Armed Rangers Guard 24/7 The Last Surviving Male Northern White Rhino


Sudan, the name of a rhinoceros and not a country, the world’s last-surviving male Northern White Rhinoceros has been put under 24/7 armed protection at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy, 200km north of Nairobi in Kenya. He is one of just 5 remaining northern white rhinos on the planet, and naturally the conservancy fears that he could be a target for poachers.

Since the 1960’s, rhinos have fallen victim to mass poaching, due to a popular belief across Asian  that rhinoceros horns possess medicinal properties. It is rumored that the horn can reduce a fever and febrile convulsions, as well as prolonging a youthful appearance. Contrary to these beliefs, the Rhino horn is primarily composed of Keratin – a fibrous protein which is also found in human nails and hair, and has no scientific health benefits like the ones described in the myths crafted centuries ago.



The increased demand for poached rhino horns has led the way for many crime syndicates expanding their operations into the horn trade. Although the penalties for poaching itself are being more harshly enforced, they  still appear marginal in comparison to the possible financial gain.  It was reported by The Guardian that a rhino’s horn can sell for upwards of $75,000 per kilo (2.2 US pounds); and since globalisation and economic growth has made it easier to establish illegal trading routes, the financially gains severely outweigh the risks.


Sudan currently has two female white rhino subspecies within the conservancy. There are hopes that they will reproduce. All three of the rhinos have been fitted with radio transmitters and have had their horns safely removed to help deter poachers.


Rhino horn is typically ground up into a powder and sold for medicinal purposes, or is used to signify wealth, most commonly within Vietnam and China.


The penalty in Africa for poaching is 25 years imprisonment


Even with 24/7 armed protection, the northern white rhinos at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy are still vulnerable to complete extinction before the end of the century. Sudan, currently 42-years-old, is elderly in rhino years and thus his chances to reproduce naturally are slim “Sudan is currently old and may not be able to naturally mount and mate with a female,” says George Paul, the deputy veterinarian at the conservancy. Experts from around the world are currently planning scientific methods to try to save the subspecies from extinction.

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  1. Considering the situation Shoot to Kill, and public hanging and torture should be mandatory for all poachers. and fuck the Chinese.
    And Volunteer Military US Snipers should be allowed to be part of the protection effort. These endangered animals need to be saved at all costs.

    • I completely agree, mandatory death penalty to those who kill majestic creatures for sport. Have these fools never heard of chemistry? If something exists it can be synthetically duplicated. A species can not. Ketartin.. lol. Ridiculous fools.

      • And that is exactly why you will never be a World Leader! An Animals life is never more important than a Human’s Life. There’s no comparison!!!

    • I am all for protecting the rhino’s, but are you on some kind of medication? It sounds like you shouldn’t be allowed out in society.

    • I have a different suggestion… They should cut the poacher’s d*cks off as a punishment. They go for horns we should go for their d*cks. I’m sure human d*ck possess some medicinal properties too, pfftt…

  2. It is what happens when a people are not educated it reality and keep old beliefs alive. They then emerge from a third world nation to become rich. It is easy for them to wave money at people in Africa that may not make what a Rhino horn is worth in a life time to go after such things the rewards are greater than the punishment. If the governments of China and other Asian nations had taken the responsibility of re educating its people on medical practices as much as they did on political stances there would be no market in the world for Rhino horns or other things.

  3. When all the trees have been cut down,
    when all the animals have been hunted,
    when all the waters are polluted,
    when all the air is unsafe to breathe,
    only then will you discover you cannot eat money.
    ~ Cree Prophecy ~

    There needs to be an PR campaign…name and shame USERS, sellers, producers, suppliers in Asia of these products. But not only them, Western mega millionaires slide by buying art made from these rare items…along with trophy hunting…private million dollar safari clubs. Per norm, it is the poor and starving who are demonized. These poachers, would not be poaching if they could feed, clothe, house and educate their families.

    If warmongering Western govts would pour the same money spent on war into aide relief, poaching, illegal logging, growing drugs, and radical groups like IS would have no foothold…because those harming us and feeding the poor (whilst oppressing them…but less than we do) would have no power or appeal.

    But the worship of money must be broken. And the worship of good deeds, ethics, morals replace the souless competition for largest ability to consume…that includes philanthropy bought by blood money…rather than deeds, action and sacrifice, like Mother Teresa, Ghandi, Chipeta and Sitting Bull.

    Until the ability to buy one’s way into, thru and out of everything…this cannot end…


  4. Just hire in a chick to jack that fucker off like we have in our hog and cattle barns n shit. Ejaculate the bull, insert it into the hefer. Only if it were that easy though right?!

  5. to be honest, poachers are dumb. considering the fact that they are nearly extinct, the smart choice would be th not kill. but what can i say? poachers are trash.


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