At Least 89 Dead, 550 Injured: Bombs Drop Around Market in Syria


So, bombs are going off in Syria. This is not really news, right? Well Friday there was an event more tragic then most. You see, even in the midst of a violent Civil War there are still people who need to go to work, shop, walk around, socialize, go about living their daily lives just like anyone else in the world. Living in rural America we are completely disconnected to the struggles of people in other countries. Imagine you are out with your family at a local farmers market just shopping around, going about your business. It is just an ordinary day before all of a sudden 12 missiles come flying through the air striking the areas all around you. This attack no less was ordered by the President of your country. Not many people can relate to this struggle, but this is a reality some people have to live with in this world.

This past Friday 10/30/2015 in the capitol city of Damascus, Syria a local civilian marketplace was bombed. The original reporting indicated that 40 people were dead, over 100 wounded. As the weekend has unfolded this has been updated to 89 dead and dozens more critically injured. Another report indicates there may be as many as 550 total wounded as the death toll continues to rise. There is no accurate estimate to the cost of the damages caused to infrastructure.

Men carry a wounded person away from an airstrike

A man carries a wounded woman away from the scene of an airstrike in Syria


The War in Syria has been fought since March 11, 2011. This is not the first time Bashar al -Assad has attacked his people. To date it is estimated that between 250,000 – 300,000 people have died within the boarders of Syria as a result of these Wars. In 2013 Assad launched a chemical weapons attack on a civilian population which results in Russian intervention and a new weapons ban. Later this same year Assad is charged with 20 counts War crimes against humanity by the United Nations. As it stands Assad has not been removed from power and has not been held accountable for his actions. Now that Russia has entered into the equation in and around Syria, it appears that Assad and his regime have the military support of Vladimir Putin. It does not appear likely we will see an exist from office/power anytime soon for Bashar al-Assad.

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    • True – all this reporting about Assad and the government killing and bombing innocent people is pure BS! I live in Damascus and see people from all parts of Syria and the people getting killed or bombed by the government are the terrorists. Good riddance to this scum.

  1. the chemical attacks were proven to be al nusra, aka the moderates usa has been proping up and giving over 5 million dollars in weapons and training , why would assad bomb his own people it doesn’t make sense , it has been proven in leaked documents the whole plan is to take over syria all along for the greater israel project , they are already stealing oil from syria in golan heights, just like iraq and lybia , look what happened in iraq and now isis roams free, you would have to have a iq of a fucking ant if you can’t see the take over bye israel and its fucking lap dog usa, btw usa gives israel 3 billion a year in so called “aid”, like think about this usa has been boming i$i$ for over a year 22000 bombs and they have only been gaining ground , russ!a in 2 weeks made more progress , and why would usa hit power plants and water facilities in assays territory why do they only bomb i$is targets 25% of the time, why would they share intel on i$i$ locations with russ!a , o and why does assad have 70% of the vote bye his own people, shouldn’t the syr!an people decide who is in power not the fucking world police , and what has Ass,ad done again thats so bad lol, come on people open your mind, and if he does get toppled (he won’t) who would run the country then fucking i$is and al nursa , most of the civilians are in government held areas .. don’t trust anon anymore the top bye got done bye the feds , they are fucking idiots these days sad to say, don’t take a genius to work out the truth..

    • very true…if we see all these thing going in middle east from a broader view, its all planning of israel(religious/political) an fully supported by US.


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