Assange said TPP encroached “Democratic Desire.” TPP Official Documents Released; You be the Judge



  1. If all those people in the world who give lip service to the idea that Democracy is a wonderful thing, were to stand up and demand justice, Assange would have already have been assured of his freedom and generously compensated for the persecution he has been forced to endure. Since there is every indication that these days ‘Righteous Indignation’ is in very short supply. and that given sufficient time any urge to defend a principle will quickly sag into flabby apathy, maybe a compromise is in order. How would it be if we were to agree that the title of Totalitarian Democracy would be a more suitable title for the political system we are so proud of , implying as does that although from moment to moment our leaders are free do exactly as they wish, before acting upon any decision, they are obligated to make every effort to bring most of us to a soothing “don’t give a monkeys” frame of mind ?


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