Another Anonymous Hacker Group Declares Open Cyber War on Israel (#OpIsrael)


Anonymous has once again declared open cyber war on Israel, ‘#OpIsrael’ is slated for the 7th of April, 2015. This particular team of hackers are known by ‘Anonymous Arab,’ which is one of the more famous hacker teams in the world and they actively participate in #OpIsrael every year. Anonymous Arab has uploaded a video on YouTube regarding Operation Israel (2015) containing a special message for their government entities. However, this is not the only video that has been found regarding the operation, there are various others that have been uploaded by different hacker teams. #OpIsrael 2015 will be carried out by these teams as well as individual hackers… some of the more prevalent names worth mentioning are: AnonGhost, AnonSec, Meca and Anonymous Arab.

Here is the message to Israel:

“Greetings world, we are Anonymous. This is a message to the foolish Zionist entities. We are coming back to punish you again for your crimes in the Palestinian territories, as we do every year on the 7th of April. All we see is continuous aggression, bombing, killing and kidnapping of the Palestinian people, as in the last war against Gaza in 2014. We also see complete silence from other Arab, and foreign countries. Although this is nothing new to us, we refuse to stand by idly. Our response to these heinous crimes against humanity will be on the 7th of April, 2015. As we did many times, we’ll take down your servers, government websites, Israeli military websites, banks, and public institutions. We’ll erase you from cyber space as we have every year, 7 April 2015, will be an electronic holocaust. A message to the youth of Palestine, YOU are a symbol of freedom, resistance, and hope. Never give up, never give in, NEVER! We are with you, and will continue to defend you. Our message to the foolish Benjamin Netanyahu and all leaders in the Zionist entities, as promised in previous attacks, we will continue to electronically attack until the people of Palestine are free. As shown in previous attacks, we will continue to invade and attack your devices, websites and personal data. To the government of Israel, you have NOT stopped your endless human right violations. You have NOT stopped illegal settlements. You killed thousand people as in the last war against Gaza in 2014 . You have shown that you do NOT respect international law. This is why that on April 7, 2015, elite cyber-squadrons from around the world will decide to unite in solidarity with the Palestinian people, against Israel, as one entity to disrupt and erase Israel from cyberspace. To the government of Israel, we always say, ‘expect us,’ but you always fail, we are unexpected. We’ll show you on the 7th of April, 2015, what the electronic holocaust means… We Are Anonymous, Expect the unexpected.”

Anonymous Arab #OpIsrael Video:

It seems all of the hackers will be working together to make this operation a successful one. We will keep you updated about operation and its status as more information becomes available.

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  1. What the reader doesn’t know, that not only hackers will join this OP, actually, thousands of Arabs and Muslims will gonna make.
    And few who are non Muslims, but know the right where it is.

  2. Okay so gaza gets to bomb Israel????????????????????????
    but when they bomb back its #opisrael
    fucking moronic inbreds fuck Gaza pussies

  3. To the government of Israel, you have NOT stopped your endless human right violations. well the verry damn thing can be said to hamas and the palestines… so why should we help them? i for one think they bouth deserves to get exterminated. none of them are anny better then the other.

  4. U know this makes radical muslims think you are on their side… Not the side of peace and justice… In a radicals mind, they decide what is justice, not a group of computer geeks… No offense meant, but we all get a label, me I’m an infidel that refuses to support violence from any side… Radicals do not think like I do,,, and I thought like anon did, peacefully… U may attack on the 7th peacefully but for muslims, it will not stop there…

  5. You’re all wrong. The Israel people had warned the Palestinians before they had opened fire, many times after they fired at their country, ONLY because they will not acknowledge Israel as a country, after the Untied Nations already had! This is what the Palestinians get for opening for at Israel. They gave plenty of warnings.

  6. This is a complex situation because Hamas use gaza citizens as a shield and
    when israel attacks gaza and warn the citizens the hamas Threatening the gaza citizens
    so they need to secrefice theirself to the hamas
    i dont know why no one see that hamas hurting the palastine people in gaza and blame israel
    WE want peace after 100 years wev been attacked by the countrys that surround us
    I hope that anonymous and all the hackers groups that most of them muslims understand
    that israel wont attack gaZA if the hamas wont attack israel if u want to blame someone
    blame them cause the hamas hurting their own pepole oPEn Ur Eyes and See the Trueth
    that as been hiding all this years
    good luck in the opratios and Hope you will post credit cards

  7. i think the anonymous dnot respect the job of israel (HACKERS),
    good luck ano-big-ass with the program. By the way i am israeli if its help to you (-_-)


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