed that they saw him reach at his belt so they could be let off without a hitch, but nobody will ever know (until they break from the stress of their conscience, given that they have one).

    It’s not being sheepish to believe the police officer(s) story, but no one should jump to the conclusion that the responding officer(s) were on a murderous rampage. Straight up DDoSing their city website was a little irrational on Anon’s side. I don’t know the story, but the cops probably just reacted off of the potential danger. Blame the parents for not having a watchful eye over what their child carries/what groups he hangs around, because it’s the parents’ job to help set a tone and direction for a child’s life.

      • @Kevin, My nieces and nephews know to obey the police and my kids do as well so them reaching for their belt in that kind of situation is unlikely.

        @anonymousrebel, You have no understanding of not only police work but also lack in common sense. You’re telling me that a 300lbs person in handcuffs couldnt still do damage? Are you also suggesting that because these people take the job, that they have no rights to protect themselves even though human nature will force them to do so?
        Does abuse happen? Sure but your way of thinking is just too limited to comprehend what you are asking for. You could never do it so why expect it of others? I suggest you actually look into some of these violent crimes, the age at which some kids are starting to kill people, maybe look into nonviolent control methods and see it isnt as easy as you seem to think.

    • And people like you don’t see why things go on if I was a cop no 12 year old would see me raise a gun to him/her the only people who would is people trying to kill other people if the cops were trained properly they would know how do do their damn jobs right instead of beating people and shooting innocent people even if someone needs to be arrested and you have them in cuffs don’t beat them you fuckin pussies have some damn honour and do what it says on the side of your car protect and serve not abuse the badge and think your the toughest guys around remember what can be made can be unmade government and law enforcement can be brought down

      • If no 12 yr old would see you raise your weapon, then you would not survive very long in some areas. There are 12 yr olds out there who have killed, and will continue to kill. I get where you are coming from, and agree that he should not have been shot. However, given the same circumstances I do not know how I would have reacted. Have you ever been in a situation where as far as you know an individual has a lethal weapon? Have you then given that person a command telling them to raise their arms only to have them do the exact opposite? Hindsight is and always will be 20/20. You can critique all day but until you are put in that situation, you will never know how you are going to react.

  14. I refuse to accept that this the best we can do. Another innocent child taken. I use to play with my BB gun all the time it’s sad to say that I have to worry about my child playing with his BB gun or air soft gun. But he’s white so I guess I don’t have to worry that much. This is fucked! But the real question is how can we get back at them. “The Government” is funded by our tax dollars lets all stop paying taxes to stop funding the blood thirsty, trigger happy war mongers

  15. You have friends in Canada, Compadres.
    Thank you for restoring my faith in humanity; it’s about effing time… I thought all the heroes were dead and valour was a distant fanciful notion.
    This planet needs a lot more heart and bones like the folks who make up Anonymous, even if it doesn’t have a quarter of the IQ.
    Rock this world with what you do! You have the power to change history; especially if you could actually root out the kkk and all it’s knuckle dragging inbred affiliates. If I could see that in this lifetime it would be just incredible… to live in a time when people started to become human again and treat one another with decency and dignity.
    Now that would truly be something.

  16. I am sick of people living with blinders on and refusing to use the brain that the were born with. I speak out frequently without fear. Peoples minds are brain washed. I love what you do in not a hacker but I am college educated and a social/psychology major earning degree in a couple weeks. I want to help.

  17. I live minutes from Cleveland. Thank you for all you do. This situation could and should have ended I a much different way. I can’t fathom a child being killed by police. Additional training in non-lethal equipment needs to happen. What has to break in your mind to purposely shoot a child?

  18. Hey guys, there are a lot of documentaries, books and Hollywood movies made around the prison experiment. It demonstrates how power hungry people are when given a little power, even when they know it is an experiment. Definitely worth looking into.

  19. I’m personally not a huge fan of cops, myself. But this is equally the fault of the kid’s parents. If a cop tells you to put your hands in the air, you put your Damn hands in the air. THEN you can say “hey, it’s just a bb gun docking out of my belt, come check it out if you have to”. Police brutality is an issue, but in a world where Al Qaeda arms women and children with guns and bombs all the time and gangs are recruiting younger kids every generation, you can’t blame a cop for fearing for his life. It doesn’t matter how many times a cop makes the RIGHT decision in not using lethal force. He will only ever choose wrong ONCE and then he’s full of holes…

  20. OK guys I have been hacked by ‘Hacking team and ‘had’ RCS scout & backdoor trojans on my system.
    I got a new HD and I want to know how to stop this happening again if at all possible.
    I am running Win 7-64bit (I know I should be using another OS!) with Avast Antivirus int’ security and another Malware protector. They didn’t stop it last time so I have no confidence in them anymore.
    Any help would be fantastic, thanks in advance for your time.


  21. I am listening and learning and liking what anon stands for – the Fed and the Bank of England and the Bundesburg and all the Rothschild central banks need to be shut down and the US constitution returned to its original intentions, and the UK Bank of England needs to be shut down too – and all the privately owned central banks in the world…we should not pay income tax on earnings and we should not be poor while they are rich and laughing at us. So glad we have the internet now and our eyes are opening

  22. I’m reading threw everyone’s comments with tears in my eyes.
    Its like people focus more on grammar than the truth but truth is if spell check didn’t exist nor would proper grammar. There is so much going on in our communities that its ridiculous. Stop making everything a joke to get a laugh what’s going on is serious. Its like all of us young BLACK men have a target surrounding us. We can’t walk the streets safely anymore. Ppl say this isn’t about race if not tell me exactly what it is… I’ll wait.. Race is exactly what it is and it shouldn’t be. Equality for everyone is what we claim but its not true. How can equality exist when we can’t even come together as a nation and put differences aside and embrace one another. The same hurt passed down from generation to generation can end but instead its reborn over and over. This life we live isn’t what its meant to be we’ve killed what could be and brought forth what won’t be.

  23. Just the mere fear of a gun leads to these kind of killings. With the rash of police reports proven to be patently false, can these officers be believed when they say Tamir went for his waist? A person’s hands are always near the waist. People many times react to confusing situations by putting their hands on their hips. Even if they saw this child’s BB gun, that would be no reason to use deadly force unless he was in the act of leveling it at the officers or pointing it at other people. Officer Wilson in Ferguson makes the same claim, that Michael Brown went for his waist. (A statement which is hard to believe.)

    When the only tool you have is a hammer everything begins to look like a nail. Young Tamir obviously became a nail in the eyes of these responders.


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