Archaeologists Unearthed Hitler’s Dark Secret

A team of archaeologists unearthed shocking remains at a former death camp in Sobibor, Poland.


The Nazis committed a host of atrocities during the Second World War, but chief among them was their attempted extermination of the Jewish people, along with many other minorities and marginalized groups.

As defeat loomed, the Nazis attempted to cover up the evidence of their actions by killing the witnesses and burning their extermination facilities to the ground. One of these sites, a death camp in Sobibor, Poland, was recently excavated, and what they found there is too shocking for words.

Among the Nazis’ many atrocities during World War II, the worst may have been the extermination camps set up across Europe to eradicate the Jewish people.

Poland, which Germany occupied from the beginning of the war, was home to many of the worst camps, including Auschwitz and Treblinka.

Sobibor was another camp where Jews and other marginalized groups were sent to die.

The camp was part of Operation Reinhard, under which 2 million people were systematically murdered.

Trainloads of victims were shipped in on these very rails and never left.

Near the end of the war, when defeat seemed inevitable, the Nazis began trying to cover their tracks. They burned the camps to the ground and filled in the graves with concrete.

Recently, a team of Polish and Israeli archaeologists went to the Sobibor site with a mission to uncover these crimes.

They hoped to find out what had happened there, and maybe bring some peace to the souls of the departed.

One of the Israeli archaeologists, Yoram Haimi, had two uncles who had died at the camp.

The items they found, like these sets of locks and keys which had kept prisoners in their cells, held a lot of significance.


There were also many personal items among the ruins, like this ring which reads, “Behold, you are consecrated onto me.”

They also found bodies, and a frightening number of them.

Fewer than 60 prisoners made it out of the camp alive by the war’s end. The rest were put in mass graves like this.

This body was found face down, and if you look at the base of the skull, you can clearly see the gunshot wound. This person was executed from behind.

Much of the camp had been destroyed, but the most horrifying monuments still remained, like these gas chamber walls.

Millions were killed on these foundations.

This was a well once used by the prisoners. Many likely attempted to escape down that terrifying hole, but few were rarely lucky to flee these atrocities.

We may never know how anyone could ever carry out such horrific crimes. But at least the victims of this terrible place have finally been found and given the respectful burial they deserve. May nothing like this ever happen again.

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      • People are starting to hate Israel and this is an Israeli stunt to get sympathy. Yeah we know it was mass murder.. It was committed. its history. You can’t change it. What ur doing is now Israel. And its an era where all evidence is video’d. If u think u won a dime by rashing the bruise, go get a life

        • Don’t confuse Israel with Jewish people, they are very different things. Einstein once said when the State of Isreal’s leader was being chosen, don’t pick that guy, he’s to close to those that the Jews were fleeing.

          Jews are just a community, Israel is an abomination.

          • Israel an abomination?? Israel is the country of the world with more balls, they are been resisting for years surrounded for countries that only want to kill them, and they have my admiration, it is very easy
            for the Americans to think they are bad but you don’t have to live with
            muslims, in my country(Spain) we have a lot of them, years ago I thought
            the people from Israel was bad, but today they are an example to follow,
            Hope someday my government start to imitate Israel, if someone believe
            I’m xenophobic please i invite you to visit a muslim’s neighborhood as Rabal (Barcelona city) or El Príncipe (Ceuta) one of the most dangerous
            places in Europe, so yes, I fucking admire Israel and jews

          • Israel is a civilized country which offers a home to all Jews and deserves the support of decent people everywhere. You are a disgrace by posting that comment about Israel.

          • I have yet to meet someone that agrees with you about the civilized thing, no offense.

        • I agree, in none of these pics shown was any real human atrocity shown like we are told!The grave showed 6 bodies not millions like we are told. goggle national census reports for the Jewish popultion in the 40’s you will be surprised by what you see!

          • dude check your info. everyone who is not mindless zombie don’t like jews and there is a ton of reasons for that. all you need to know is that jewish ppl were exiled from majority of european countries every time for same reasons and all of them fled to Poland, only country in that time that were welcoming jews. these days you are fed with propaganda and even more propaganda and we love jews, gays and other bullshit. you’r all dancing to the jewish music and for sure it ain’t Klezmer music. now you can all throw rocks on me but you will never change the truth which is out there but i know it’s hard to read dozens of book on that topic. Oh and one thing about nazis, nazis=germans and not other way around so plz stop using term nazis like it was alien race from space

    • Actually, knuckle-head, for your information, Canter’s Deli is officially JEW HQ. Grow a pair of Matzo Balls, already, willya?!

      • Why do nations persecute the Jewish people in the first place? I really dont understand this. It has happened so many times throughout history. Perhaps you can help me understand why this keeps happening and maybe it can be prevented in future.

        • The righteous children of God have always been persecuted. Just read the Old Testament or the Book of Mormon. It is God that destroys those nations that persecute His people.

          • About been righteous ? I dont know. If i read rigthv jew in biblical times live off robbing neighbors. Have you read the part that tells how david comeback to camp after finishing a campaign against other tribe, just to find their camp was hit by another tribe , he consulted to God, meaning he kill inocent animals to offer their blood to God. Well i remember jews giving military advice and equipment to the ggovernment so they can comit genocide eassy

        • Because they literally have evil plans. If hitler exterminated all the jews the world would be a better place. Its fucked up but read about it

        • Because Jews own the banks and control economies and inflation. They have been a foreign group in every country trying to get rich off corrupt taxes. When people wake up they rebel. Like whats happening today in many parts!

        • because they are fake, low lifes and in every country they were welcomed in at some point they were trying to take over wealth. it’s one of jewish treats

      • Germany got its ass kicked in by everyone except the Jews, who they almost killed off completely in Europe. Countries persecute Jews as a scapegoat for economic plight and terrorism. That’s why people persecute Jews here in America. Jews are persecuted for being different. For being the “other”. That has been an institutionalized tradition among western societies ever since Jews began living in western society. Countries who persecute Jews get their asses beaten in because they always perform mass human rights abuses and murders. Nigga you crazy if you believe that Protocols of the Elders of Zion conspiracy shit.

        • The Protocols of the Elders of Zion was written by the Russian Secret Police under Tsar Nicolas II at the end of the 19th Century. It was used, particularly in the Ukraine as an excuse for pogroms against Jews and as anti-Jewish propoganda throughout Europe and America.

          • cmon what a bullshit, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion was writen by jews. Maybe it was russian jews but still jews

  1. That is why Genocide’s need recognition! The Armenian Genocide has been denied for the past 101 years by the Turkish Government. #ShameOnTurkey #1915NeverAgain.

    • And IT will be denied. Because there is no historical proofs that Turks intentionally massacre Armenians. I’ll be damned if I see some historicians talk about Armenian issue on the media. Only bribed politicians talk about these lies. Nobody talks about the innocent people killed by Armenians militias weaponised by Russia before 1915

      • You must be a Turk. You are either dishonest or ignorant. Read “Black Dog of Fate” and “The Burning Tigris”. Hitler justified extermination of the Jews because Turkey got away with genocide of Armenians.

      • Every genocide needs recognition.We need to mourn their death.So please if you don’t know what a genocide is or you haven’t learned it from your school,don’t say that it hasn’t happend.

  2. .No doubt the Holocaust deniers will still claim it never happened; it’s a Jewish conspiracy they’ll claim.

        • Actually, It’s true Hitler did kill Jews. But historical events and conscripts in museums show that Jews had plans. Not exterminating everyone, but leading the world. Exactly like how Illuminati does with the new world order, However not like how the Illuminati did. Illuminati said with the new world order of Free thought, secularism, liberalism, republicanism, and gender equality. What the Jews wanted, one of Hitlers generals overheard. That’s why everything started, And yet because no ones went and saw the proof they always blame Adolf, What he did may have been wrong but look at the actual proof.

          • Pretty strange and hearsay. For all to look up, Hitler gave strict orders that the deaths in the camps had to be prevented by all possible means. The socalled 6 million murdered jews have been publishe in various papers thrue time long before Adolf Hitler was chosen by Hindenburg as Chanselor. The final solution of the jewish question was completed before war was declared onto Germany and states not killing any of jewish faith, but deportation to madagaskar, this because of fear of conflict to break out if Palestine were to receive said jews. Not all camps had gaschambers, those which did where operated not by guards or jews, but by special personel with knowledge and experience to handle Zyclone B and use the special garments required and the prceedures for operating the fumigation gaschambers to make sure clothing got treated thoroghly, Typhus pose the greatest danger in any camp, regardless if German, Polish, Russian, English or American run camps. Vaccine against typhus had not been successfully developed by the Germans by wars end. Some camps used steam to fumihgate clothing. But no people where ever gassed in the claimed homicidal gaschambers. No 6million gassed, nor any 6millon cremated. The camp deathbooks verify this, germans kept excellent records and report copies sent Berlin daily. A little over 200000 people died in the camp system, mostly non jews, and typhus was the main culprit.

          • Kittilsvogel i only wanty to say fuck you. im from Poland and my familly run a bomb disposal company (Miwo Military) we are also producting military equipment. But getting to the point i was working on a bomb disposal works in a forest near city called Łambinowice durning WW2 it was something like POW death camp Germans killed over there something alike form 150K to 250K ( it is waried becuse there was no documentation about russian prisonners and civilians) for today only 80K was founded and they were form 50 diffrent nationalities British,US,Romanian, Polish, as i mentioned Russians and many more also when germans were loosing on estern front they started to killing civilians overe there but nobody know how may of them there were Jews, Polish people from warsaw (after the uprising fall). I saw by my self the half killometer long greave sites one near another (10 meters from one to another) i saw special chambers builded only to be filled with acid to decompose the bodies because there was no more place in the ground and by my self i founded some of thouse poor little souls that were killed there only because some fucking bastard couldnt stand that they were diffrent form him. So that i want to tell you to fuck youreselfe you are propably from some farr away country that wasnt under german ocupation so you dont know nothing im working with metal detector im digging and i can se that i founded many of thouse that you say germans have never killed also you say taht there wasynt so may death in a fucking death camps so i invite you to my country to Poland and i will take you to places near aushwitz, sobibor or majdanek and i will let you dig and belive me in some places you can dig bodies after 1 meter and they are never ending boddies of little babies thst are now only a black lines in sand couse they bones decomposed or you can find the boddies of mothers that died while hugging theyre children. You dont know nothing you are just a fuycking ignorant i realy iviter you we will walk to aushwitz we will go and talk with survivors of the death camps because there not only jews were killed but Poles,Gypsies,Russians, everybody taht wasnt german so i dare you you fucktard come and meet me we will take a tour and you will see by yourself. (sorry for my not to good english but im a self-taught)

    • So where are the photos of the gassed jews. Autopsies were done in every camp there was suspicion to faul play by the allied forces, not one corpse had been gassed, the older corpses had died of typhus, when entering the camps people where starving to death. Don’t you think they would poster those corpses more than typhus corpses. The German finans department knows to well how many survived the Holocaust to, 4-5 million applications have been processed in regards to warsurviver pension. Thats more jews than Germany had access to in the war, strange… jewish census shows another anomaly, that their numbers increased from 1938- 1948 by over 400 thousand people. What happened to the 6 millon gassed and cremated jewish people? Same thing as with every single claims of Holocaust thru history, it ain’t few times 6million jews died, check out old newspapers, it’s all there. I question everything, thats how I get to the bottom of it, helps to actually read books too.

      • YOu are living proof that what Einsenhower, then General, later President said in 1944 was correct. He sent film crews under a top Hollywood film producer with the Allied troops after D-Day to document German atrocities in glorious technicolour because as he put it “in years to come, people will deny this ever happened”.

        I am of an age where I have met camp survivors, where school and University students in my class had lost family members, where a family friend lost his entire family and did not know his true history because he had been shipped out of Europe as a young baby on Winton’s Kindertransport. My uncle had periodic nightmares up until his death 50 years after the end of the war reliving the liberation of Bergen-Belsen as one of the first troops into the camp.

        Don’t ever try to tell me it never happened.

        • You mean Eisenhower? The Jew that hated Germans more than anything? The one that gave direct order to systematically starve 1.5 Million German POW´s to death simply by renaming POW with DEF (Disarmed Enemy Forces) so he gets around the Geneva Convention while Germans were very strict on the Geneva Convention and 99% of captured U.S. Soldiers came back home? Now you can try to deny that but THAT IS a proven historical fact.

          Nobody denies that there were Camps. Nobody dies that many Jews died in these Camps. Nobody denies that Jews got shot, mainly from Baltic volunteer SS Troops. Nobody denies that the Camps were not vacation camps for the Jews. Nobody denies that medical experiments were made on inmates. (The U.S. Military is even using their own soldiers and population for that)
          BUT – 6 Million victims is a lie and also the Mass Gassings. Many bodies have been found, yes. Many of them died by Typhus and at the end of the War, many also starved to death, thanks to the allied bombing raids on German Infrastructure. For the same reason, many German Civilians died in the Cities because there was no more food. But until today, there is not a single evidence for just ONE Gassed body found.
          According to so called eye witnesses, children were sent into the gas chambers right away. Where do all these well fed children come from when Auschwitz was liberated? Have another look at the pics.

          There are so many lies about the Germans and the Holocaust. Didn´t even American POW´s from Dachau claim that in Dachau there were mass gassings? Didn´t your beloved Eisenhower make a movie, especially in Dachau, showing the Gas Chamber which was actually a delousing chamber for clothing? If you visit Dachau, you can red a sign in several languages – Gas Chamber (was never in use)!
          Why? BECAUSE THEY COULDN´T KEEP THAT LIE UP. And now tell me please, if the entire made up Dachau Gas Story came out as a Allied lie, why should the other stories be true?

          And how was that by murdering around 150 Million Native Indians and put the rest in reservats where they were starving?
          And who is responsible for the “wounded knee” massacre on woman and children committed by the U.S. Cavalry?
          Or how about the My Lai massacre in Vietnam? Since the beginning of their History, the United States is almost non stop at war with someone. Before you blame Germany, Hitler or anybody else, wipe your dirt in front of your own dirty history first and count the victims America has caused in her short but bloody history.Except the Independence War, you never fought a War on your own soil against a foreign thread. America costed other Nations more blood and tears than any other on this planet.

      • Media is controlled for the agenda of others. People or the ruthless ones, in power concoct, decieve, whatever, to control humanity. The big bankers financed both sides, and we know who controls the banks while they sit back and watch the turmoil around them, in order to take their next profits.
        In other words I believe the war had been manipulated by higher powers than Gemany Nazi’s, they were just a tool to be used as the agenda unfolds.
        The ones in power (cabal) place themselves there and eliminate any acountability. By doing what they did, they diverted the blame from themselves killing their brothers knowingly the nazi.s would always be blamed forever.
        Here is a link to an actual survivor radio podcast, who saw what happened, I myself am Czech born my parents were in the war and have confimed Tomi’s story as common throughout Europe.

        Stay safe peeps and awaken as you research.

      • Because they were killing jews in diffrent countries Poland,Russia,Estonia,France,Hungary everywhere wehere germans took countries they killed jews and normal people.if you want to know what happened to thouse 6 milion peples look for old photos of the ash piles near aushwitz or you can try to do a experiment go near road and find someroad-killed animals then you need a good burning place with temperature oscilating over 850 celcius degres and put the boody there and shazam you have nothing ( maybe small pile of shes) or you can try the “field” way that germans ivented at the end of war they took some rails from rail-wayand instaled them ond brick made fundaments then you have to start big fire under thouse rails (somtime theywere puting rails on basements or just on a few bricks lying on thew ground) it is best to use wood,gasoline and petroleum andshazam the boddy is burning to the ashes. The best thing is that german soldiers killed my grangrand-uncle (brother of grandgrand dad) and half of his family and almoust whole village they have spend them all in a big barn closed the doors and tryed to throw some grenades in but they throwed them out so what your innocent soldiers done? they shooted throught the walls and puted a fire and shazam almoust whole vilage dissapered also if you want we might show you the place where german soldiers burried alive italian soldiers when they refused to fight? or the places that germans killed polish soldiers that had surrendered? or maybe you want to see a place that germans killed ROA soldiers that were german allies ?

  3. May something Mike thuis kever happen in deed . sadly Israël is acting like Hitler even worst than Hitler these days.

    • Really? They bring thousands of Palestinians to concentration camps and mass murder them? I’m not a great fan of Israel’s policy, but there are limits of bullshit my friend.

      • Gaza is one mass concentration camp.
        Aid is denied, people are pushed closer and closer together (1.8m people living on 4500 square Km of land with 1/3 of those living in emergency shelters), 244 schools destroyed by Israeli bombs, teenagers tortured for information on their distant relatives, 5000 slaughtered in 3 ‘Israeli operations’, shot if the dare speak ill of their oppressors to their face and persecuted for being a certain religions. IDF leaders calling for the raping of both Palestinian lands an women….

        While there’s no gas chambers that sure sounds pretty close to a NAZI concentration camp to me.

        • Actually it wasn’t Israeli bombs that did that it was Russian bombs, not saying Russia is to blame but if one things to go its something they need. Same as how they were bombing the Oil tankers that America was sending them.

      • No they’re not, they are just blockading millions of them in a small plot of land without food, running water and electricity and every now and then they flatten the entire land with high-tech American weaponry while killing thousands of children, women and regular civilians. All that while occupying the rest of their land ignoring more than 100 UN resolutions to stop such atrocities but hey, Israel has the right to defend itself, after all God promised the jews this land and who are we to argue, right? Bullshit comes in different flavors, what’s yours?

      • Rzemon. Totally well said,I agree.
        The Israeli nation is entitled to protect it’s borders and could choose to destroy so called Palestine if it was so inclined as it certainly has the capacity.
        As you said, they’re are limits to the amount of bullshit that one can endure.

          • Ah Susan, sharing the thoughts of former director for foreign policy, Israeli National Security Council and stating they are facts and not propaganda and you hope to be taken seriously.

            Following your argument as put forward in your link any former GB colony that is given back or partly given back to the people it was taken from then has to settle for whatever its former masters decide they deserve. Have you ever wondered why the borders in Africa are so straight? My country, Great Britain, France and Holland sat and split them up with a ruler and pencil. Do you know why Kurds have no country? My country, Britain, took it off them and when we left we also left the mess of Iraq behind us.

            Israel is no more than a European/US guilt trip of a country. Borne from the US and UK turning a blind eye to the atrocities of Hitlers war. If you want to follow your thinking then lets go right back, give the US back to the Native Americans, give South Africa back to the tribes, remove all whites from Australia and New Zealand, might as well, they dont ‘belong’ there either.

            The hypocrisy of Israel and those that defend its actions towards Gaza and the Palestinians beggars belief. I’d have thought someone standing up for Jew’s living in Jerusalem would have more sense than to use the ‘political ruled’ argument.

          • No he was looking for peace. A piece of France, a piece of Russia, a piece of Poland……………………..

        • What borders are you referring to ?? The borders agreed to that Israel was legally assigned or are you referring to the Palestinian lands they have annexed ?? Please share a map of Israel’s borders with all of us, we’d love to be enlightened !!

          • Whatever nationality it happens to in this day and age there should never be any oppression in shape or form, I along with millions of other people loathe what was done to the J
            ews by the nazi’s but that dosen’t give Israel the right to build settlments on occupied territories like it is doing now (against international law) so by accusing the Palestinains of terrorism to defend their own land is Ludicrous when they use suicide bombers or try to stab an Israeli citizen to try to get revenge is pathetic compared to the hostility they face from Israeli soldiers on a daily basis, Who in their right mind would let a occupying force take over your lands without a fight

    • I was going to point out the same thing. They treat the Palestinians just as bad.
      From above :”We may never know how anyone could ever carry out such horrific crimes. But at least the victims of this terrible place have finally been found and given the respectful burial they deserve. May nothing like this ever happen again.”

  4. 6 million Jews and over 30 million Slavic, died.
    The minority of dead people where jews, thats a fact, even when you can read and hear everywere ww2 was facists vs….jews, jews, jews…

    Beside the concentration camps in Poland, like Auschwitz and Treblinka where little ones compared to the croatian Jasenovac it was a complex of five subcamps, beside that Jasenovac was byfar the most cruel one, where croatian facists killed serbs, jews and other ones.
    The Ustaše slaughtered inmates with knifes, saws, hammers and other tools.
    When you would know such facts, you would be able to understand the balkan wars of the 1990´s better, and also you would wonder why the US was supporting croats and jihad muslims.

    • Because of Bill Clinton and promises of millions in “donations” from Arabs. If we stand up to the Oligarchs and jihadists, we are slowing down the one world government.

    • Liberalism is the hatered of Christianity and Judaism by default
      Therefore any group that hates them is their friend just look at how they currently treat Benjamin Netanyahu versus the Iranians or Saudis

    • TheCrux – considerimg you obviously vote for Serbian Chetnik neonazi interests – STFU. Majority of Croats never supported and was disgusted of quisling government , Jasenovac etc.and these people called ustase were cruel even to “their” nation.
      Obviously that was not the same for Serbian quisling gov installed there in serbia at the same time.

      That is why majority of Partisans resistance movement were statistically from Croatia. To fight faschism extreme unhuman “solutions”, GermaNazis and Chetnik stupid-looking bearded animals.

      Sufferings of victims in a long forgotten 2nd world war can not be a justification for 20 years of Serb neo-Chetnik expansionist movement to try to kill all Croats and Muslims around them.
      With the blessimg of US in the 1991. (US changed opinion later on)

      You Serbs should learn that justifying hating and killing is a bad thing to do.Finally.Drop it.

      • Sorry bro, I AM GERMAN! And for me, NAZI scrum is the same as Croatian SCUM, or UKRAINIAN SCUM…SS Galiccia was operating down there, together with Ustasa, Germans and Ukrainians, and Croatians became allys of germans, that is what we learn here in schools.
        And also that serbians were their enemies, even the chentnik, as they joined germans, and bombed germans in same time. Chetnik where serbian communists, orthodox, while croatians voted for be germans and they are chatolic, and they still do, they think they are something better down there, but they are not. And just to mention, even germans killed germans, nothing special, fact is croatia formed up and became axis.
        So, dont know what you think and in what a world you live, all I posted you can find online, even in holocaust museums croatian past is documented.

    • A lot more than 6 Million died and not all in camps. That number does not include the million or so prisoners of war starved and worked to death, mostly Russian, the million or so physically and mentally handicapped, homosexuals, political prisoners and slave workers imported from conquered states beween the Channel Islands and Moscow. It does not include the civilians murdered by the SS Einsatzgruppen as they followed behind the Wermacht into conquered territories murdering Jews and anyone else that took their fancy, again mostly in Russia. Look up Oradour sur Glanes or the activities of the Dirlewangler Brigade as a guide. You can easily double the 6 Million and probably add a bit.

  5. But that is not something new……… Everyone (I talk for Europeans) knew about it. For that there is history lessons and tons of movies about it.

    • If you don’t have empirical evidence of what you say, that information envelopes the definition of conjecture. These people have posted photos, that makes your comment more conjectural than their information, ironically enough for you. By the way a word does exist for people who thrives on the exploitation of this irony. Accusing and condemning others for doing things you do yourself makes you a hypocrite. I don’t know about everyone else, but I would rather speak conjecturally than hypocritically. I think it has something to do with integrity or something…?

      • Thanks you female dOnAld fRUMP! I am a homosexual and supposed to die because I have an opinion???!! Get a fucking life you shill bastards!
        Anybody can set up and doctor a photo op…….. And none of you moloch shills were there!

  6. This preoccupation with the nasty Nazis worries me a little, since it is a subject that Russia Today is also pursuing with enthusiasm. For some reason I don’t understand, we are always spared accounts dealing with the historical, unwarranted and murderous adventures conducted by ‘our sides’ to the point where such behaviour has been effectively forgotten. Is that because we feel so deeply ashamed of ourselves that we cannot bear to be reminded of those crimes or is it simply hypocrisy on our part?. On the other hand it’s quite possible that since we are still enthusiastically promoting or actively engaged in multiple atrocities in other peoples countries, we have no wish to complicate our Middle-Eastern ambitions by going all soft and sentimental about unavoidable collateral misfortunes and so on.

  7. I was visiting Dachau prision camp with my family when i was 13yrs old. Must have been 89. We were there the moment that the Berlin Wall came down. I had just walked through the gass chambers we were looking at photos on the walls when they played the news flash through the PA. If visiting the camp was not real enough,,the world gives power to the most evil people. Choose wisely

  8. i guess the jewish people either have short memories or are a bunch of hypocrites?they are doing to the palestinians what the nazis did to them,i know minus the gas chambers apart from that their ultimate goal is the extinction of the palestinian people,removing them from their country because it belongs to them and not the jews!!!

    • I hope you realise it’s not EVERY JEW doing that it’s the Israeli government, and Jews have lived there as long as the Palestinians. Both sides are doing awful things to each other.

  9. No mention of the fact parts of Poland (previously Germany before WWI reparations) were committing mass genocide on the German people there for 2 years before the run up to WWII. Germany petitioned the League of Nations for 2 years before WWII began… This site is becoming increasingly shit, full of Zionist lobbyist lies.

    • Parts of Poland previously Germany before WWI reparations?
      You mean the parts Germany took from Poland during earlier invasions and partitions of Poland? Study some history before you post here…
      Parts of Poland simply returned to Poland since those parts were Polish originally before invasions and partitions of Poland… And there was no genocide (I presume you mean of Germans)… There were however many Poles though who suffered and lost their lives “in those parts”…
      Again, study some history including partitions of Poland… and not Nazi propaganda and excuses…

    • Poland did not exist as an independent country for many years prior to 1919. Most of what later became Poland and the Baltic States was Prussia and East Prussia – a German Palatinate.

  10. And what kind of genes are there buried. It’s brought as religion but it was a genetic obsession. Did he had a Nazi-rite to get tie Balfour declaration activated. Only sacrificed Pagan Jews.
    Or did he focused on the full blood Aaliyah Ashkenazi first.

    • I do hear infinitely more than nothing about the Native American Genocide, Jeff. I actually hear about it fairly commonly. It’s very disrespectful to bring up and emphasize other people’s deaths as though they predominate. Are you saying all the people who died in Germany don’t deserve recognition due to the fact that more people have been killed elsewhere? It sounds like an idiotic competition that only an idiot would find interest in. If you want to talk about Native American Genocide, I’m sure properly relevant pages exist such that you can say how you feel without disrespecting 15-20 million people and their descendants. By the way, I think you were fishing for something like: Wow, I think you’re really sophisticated, perceptive, and insightful! Take it and go elsewhere, please.

    • Or the Spanish genocide against the Aztecs, the Maya and the original occupants of the Canary Islands. What about Pol Pot, remember him? Idi Amin? The British onslaught against the Australian Aborigines. The Turkish massacre of the Armenians during WW1? History has a habit of repeating itslef because we don’t listen and don’t learn.

  11. Maybe now poor americans will understand nazi/German deathcamps not polish.
    btw. Polish people also was killing there
    (sorry for bad english)

  12. omg you fucking stupid americans 😀 !!!MILLIONS!!! were killed on these foundations!!! is that bullshit written by a jew? i think so!

  13. The history is always told from the winners. Nobody can realy say what happend in Poland. Only a few Men can give us a glimpse on this frightend and horrifying things about the second worldwar. Only the storys from the survivers can tell us the real truth. At this time there are many conzentration camps out there arround the world. War is War in will allways be War. There is no Peace and Freedom in this world. There is nothing like this everlasting Lies they told us. You don`t understand what it means to be a surviver of this and to notice that all this happend becouse of a few mens greed ….. so many people suffer becouse of a few mens desicions. So many fathers, mothers, oncles, aunts, sons and daughters has been murdered and raped. And all this hasn’t stoped yet. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth has brought us here on the battleground again and again… for nothing else than anger, hate, agony, suffer ……………………………there is no freedom and there is no peace

  14. meanwhile in palestine… oh wait theres none of it left i mean israel… wait but if theres no palestine, where did all the palestinians go…?

  15. I’m American. And we ALL fight fire with fire. I apologize if you CANT SEE THE FLAMES FROM YOUR HOUSE! Just because it isn’t headlined or wrote about or known about AT ALL doesn’t mean one is worse that the other. All our blood are guilty.

  16. ‘May nothing like this ever happen again’ – Those words resonated with me for a moment. Then I realized it is happening again with the exception that we now have a more efficient and effective way of killing people and it’s no longer the Germans, its the western world – spear headed by the UK and America. And it’s no longer the Jews being persecuted it is the Muslim people.

    Mankind should be ashamed of themselves for not learning from their mistakes.

    Our ignorance should have no excuse in the death of another person based off propaganda, monetary gain and religious persecution.

    The route of all evil? Power and greed

  17. “May nothing like this ever happen again” ?? And what is it that is happening to palestinians over nearly a century?! and very ironically, by the hands of jews claiming recognition for WWII massacre
    You all here pretend to call for genocides recognition, but dont you think you might be ignoring a bigger and current eradication?
    May the world give same recognition to the 10 millions of palestinians being slaughtered by jews since almost a hundred years ago until now…

  18. You know all these things still happen in many parts of the African continent yet it seems normal to the whole world just because its ‘Africa’

  19. The best part is that WW2 was newer a war with NAZIS but among NAZIS or even JEWS in some cases. One was anti-cionist NAZI camp the other was the pro-cionist one… I guess You know who won… the Good NAZIS.

  20. You know what pisses me off the most is they have the nerve to say let this never happen again. Yet it happened to my people the Croatians in the war between Croatia and Bosnia in the mid 1990s. The exact same Nazi atrocities happened to my people as well and yet nobody gives a shit about them and many don’t even know that it happened

  21. I think we should all read, even if they are bits, of history to be able to understand what men of old have done to “create” we of today . How many of us have read the book”monkey man” used by Hitler to support his massacre of Africans?

  22. The Jews say “never again” but look at their hypocrisy!
    And NOBODY is stopping the genocide of Palestinians!

    This is what I hate about the so-called righteous ones!

  23. Why you always talking about Jews? Slavs were the one who were slaughtered the most. Even the difference between Jews and Poles wasn’t that big.

    • You should be educated. My bet is that you also believe in that cartoon-figure called God and that made up character called Jesus, am I right?

  24. A disgrace and an outrage. How can these atrocities happen in the world? Same with the American indians.How sick can you get?

  25. Strangely not mentioned in this story is that Sobibor is notable as the only death camp where prisoners rebelled and attempted a mass escape. The majority, sadly, did not succeed, and many were killed. But the Nazis were so afraid that Sobibor would become a symbol of rebellion that they razed the place and planted the entire area with pine trees.

    The last was actually the Nazi plan for all of the death camps once the Nazis decided they had run out of victims. The extermination camp at Chelmno was also “disappeared”. Only two survived to tell the tale of its existence.

    It is only right that we remember the dead. But we should pay tribute to those who, against unimaginable odds, refused to “go quietly” and fought back against their tormentors. It happened in Sobibor. It happened in the Warsaw Ghetto. And in Auschwitz, prisoners managed to smuggle explosives into the camp and blew up one of the gas chamber/crematorium complexes. The Nazis killed millions, but they could not destroy the human spirit.

  26. One should begin to question and start researching WW2 cause something is not right. Hitler did have laborcamps and hidden factories but everyone was pretty well fed and clothed. The 6 million jews that died has been a recurring theme dating to 1AD and was also published in the late 1800’s.
    People dont really understand the man-power you will need to first fight a war and then to keep 6 million people incarcerated under strict supervision.

    “History is written by the victors.”

  27. I am shocked and saddened by the insensitive and ignorant comments posted on this article. Shame shame shame. History is not written by the victors. Its written by the survivors and the evidenece and the evidence is irrefutable.Im embarressed that I am even replying to such ignorance and hate. Shame on you.

    • The jews suffered persecution in Europe and they then inflict the same sort of persecution on the people of Palestine. And the funny thing is…they are not even semites…those jews from europe…

  28. A lot of comments here just reflect the level of intelligence our human race has dumped to. Who cares if these poor people have been jews, if they are to blame for any betrayal on any so called god or whatever? Who cares if these creatures were of any guilt against anything or anybody? What happened to them was a systematic murder out of pure hate and fear. Because thats the only two emotions facists and racists can feel. Hate and fear. As they hate everything they fear they use violence against it as they don t have the intelligence to communicate and live with it. You are all retarded when you still until this day in the 21st century believe in any religion, political stream, ideology and fucking mass brain manipulating bullshit that sooner or later will also turn you in ready to kill fucked up people full of hate and fear. We are all children of world much bigger than our eyes can capture, the color of our skin, the language we speak the traditions and culutures we invent are nothing but accesoires to our exitstance. We rape, murder, steal and kill other people, we destroy the planet that feeds us… and the other half of us is dump as fuck and watch it, see what happens and does nothing about it. We are facebook rebels, without honor and balls to actually change something and we are still blaming others all the time instead of pointing our fingers on ourselves. We are disgusting. And some of you morons have nothing better to do than to leave some stupid comments under such a tragic story….. I am german, and I feel ashamed of my people my country and especially about the political development we face here again lately. Fuck you world, fuck all of you

    • Funny bit is, that, if you met them RL, they wouldn’t say shit like this. It’s always easier to hide behind your computer screen and act all tough.

  29. STOP SAYING “HAD” !!!! It is BAD grammar! He HAD died. He HAD went. They HAD been locked up. He died. They went. They were locked up. Freaking IDIOTS call yourselves “writers” and dont know how to speak.

    • Both are common, Martaghavi. If you are speaking now and wish to say that something has happened before, the present perfect makes sense. It tells your listener that something happened in the past that affects the present in some way.

      If you are writing or talking about the past, then using “it had happened before” would make sense if you wanted to say that it happened in some past that is more remote than a more recent past: I wasn’t surprised to hear that we were going to war. It had happened before. (Here, our going to war is something that had happened before the time when I heard the news)


    • How many nuclear bombs do these “MORONIC IGNORANT SUB-HUMAN” have??
      How many nuclear bombs do the respectfull-intelligent-pacefull Americans/jews have??

  31. Sorry but where is the evidense of the ohter 5.900.000 jews killed?? As far as I know the only found about 1.000.000 (what is absolutely awfull) but is just a small percentage of the total 50.000.000 people dead arround the globe due to the most stupid war ever.

  32. And still I have no simpathy for the jews and wish some Day israhell Will be buried to the ground. For the récord the same shit for the muslim shit!

  33. We all new already that the nazis attempted genocide on the jewish people, Its been recorded in history, there killers long dead, the familys of the victims found peaced, and now you show them this?! what you aimed to achieved is probably to cause mass chaos amongst the jews by making them sorrow and evidently riot around its streets causing chaos.

  34. I think I just lost about 20 IQ points reading all these dumb ass comments. What I took away from this forum is, 1) no one can have an opinion if it doesn’t line up with yours and 2) everyone trying to sound smart really sound like pure dumb asses. Piece.

  35. I truly feel sorry for people that believe this profound lie.
    When the facts are out there laid bare for all to see.
    All one needs to do is look for themselves and within five minutes, know that most is a complete fabrication.
    Here’s a small tidbit of irrefutable facts that cause cognitive dissonance among the brainwashed masses.
    1). Not one “gas chamber” has ever been found
    2). An expert was hired to analyze the walls of a supposed gas chamber at Auschwitz. .. he concluded that according to the concentration of “Prussian blue” accumulated on the walls, that room could have never been used as a gas chamber, but only a de-lousing chamber.
    3). There wasn’t six .million Jews in all of Europe at the time.
    4). Most of the inmates that died, did so as a result of starvation or typhus caused by lice.. which was the reason to have de-lousing chambers.
    There exists a plethora of information that easily debunks most if not all the fantastic claims.
    The facts are there. All one needs to do is have a look and it will become clear.

  36. Who do you all think invented Communism? Russian Jews (converts), that’s who! The Bolshevik revolution consisted of 85% Russian Jews, who proceeded to slaughter 60-70 MILLION Orthodox Christians during that time. “Those who claim to be Jews, and are not, you are of the synagogue of Satan.” – God. The Jews controlling present-day Israel are imposters, aka Khazarian Jew converts.

  37. well history shows us now, why this happened to the jews, look how they made Israel, by making 750.000 people homeless, occupying a country. This is the Zionists work, and what Hitler was against. They planned the whole sceme in 1896 with “the jerusalem manifest”. 80 million people died during WW2 and only about 5,5 mio of these, Jews.. Why this focus on the jews ? because mainstream media and USA is run by jewish bankers. I have seen and met these jews, and they are no good. My family was in concetration camp as well – we did not get a country because of this – my family was split up by this war, granny killed herself.. WHY FOCUS ON THE FUCKING JEWS ? Russia as exterminated a greater number of people than Germany did ? we focus on this because the world is run by Jews, just like Hitler said.. sorry to tell the facts, but i have met them. And they are no good people !

  38. Puck the juden!! My great uncle was a guard of a ghetto in Poland!! He spoke of them dirty people,and how they would run like rats about to get exterminated!! When the army had to quash a uprising!!1,2,3,4 how many jews can you push through the door — SS gas chamber attendant


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