Armed Patron Stops Mass Shooting In South Carolina Nightclub


A gunman in a South Carolina nightclub pulled his weapon and shot three people, before being stopped in his tracks by an unnamed man with a conceal carry firearm. Occurring in the wake of the Orlando massacre, this story went largely untold in mainstream media reports – perhaps because this story fell one victim short of a mass shooting, and the unfortunate reality is that shootings occur in America every day. The real story here is that an unnamed hero saved a club full of people, demonstrating that a good guy with a gun can in fact, sometimes stop a bad guy with a gun.

Jody Ray Thompson Booking photo


According to witnesses on scene, the gunman, identified as thirty-two year old Jody Ray Thompson, pulled a handgun and began firing at a crowd of club-goers standing outside. This occurred after he and another patron engaged in an argument. The man who stopped Thompson has yet to be identified in any media reports. He was one of three victims shot by Thompson that night, before pulling his own concealed firearm and shooting him in the leg. None of the victim’s injuries were life threatening.

Thompson was still on scene when police arrived. Initially, he was not identified as the shooter. Police interviewed all of the victims, witnesses and watched video surveillance of the incident before Thompson was correctly identified and arrested. According to Lt. Kevin Bobo who responded to the scene, “Thompson was still on the scene when deputies arrived, but the initial scene was chaotic. It wasn’t until victims and witnesses were interviewed, and video from the scene was reviewed that Thompson was identified as the suspect.” He was charged with multiple counts of attempted murder and unlawful use of a firearm. The unnamed hero, police confirmed, had a valid conceal carry permit and was not charged for his role in the shooting.

Sources: The Free Thought project, The Federalist.

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