This App Can Help You With Your Smartphone Addiction

smartphone addiction

Many—oh sorry… All of us are addicted to our smartphones. Youngsters often spend the entire day staring at their smartphone screens, checking messages, notifications or scrolling through an endless reel of photographs. The notifications we receive from these services often distract us from work, meetings, gatherings… As a result of this constant bombardment of notifications, people remain glued to their smartphones almost twenty-four hours a day.

However, every problem has its solution. In fact, one scientist has developed a beautiful app which can help people detach themselves from their smartphones and their addictive apps. The app, named “Lock and Lol,” has a variety of features that can temporarily remove the distractions on your smartphone. The app’s ‘Lock Mode’, allows the user to mute all alarms and notifications. In order to gain access to these notifications while this feature is still active, the user must ask permission from the Lock and Lol app.

The second feature of the Lock and Lol app is a temporary delimit mode that limits the user to 5 minutes of emergency phone use. The app’s final feature encourages nearby users to limit the usage of their smartphones.

In addition, the Lock and Lol app also shows smartphone usage statistics, allowing users to see the reality of their ‘addiction’ and encourage people to limit the amount of time they spend on their smartphones. We hope this app will help change the habits of  those who are regularly overusing of their smartphone.

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