Anonymous Takes Down 20,000 Twitter Accounts


Anonymous have taken down further Twitter accounts belonging to ISIS. Earlier this week 5,500 social media accounts were removed after Anonymous declared war on the terrorist group ISIS. Now, Anonymous have taken down a further 20,000 ISIS Twitter accounts. 12243816_1171819799512025_351492379_n

The declaration comes after the attacks in Paris, and more in Mali. “Anonymous won’t stop at this number of accounts. “ISIS, we will hunt you; take down your sites, accounts, emails, and expose you. From now on no safe place for you online.You will be treated like a virus, and we are the cure.” 


A few days ago Anonymous hackers also published three guides for newcomers to learn “How to hack [and fight ISIS].”

The list of accounts taken down can be found here or in the description of the above YouTube clip. Some may be put back up on Twitter, but this is just the starts.

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  1. If a group of citizen warriors without enormous gov’t funding can do this, why not our own funded NSA, CIA, etc? Kind of leans the reasoning to think someone who is untouchable by the chaos and pain is playing us…….es posible? for thier power plays and gain. Despicable. Thank you Anonymous, whoever you are.

  2. There may or may not be an ISIS member on facebook. I believe that he or she tried to catfish me. The pictures that this person used as his profile made me very nervous and suspicious. He used the name Simon Hiffers, but you have to type in Simon Hiffer in facebook. I’m more suspicious of the guy in the photos. He has pictures taken in the middle east. In one, he is pointing at an ISIS flag. I questioned the catfisher and he did not respond. I told him to call me. He had what sounded to me like an African accent. I called back the numbers he used and of course they didn’t work. I showed the pictures to a middle eastern couple who own a grocery store in a place called Ripley, California, and the woman said it was nothing, just a religious thing. I know what an ISIS flag looks like… The catfisher gave me his password to his account and it went to a different place. I kind of “decorated” the fake account and put the ISIS flag picture as his profile picture. I don’t think he appreciated this.

  3. Man we are all one we are Legion we don’t forget we don’t forgive but in the name of us all we all are anonymous we are everywhere expect us amen love yous all

  4. I’m disappointed. I mean, if Anon are who they say they are and represent the people… Why go after the puppets and not the masters? US & UK have these fools on strings. Go after them instead? Make Mr Robot a reality!

  5. How trans-gendered can you be? Seriously, Anonymous started off DEFENDING free speech… This 2nd or 3rd generation of “Anonymous” wetf you’re calling it, is diametrically opposed to some of the core tenets of ANONYMOUS.

    Doesn’t matter that the speech is inflammatory, doesn’t matter that it promotes violence, whatever excuse for attacking free speech doesn’t matter. You don’t like IS that’s fine nobody but the U.S. government and certain European powers along with Israel and Saudi Arabia does… Still setting the precedent, or cementing it with this notion that it’s acceptable for some “activist” or “hacktivist” organization to start censoring, or causing the censorship of free speech?

    You guys should really consider going back to taking CHILD PORN off the internet or something noble. Because what’s being done right now falls in line with an ever growing uncontrollable authoritarian state and it’s goals.

    It’s only so long before the 40% of millennials, that You Helped Brainwash, are totally cool with restricting your free speech as well as that of any political adversary.

    Want to restrict people due to arbitrary subjective understandings of what is considered “offensive”, that’s some real BULLSHIT…

    • Free speech? Wake up dude.Isis Daesh,I do not care cause smells like shit. Free speech?In terrorism?In children terrorism training? Man,go take a stink.

  6. Here’s an idea. Why not search out how and who really created ISIS and go after them and expose them all to the public and declare war on all that are responsible. I would support these actions.

  7. What ISIS has done is all wrong but, please don’t criminalize the flag they use, cause it’s actually an Islamic flag (not ISIS’s flag) that belongs to all Muslims. there’s nothing wrong with the flag. ISIS wrongly use it as their symbol.

  8. guys guys do you really believe that terrorists will use Twitter,Facebook or wathever to do they plans and meetings ??? there is a WHOLE DEEP WEB that cannot be tracked .. Sheeples

  9. I an a old Novell and NOS and DOS guy from 1981. I am in.
    We need to pick or Battles well. Let’s push Gun Laws that make since.
    I am a member. We are Legion!


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