10 Reasons Why Denmark’s ‘Democratic Socialism’ Is Much Better Than America’s Crony Capitalism


Update 2020, Coronavirus-crisis: While the U.S. is probably at the beginning of a real economic depression if not collapse with 3 million people filing for jobless and the Covid-19 deaths nearly doubling every couple of days, countries like Germany, Denmark, Sweden seem to withstand and handle the crisis, both economically, socially and healtcare-wise pretty well.

You want an example? Here it is:

Aerial Footage Shows Horror of America’s New ‘Breadlines’

Recently, Denmark, a small Scandinavian country of 5.6 million people living in an area half the size of South Carolina, thrust into the spotlight of the US presidential race when Democratic hopefuls Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton sparred over whether there’s something capitalist American can learn from Denmark’s democratic socialism.

While the spotlight flattered Danish Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen, in a speech at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, he said Bernie was wrong to call his country socialist.

“I know that some people in the US associate the Nordic model with some sort of socialism, therefore I would like to make one thing clear. Denmark is far from a socialist planned economy. Denmark is a market economy… The Nordic model is an expanded welfare state which provides a high level of security to its citizens, but it is also a successful market economy with much freedom to pursue your dreams and live your life as you wish.”

Nonetheless, there are 10 reasons Americans should maybe dream of the Danish way:

1. Per capita income

According to per capita income data from the World Bank, Denmark’s per capita income is $6,000 higher than in the US.

Data from World Bank

2. Poverty rates At 6% of the population, Denmark has the 2nd lowest relative poverty rate in the OECD, well below the 11.3% OECD average. According to the US Census Bureau, the official poverty rate in the Unites States in 2014 was 14.8%. There were 46.7 million Americans in poverty.

3. Rate of employment With an employment rate of 72.8%, Denmark ranks 7th highest among the OECD countries, and above the OECD average of 66.2%. The employment rate in the US is 67%. In Denmark, any worker who worked at least 52 weeks over a three-year period, can qualify to have 90% of their original salary paid for, for up to two years. The percentage of out-of-work Americans receiving compensation from unemployment insurance is at its lowest level since the 1970s.

4. Work week Americans stay chained to their desk – an average worker puts in an average of 47 hours a week, and only takes 16 days of vacation a year. Danes work an average of 33 hours a week, and have the right to 5 weeks of paid vacation per year. work-week 5. Healthcare costs At $4400 per capita, health expenditures in Denmark are well above the OECD average of $3300. In America, National Healthcare Expenditure is projected to hit $3.207 trillion this year. The US population is currently hovering at around 320 million, so it is estimated that healthcare spending will reach $10,000 per person in 2015.

Data from World Bank

6. Tuition costs

In Denmark, college is free and students are paid $900 per month to go to school, provided they live on their own. And this funding lasts up to six years. By contrast, an average US student pays over $31,000 a year in tuition to attend a private university, out-of-state residents at public universities pay $22,000 a year in tuition, and tuition costs for in-state residents at those same universities is still over $9,000.

7. Business atmosphere

In 2014, Forbes ranked Denmark as the best country for business. Forbes used 11 different criteria to rank countries — innovation, property rights, red tape, taxes, investor protection, stock market performance, technology, corruption, personal freedom, freedom of trade, and monetary freedom. Under the same criteria, the US ranked 18. Denmark came in No. 3 for ease of doing business in World Bank rankings of 189 countries; the United States was No. 7.


8. Parental leave

The Danish government gives new parents an average of 52 weeks — a full year — of paid time off after having a child. Those 52 weeks can be availed at their own discretion. In addition to the 52 weeks, new mothers get 4 weeks of maternity leave before giving birth and 14 weeks after. New fathers get 2 additional weeks after the birth of their child. New American parents get nothing. In the US, 1 in 4 new mothers go back to work within two weeks of having a child.

9. Saving & expenses

Danes save more money for retirement than Americans do. Gross national saving (which includes savings by both individuals and government) in 2013 was estimated at 24.1% of GDP versus 13.5% in the US. Danes spend about 49% of their GDP on “household consumption”. In America’s more consumption-oriented economy, household spending consumes 69% of GDP.

10. Danes Are Happier Than Americans

Denmark ranked No. 3 of 158 countries in the United Nations’ 2015 World Happiness Report; the United States was No. 15.


Denmark has a generous social safety net that comes at a cost that not all Americans might be willing to accept: high taxes. Denmark’s taxes came to 48.6% of the country’s economic output in 2013; nearly double the United States’ 25.4% that year and highest in the OECD group of wealthy countries. The average income tax rate for a single person without children is 38.4% in Denmark compared with 24.8% in the US. Denmark uses taxes and social spending aggressively to narrow the income gap between the rich and the rest. The costly model, therefore, has worked to – lower poverty, unemployment, inflation, budget deficits and national debt. Is America ready for this?

This Article (10 Reasons Why Denmark’s ‘Democratic Socialism’ Is Much Better Than America’s Crony Capitalism) is free and open source. You have permission to republish this article under a Creative Commons license with attribution to the author and AnonHQ.com.


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    • What exactly do they ruin? They want to limit who is allowed entrance to Denmark, that’s all. Do you think, that this kind of society would be possible, if we allowed anyone and everyone to ‘join in’?

        • I am no nazi.
          But there are problems with naive Danes who like to be taken advantage of.
          Others have experienced the world and know when to stop.

          • LoL. Implying that Dansk Folkeparti’s members are experienced members of global society, through which experience they have gained the “wisdom” necessary to know in which direction to steer Danish society, is a JOKE.

            Most of its members are village fools, that are AFRAID of anything foreign (other cultures than their own). In wake of globalisation, many seem absolutely convinced that the Muslims of the world are all part of an elaborate scheme to take over Denmark. This fear is so infested in this inbred party of village idiots that they’ve managed to dictate regulations ensuring that pork is offered on the menu of Danish institutions in some municipalities.

            How many of DF’s members have ever lived abroad?
            How many of DF’s members are not racist?
            With regards to racism, the fact that some of DF’s members have actually been charged, tried and convicted of racism, really underlines the Party’s fundamental flaws; it’s built upon fear of the unknown.

            Point in Case – the DF’s Youth organisation has OFFICIALLY ENDORSED DONALD TRUMP. If that isn’t a sign that something’s wrong with that party, I don’t know what is….

        • Restricting refuges and people seeking unto the country by closing borders or harshen the law got nothing to do with nazi.

          If that’s your first thought your a narrow minded.

          Denmark is or rather was a great country with great health care social security net.

          We have Un employment not enough jobs for everyone.

          And then you add 80000 imigrants that also won’t have jobs and won’t have jobs for years living of welfare.

          And where should that money come from.

          There’s limits to how much a country can handle in the ways of caring for others giving out welfare pay rent and much more.

          Sure we should help. But if you only say nazi you can’t se a bigger picture. To much imigration will ruin any country economic.

          And the way the politicians solved this was take money from the poor give to the rich and by taking money from the poor and sick including education.

          So to ensure all the imigrants they hurt their own citizen by taking away alot of their income and social security.

          And then you wonder why so many are feed up with all the refugees and imigrants.

          Not to mention the new diseases they bring with them wich gaven been seen in the country for over 50 years.

          The sick view of woman and the their wiev of rights that they can offend or molest them as they please.

          Not saying all do. But the more imigrants that come the more we see this happening. That’s why Sweden is in second place now of rapes by imigrants. First place is south Africa.

          If we revive 80000 imigrants wich then apply for their family to move here Aswell that number increase to 300.000 or more.

          Aswell as in the long run most imigrants are of muslim beliefs and in the end by the country’s native birth rate and their will replace the countries inertia get ways and eventually laws culture and beliefs

          So tell me this are we nazis because we care about our country. Our health care. Our social security net.

          And our culture?

          • So in the end if we let everyone in who wants our country will become just as bad as the country they feed from.

            There is no positive solution. There osent a marketing or economical way to solve this it only degrades and will continue to do so.

            Easier example cut out for you.

            You have have a country the population in your country are 1000 people 600 of them are employed. 100 is sick or to old 100 are kids going in school rest is unemployed. The 600 represents the countries workforce. Meaning that’s all the jobs there is.

            Then comes imigration add 200-300 imigrants without any ways to get work.

            So who’s gonna pay. Where will the money come from. And especially where should new jobs come from to strengthen the economy.

            Answer is no. Nothing can correct it. Unless same amount or more either dies or flee from your country to balance out the need and what actually are provided.

            Its as simple as 1+1

      • They want every immigrate out of Denmark, and some of them wanted to put fence so the refugees couldn’t come through Denmark, that would mean some of my best friends would leave Denmark to get back to their family’s country. Get your facts right.

        • “… and some of them wanted to put fence so the refugees couldn’t come through Denmark”

          Like in Croatia?
          Like in Bulgaria?

          Mate, Denmark isn’t unique when it goes down to boarder control

        • As you said yourself, “Get your facts straight!”
          What Dansk folkeparti, is doing is to control the flow of immigrants to make sure the danes don’t get overwhelmed. None of them wants to just throw out every Immigrant, which is something people constantly say, which is not true.
          They want to make sure that the country is rules by danish people, why is that so wrong? they want to make sure that those who “settle2 here intent to join society, which over half does not wish for. Alot of Immigrants wants to destroy the entire country and change it into what they are used to.
          Why is it wrong that they wishes to “protect” the counry?
          Get your facts straight!

        • Your best friends are immigrants? I’d chalk up to you also being one, in which case you can fuck off too.

          We didn’t built this utopia so sniveling shit-stains like you and your family can come and leech off it while providing nothing in return (contrary to your country-men’s beliefs; rape and harassment is not a sought-after quality in subhuman parasites we are providing with everything needed to survive).

          Fuck off back to your abhuman existence, leave my country to the race it was intended for. Leeching shit.

          • what. the. fuck.

            I call troll – or racist inbred idiot, either way – you’re the reason for Denmark’s falling international reputation. IMO DF and all their offspring should be expelled from Denmark.

            Why are they even allowed to call themselves “DANSK” People’s Party? They don’t represent me, or my inherently Danish values – that’s a fact.

          • Well, you’re not the kind of countryman I want in my country. The sheer volume of biggotry you spout should make you a white supremasist in the USA and not a Dane.

            You all need to get your facts straight. It is true that the migrants who came to Denmark are looking for the best country to be in, and the way we treat others compared to most other nations, who can blame them? If you came from a country like Syria wouldn’t you want to have the best possible basis for life? I know I would. It is also true, that their beliefs are twisted by illiteracy and corrupt Imams and “holy men” who tell them what the Kuran says.

            Our obligation as Danes is to teach them literacy so they can see for themselves how wrong the belief they had is. We can’t do that, while spouting profanities at each other for disagreeing.

            But we also have a duty to make sure our country stays Danish and true to our beliefs no matter who we let in.

            Get your heads out of your collective asses and realize that we must find a MIDDLE GROUND, where both right wingers as well as leftists must give ground and agree to the other sides point of view!!!

          • You talk about subhuman parasites and abhuman existence.
            What you are writing is the most inhumane garbage I’ve ever read…
            I feel disgusted for being af Dane… I don’t want people to compare me with the likes of you.
            You say they bring nothing in return and just want to leech, why do you get your information?? Most people come her to start af life, a good decent life, paying taxes and contributing to the danish society.

            If we just stopped all this hate and fear of what’s different, we would have a much better chance of integrating refugees and immigrants. It’s hard to contribute, when people want hire you just because of your skin colour.

          • May God forgive you your hatred and prejudice and cruelty. I know you believe in your words but it’s clear that from the perspective of morals and principles of a democracy that you should have been swallowed.

        • Also Denmarks double cross with USA, as soon Edward Snowden where on danish soil the danish gouverment together with USA had a golfstream ready in Kastrup Airport.

          and no he dont see ghosts, it was unbelievable how many comments on danish newspapers there was aimed agains refugesss, there is that groupe there are affride of all the refugess because there is not job/living/money for them all, but i assume 30% of all comments when things where worst where aimed agains muslims, there only was to be muslims, the comments where very hatefull. and show a big open gab there could lead to a civil war in denmark where danes fights danes.
          Is only a matter of time.

    • Is a big Liar, my sisters daughter came as a 22 year student with 7 A+ (12) and asked if she could get help from the social service in Denmark, while she was looking for job, not a cent she could receive. Cause the uni and heavy computer education she wanted was first avalible 2015, and trust me when she is finishe she will gets to earn more money then the jerk on a gas station Her parens pays estimate 90000€ in taxes (but my sisters bust her ass of with work) and since i live in Sweden ,and weekly compare denmark and Sweden i can tell Sweden are much better then Denmark. despite all the refuges in Denmark, and 95% of them are very kind people, sort of the same people, 30% of the dane think Denmark should send back, the danes forget the refugeess also are humans. i can only say you should try to read some of the comments the readers has wrote about muslims, is such full of hate, even same people has write bad things of a irl holo caust victim,
      I think a Civil war in Denmark will come is only of matter of time, danes fights danes. There will be no peach, There is such big problems in Denmark , the world dont know about, problems they not can blame on refugees.

      • Also, many danes has called Sweden , sverigestan and flamed Sweden
        without really know what they are talking about, cause sweden has better wellfare then Denmark despite all threre refugess.

        • No reason for the real Anonymous to support Denmark,
          Todays news are that Denmark had a plane ready in Kastrup airport to transport Edward Snowden to USA, thats how denmark are double cross.
          I can only say had that happen and i had been Russia, i had huges numbers of all kind of aircrafts agains denmark had gave them a retaliation of dimensions

      • Xmas is a copi and past produkt of the very old nordic tradition called Yule, and have nothing to do with the birth of Jesus to do – Pagans running aroud the golden calf or a death stone!

        You don’t have to waste money on gas for a car you don’t have. You can also not look into a television or on a smartphone if you’re blind, but you can still listen to the music of the world if you not are deaf to at the same time as you’re blind!

      • You sound like a spoiled family to me, your sisters daughter could easyli find a job like all my 4 daughters did when were waiting to enter the University study of their dreams. None of them was without a job for more than a couple og weeks, and that is both in Odense and Copenhagen. So how about taking some action and teach the kid some responsibility in life.

        • Easy? yes meeting yerks in a gas station, despite she is 10 times smarter then then guy (he was very rude) on the gas station where she aksed after job, And peter, not that fairytell easy as you descibe.

          It took her 3 months to find job, but where was the wellfare? and what about those there had lost there jobs after 40 years, this guy in the newspaper had take loan in his apartment cause, the social wellfare system not will help him. In Sweden i can tell he would had got money despite all you danes offen flame sweden, and call sweden nicknames like Sverigestan.

          Things are very bad in Denmark. and becomes even more bad in the future.

          • August Maria, you talk about Danes flaming Sweden, yet everything you’ve done in those comments of yours, has been to falme Denmark. I’m a dane, and I can tell you that I’ve never heard anyone flame sweden, (I study business in college atm, where I ex. study welfare systems of Sweden and Denmark, and compare the two. I can tell you that the Danish and Swedish welfare systems are very much alike.
            Also I’d like to see where you base all of your statistics and arguments on, because all of this is incorrect numbers from what I’ve read in my studies.

            Also the instance you talk about, with the guy losing his job after 40 years, it has nothing to do with the economy in Denmark, but instead it has to do with the economy in the company in which he worked at.

    • Not only the Dansk folkeparty, the goverment parties are changing the Danish system and every year it is more and more like the American, with less social security and support.

      • 37 hours is the time you have to be there, but if you work for the state you get paid breaks, so the math works out in regard to working for the state, and lets face it thats alot of people in Denmark.

  1. What form of stupidity are we using to bring socialism to the united states today? Why would Annon support collectivism? This is a disturbing post from a once trusted outlet for news.

    • Anything to back up your gibberish? Public transportation is socialist.. public schools are socialist. Earning the same wage since 1970s while your boss makes more and more? That’s capitalist.

      • I don’t think you understand the difference between capitalism and what we have in America. We have an almost aristocratic system based off of corporate power, which is neither capitalism, nor free market. Read an economics book.

  2. Actuallly thinking of it, it is not just about democratic socialism vs capitalism system that make make us screwed. In the southern countries, poverty and social issues also caused by colonialism and INTERVENTION by extreme capitalism practices. I’m curious why US (as top global power) leave Denmark and other big ten happiest countries in the first place?

  3. Denmark has nothing to do with socialism. Socialism is defined as the workers owning the means of production. There is nothing of the sort in effect there.

    Also, the link that put Denmark at 33 hours per week, put the USA at 38. AnonHQ, you have to be honest, you can not just cherrypick facts to support your narrative.

      • You already do receive a free education through high school. Anything beyond that is your parent’s responsibilty. People should not be forced to pay for you or your offspring. If you choose to bring a life into this world, then it is your moral and financial responsibility to provide for that child not selfishly expect other people to pay!

        • So anyone without means to send their children to college should just forget about having children. Sure let’s kill all the poor people why not?

        • I used to wonder why so many Americans seem to feel such a deep sense of pride over their own ignorance and lack of education. I guess this is it. “To hell with the country, morals and compassion, as long as I never have to pay for anyone else.” As if a well-educated, healthy, happy population wasn’t a good thing for everyone in the long run.

        • You may also look at education as an investment in the future.

          The better educated the population is, the more money they’ll earn – and the more taxes they’ll pay.

          Education is really one of the smartest investments a country can make. For each 100 earned in Denmark, $2,5 is going to education (2,5% of the income, or 12,8% of the taxes) – this includes all education, from primary school to university.

          I would also like to add, that I don’t believe that children should study what their parents choose. I believe that every person should be free to select the education that they want (and qualify for). If the CEO’s son wants to be something else, then the son should not be dependent on their parents.

        • “.. to provide for that child”.. Which you do, through your taxes.

          Your inbred thinking is why the US is in the shitter with regards to paying for education.
          Selfish? Looking out for your own narrow-minded ass and telling everyone else to get fucked is the classic fucking definition of selfishness.

          Smoke less cock, you assjockey.

        • So? is not speciel in North Europa, Sweden Norway , is the same , germany i dont know about, i know netherland has free hospital and school. is a all bull&¤%& i tell something is very wrong in Denmark, Very, and if continius it ends terrible wrong,

          The indenpende had a nazi cartoon of there prime minister, it was not freedom of speach, while when denmark made the mohammed cartoons, it was in the name of freedom of speach,

          The danes where after Kofi Annan , The English newspaper, a real life holo caust victim, no Denmark are falling in the future. Denmark has been out on a side track the last 10 years+ where there are no more rails the train will crash.

          • If we are not careful all of Europe will fall within the next generation. We have all become to full of ourselves. Most Europeans believe that it is their God given right to be on top of the world. But all of human history has shown us that only those who are strong enough to protect themselves will endure. Denmark cannot house all the migrants of the World, nor can Sweden, or any other country for that matter. But if you ignore realism and truly believe that all humans have a right to settle in your house, then your house will end up being their house and you will end up poor and without a home!
            Face it; Titanic has sunk and we are in a lifeboat, if we sail into the midst of the drowning masses to help them, they will flood the lifeboat and drown us as well. A sunk lifeboat is no good to anyone!

        • No, but it’s paid for. And everybody has access to it – not just the wealthy.
          Besides, if you are paying 50% in income taxes your income is way above average, and you should not have financial worries anyway.
          As the article’s text says: “The average income tax rate for a single person without children is 38.4% in Denmark”. This is little more than half as expensive, percentage-point-wise, as your 50%, compared to the US’ 24.8 %.

        • What? The great thing about tax paid education is that grades MATTER. The amount of money you have does NOT matter. So – the people with the best grades get in to the program they’ve applied for in both High School and University. Your parents money can’t give you priority.

  4. As a dane, i really must admire your love for your country.
    But you cannot deny the fact that we are having hell of a time over here.
    The high taxes don’t bother us. Medical system, school system, and much more is free, – paid through taxes. That way, everyone will benefit from the system, instead of just the rich people.
    A man with a million dollars will have the dollars stocked up in a bank, but in DK, a million dollars would be 600k and provide top class living standards for everyone.
    The greed is real on you guys.
    It’s like you prioritize money over human beings.

    • Now that’s just bullshit. I would love to move to Scandinavia and I am a successful chemical engineer that is at the top of my city in experience and pay. The reason I want to live there is your high ranking in atheistic views, history and weather. My only issue is I don’t speak your language but if I did I could increase your intelligence and looks by far Klaus. I challenge you on that brother! The Muslim problem concerns me though. They are ignorant killers that don’t fight fair. They are sneaky and kill innocent people…

    • Also the reason your line is crap is because of your inbred society. Your gene pool is small so you tend to all look the same. But I still want to live there because I’m tired of our religious Christian idiots interfering with state decisions.

    • No. Maybe your normal workweek is. And your collegues. But read the statitics. Loads of people work half time or 30 hours – bringing the average way down.

  5. Your cute little could try wouldn’t be so cute if you had 15,000,000 illegals taking your jobs for pennies on the dollar and a president that is deciding your country try in every way imaginable. KEEP YOUR SOCIALISM I WANT TO BE A SUCCESS ON MY OWN.

    • Lots of illegals and other human beings enter our country, but we allow them, and they work to the same salary as everyone else. Our system works and will continue to do so as long as our government sits on the power.

      • Eventually ALL of these welfare states collapse when the population stops working because they can get more from welfare. When more than 50% figure that out. the state dies. THIS IS happening now; in Denmark and the whole of the EU. Not fast enough for the communist regressive’s so they are KILLING Western Europe with another Moorish invasion meant to replace the cultures and the people of the invaded nations.

        • Man your facts are so way off. Even the lowest paid job in Denmark are more the then 5000kr more them welfare. Believe me I know.

          Major problem is the intern system making alot on welfare work for free as slaves for years. Hindering new jobs. Cause who wants to employ anyone if they can get free workers.

          And as a person on welfare. You can’t even say no to being used as a work slave cause then you won’t get your welfare.

          So your stuck in the most idiotic system because there is no jobs. And the system you’re stuck in also prevents anyone else from getting a job

    • They’re illegal here in America because it’s unreasonably difficult to get in legally. They’re desperate and willing to do jobs that we aren’t. And if it’s some poor, dirty schlum with no shoes, no education, and can’t even speak English– if that’s the guy stealing your job… good. You need a new line of work if that guy can do the same job better. Learn grammar; aim higher.

  6. Saying Socialism is better than Crony Monopoly is like saying a bowl of cat shit is a better breakfast than a bowl of dog shit. You’re not making a valid point. Socialism is the banking cartel’s method of destroying Europe. Crony Monopoly is their method of destroying the US. So say something relevant or shut the fuck up.

    • We have the same system in Denmark and the USA. Denmark is not a socialistic country and the USA is not a capitalistic country. We are both social-liberal countries.

      The only difference is that we pay higher taxes in Denmark – and that we prioritize differently. Where most of the tax money in the USA goes to the benefits of the politicians interrests, then the population is prioritized in Denmark.

  7. Watching the movie “ATTACK ON WALLSTREET” made me even more happy to live in Denmark and paying 50% in total TAX.. i earn betwen 52000 and 59000 usd in a year and pay half in tax, and then when we want to buy a medium to large car we pay the car’s price + 180% i tax (total car price 280%) and then we pay a litel extra in green-tax for driving large old cars that polute more.. and know fore the kicker: i’m still 100% sure i get the better deal then most Americans.. (I’m not saying that ther are not 1000’s of things that shall be changed, but right now we got the better deal)

    • Look I love your country but your facts are way the fuck off. First of all you don’t make very good money at $59,000 usd! I waste that much in 6 months. Secondly 50% in taxes leaves you very poor. I take it your not college educated or your a school teacher or something, sorry. I wouldn’t like that much of my earned money being taken from me but then again I make much more than you and at this point in my life I can afford to pay taxes at that rate until I die. I’m considering retiring there…

  8. How can you possibly compare these countries the population difference makes it impossible its like comparing a small village in England to London. IMPOSSIBLE

    • Maybe check out how many relevant figures are “per capita”-averages?
      If you simply compare national GDP with national GDP, you’re right, that wouldn’t work out. However, if you compare GDP per capita, you’re suddenly in the same ballpark, and if you compare purchasing power parity (PPP), you know that you’re having a single, powerful metric to compare national wealth.
      You could also use other metrics, of course, to give your analysis more nuance, but as long as you’re comparing national averages, you’re on a somewhat solid basis of comparison.

    • Size is really not important.

      We are 26 million people within The Nordic Council. If I move from Denmark to Finland, Sweden, Norway or Iceland, then I’ll get free education, free healthcare, et cetera. I only have to register with the local authorities, if I’m staying for more then six month.

      So don’t blame size.

  9. I like how they keep on telling the world that denmark is one of the happiest countrys in the world. Think about it we are altså the one of the highest taxed countrys.
    i think this is just pure propaganda so other countrys can say. hey denmark is so happy and they have huge ass taxed, why dont we raise ours.
    Even when we buy a car you for have to pay VAT taxes (25%) and then registration taxes (180%) This means if you buy a brand new mw rom the factory and pay lets say 400,000 kr
    you d the VAT then you end up paying 500,000, then you have to pay registration taxes and wupti you just paid 1400.000 kr for a car worth 400.000

    • Would you rather pay less taxes, but then have to pay a shit load of money to get an education and pay a shit ton of money to go to the hospital/doctor ect.?
      The high tax sytem that we have in denmark is not to make individual people happy, but to make as many people happy as possible, and give the most and best opportunities for all the people.
      In the US for example, if you don’t have enough money for an education, well… you are basically screwed. In Denmark you can get a really good education wihout having to pay anything. …Just one example of many!
      THATS why the danish people are one of the happiest people on earth!

    • That is not how the registration fee works.

      It is just like our tax system a progressive system so you cant just multiply the max rate like that.

  10. Happy? Danes have one of the highest antidepressant use in the world. Alcoholism and antidepressant use us highest in scandinavian countries. If Americans were taxed like the Danes, no one could affird to live, poverty would be at 80%.

    • Did you forget that we get paid far better than us?
      Lets take an example:
      McD worker earns 8.41$ /h in US.
      McD worker earns 17:22$ /h in DK.

      The goverment forces every buisness to pay their worker a decent amount of work. Why? Because the goverment gets a huge amount of money from the working force so they can regulate how much taxes a corporation has to pay.
      Everything that is bought in Denmark is inflated by 25% of its original cost. Thouse 25% goes to each store, resturang and whatever that the consumers buy from. Its such an amazing system and we are happy to have it. Taxes are high, but out salary is incredible aswell!

      • Brightsh…Wow the free educational system in Denmark needs to get some better math teachers! If you make between 52K and 59K and are taxed at 50%, that leaves you with approximately 26K to 29K take home. How much is your rent/mortgage, insurance, food, utilities, etc or does the government pay for that as well? Doesn’t sound like you could afford gas let alone actually buy a car!

        • Danish Statistics (one of the leading firms making statistics and DK) made a statistic of the budget of a normal Danish family.

          Family’s income: 111k USD
          Childfamily services: 3k USD
          Total Income: 114k USD
          Taxes: 42k (remember, taxes are not 50% – the average is less).
          Money after Taxes: 72k

          Total cost of:
          Insurances, water, heat, electricity, renovations, car & gas (and repairs of car), Child-institutions (pre-school-playground for kids while your at work), telephone, newspaper = 21k

          Money used for food, presents, vacation, clothes and entertainment: 21k

          Rent – and everything related to rent: 15k

          Money left after a year: about 15k USD.

          These statistics & facts are from 2012 – maybe a bit old, but not much has changed since.

          Beside the 15k money “surplus” we have each year – we get the free health care, education, job-security net – where the state gives unemployed money while they search for a new job (or if they are unable to work due to their health). And yes, a few take advantage of the system – but not many. And we are still pretty happy – even though our current government might be making the wrong decisions 🙂

          Have a great day sir 🙂

      • Quote: The goverment forces every buisness to pay their worker a decent amount of work. Why?

        No! In Denmark we have strong workers union and strong business unions – they battle it out. The government do participate, but only when it comes to the money the’ll have to pay (i.e. welfare).

    • Perhaps, that is why they are happy. Americans might be happier if they, popped a few more pills and got sloshed a bit more often.

      • But US can’t afford to buy their own medicine? Its practically free in Denmark. If you have to spend more than 300 dollars for your reccept medicine you get 90% Discount on every medicine from the 300 dollar mark for the rest of the year.

      • Crime rate in the US is much higher then in Denmark. In Sweden, its sad to say but it has one of the highest rape rate in the world, Its number 2.

        How can people say one place is worse then another. For some maybe so, for others maybe not. No leader of any country will make every one happy its a fact. The people from other counties much listen to the laws of the country they are in. These people have made the choice to leave there own country to start a new life by all means do so but respect the laws of that country and if not they should be held accountable for not doing so. If you do not agree with the laws then leave and move on to another place but do not try to change your new counties laws because you must remember there was a reason why you left your home land in the first place. As for Denmark receiving such a back lash because they decided to close, its borders to some people makes sense and others should follow. You say its racist, Its not. To hell with what others think anyway. I see a country that is making sure it can keep the free education, free health care and ect for all they have in the country now. Unlike the USA which sucks really and are not a happy nation Because of taxes, health care, cost of living ect… and wow the Racism & Discrimination are crazy but oh wait its okay for the USA. I think not! Nevertheless, a little Scandinavian country gets such a back lash. Come on

    • Whitey – you cant just make up information to suit your point of view. North America is the largest user of prescription drugs in the world, 80% of all pain killers taken in the WORLD are in the US. Also, in the Scandinavian countries because they have much better health care systems, the rate of mental illness treatment is much greater – yet they still prescribe less drugs on a % basis. North America had 45,000 drugs deaths, mostly prescription, Western and Central Europe had 7,500. DO some reading before you assert your “knowledge”.

  11. Causation doesn’t equal correlation folks.

    The gloomy Scandinavian outlook could be a result of a lack of sunlight (lack of vitimin d).

  12. I am a scot who lived in the US and for the last 36 years in Denmark. I much prefer the danish way of life, which of course is why I stayed. Large taxes don’t bother me as I know it goes to things worth having – health, education, etc. And the price of cars does not bother me either despite the fact that I drove Dodge for 14 years at 5 m.p.g.

  13. I am not very good at math (or english grammor for that matter) but I live in Denmark and I love it, we pay high taxes, but I feel I get them returned in the mannor the state is helping me when I get sick, uenployed or want to take a new education. I dont really feel stressed out by bills or taxes on a dayli basis and I belive that is thanks to our infastructer. I dont say America or any other countries is bad or worse, but I am happy that I live in Denmark and not somewhere else.

  14. Other Taxes
    -Moms/VAT: 20%

    -Car taxes: 105% cars below 81700kr / 150% above 81700kr,
    depending on car safety, Economic/Polution etc. some repayments are taking into account of the car price itself.
    Earlier the taxes was higher for cars above 81700kr but the party LA: Liberal Alliance got those chaged.

    – Gasoline/Diesel taxes about 3,5kr/Litre

    – AND MANY MANY MORE…. just keep on yourself 😉 it’s a bit complicated with all those.

    e.g. tax on plastic bags.. due to trying to reduce the polution by those in the nature.. a way to try making people re-use those plastic bags.

    Some taxes seems stupid, but in many ways its free to choose for yourself as you could just choose e.g. he small car instead of the in-effective big one.

    Not all healtcare are for free, you still have to pay for you own medicine but get a bit of money for this from the government.
    But going on the Hospital is for free.

    I got my education for “free” but to mention it will be back again due to higher income vs tax.
    I don’t really see why some countries rather keep people whom can’t affort an education staying in the mudd, if they on the long term with an education would be able to contribute more to the countrie.

    Anyways I’m happy to live in Denmark 🙂

  15. Som Daner er det let, at tale og forstå det engelske sprog – Kan man tale med om ting, man ikke selv er en del af?

    How many of you can read, write, speak and understand the “Danish” language / tongues?

    Rødgrød med fløde og blåbærsyltetøj med flødeskum på toppen -;)

  16. Is not the true Anonymous worty, clearly is written by a Dane, Denmark are more and more a country there use Nazi metods agains refuges by taken jewelys. even this debat where a woman there was a victim of the holocaust but survide, she agree is not unfair to compare the jewelys the nazi state of denmark will take from refugees. Then the danes attacked the 93 old woman verbalt, and the Danes was after Kofi annan, the dane where after the UK newspaper The Independence, and so on,
    This is Reboot 2.0
    i estimate 30% of the readeres comment in a danish newspaper, attackerade muslims, why? there only crimes where because they are muslim. So many things in Denmark , it got the blessing to let Russia give Denmark a lesson if is become necessary.

    Regards from a friened of the old demo groupe Kefrens aka. desert dream

    • As a Danish citizen if you need help from the government to support yourself, if you lose your job and haven’t insured yourself against a lost income, you are allowed to keep values up to 10,000 DKK (~1500 USD). Anything worth more that doesn’t hold an affectional value, has to be sold, before the state steps in and covers some of your expenses.

      Why should this be exempt from the refugees/immigrants coming here?
      That would really be discrimination. Anyway, most of the real refugees who fled wards/unsafe countries do not have that kind of valuables so they will not need to sell them. But along with the “legal” refugees, a lot of immigrants follows seeking a better life, with a house, car and everything. They misunderstand the requirements for getting asylum here and a few of them have already signed off their claim for asylum and is waiting to be deported. They will be returned by plane to their country of origin.

    • August Maria:
      Im NOT a hat er at any point.
      But people with such fairytale stores, and lies, exactly makes some people hat other people or their country.
      Try look i side yourself and see what you are doing. Exactly the same thing as you try to convince everyone in here to belive.
      Yes, maybe some danes said as told, but That’s a few out of millions.
      Dont try to convince anyone to belive that sweden people aint making bad reputation of the danes and Denmark too.
      We have seen that so often.
      What i try to say is:
      There will always be negative/selfish comments from a few idiots, and always will be. This does not count a whole country.
      To me, you sound like one of those swedens who really hates both danes and Denmark too. Such a same, and I do really hope that you are one out of a million as described above 🙁

  17. It is very simple. If you want the person in the next house or apartment to be OK, you will have to make sure he or she is not poor, not unable to get an education and a job, not sick, not criminal – and so you will have to spend some of your own money. Of course – as in US – you can keep most of your money for yourself (if you have any) – but then you might find that a person near you is sick, uneducated, criminal, unemployed, and a bad company for your children. You can go to church and give a small coin to someone – but stay egoistic. I just say, that evidence clearly show that the other way is much, much better – also for you. Denmark is one of the least corrupt countries in the world: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corruption_in_Denmark. And our churches are empty most of the time. Denmark is in no way a socialist country. It just happen to be a country where people trust each other. Now, if you starve the man next door, you cannot trust him. Much better to help him – not personally, but make the state/country help him. That is a much better way. He will not be dependent on you. He will be independent – and probably want to do some good thing for life (and therefore for the society and the country).

    • Dan”Mark” meaning: http://www.abarim-publications.com/Meaning/Dan.html

      Etymology of the name Dan

      Dan was named by Rachel who exclaimed, “God has judged me, and has indeed heard my voice and has given me a son” (Genesis 30:6). Later, Jacob — now named Israel — gathers his people around his death bed, he says, “Dan shall judge his people, as one of the tribes of Israel” (Genesis 49:16).

      Hence it’s pretty safe to say that the name Dan comes from the Hebrew verb דין (din) meaning to judge, contend, plead:

      A Lawgiver – King / Kingdom / Country / People / Danes for about 1000 years after the Viking age. and a little trip to Americas about 500 years before Columbus got over there, and late lots of new people after him killing all the natives almost – Thanksgiving: http://s8.postimg.org/dd7b8nc1g/Yule_Santa.jpg – Look at Yourself in a Mirror first in the morning – Ask yourself – Who Am I really, and how didt I get here, and why do I have to die – Male or Female – Rich or Pure? (You can not see me, and I can not see You)

  18. I will be working on to translate all the hateful comment people has write about refugees in Denmark, and i can insure is not funny reading, there are those there say stop for refugess of economic reason, but dont care about if they are muslims judges or what eve, those people are okey, but then we got XX % (when it was worst i guess around 30% of all comment where hatefull) which write very hatefull comments of same refugess just because they are muslim, and the danish government plans to take jewelry, are nazi germany all over again. Trust me dear friends Denmark are sick,

    • August Maria – Generalizing much are we? It is true that a lot of Danes post a lot of very negative and hateful comments on public media these times – but what about all those Danes that speak up against it, and has another oppinion? They aren’t Danes, or? 😉
      And yes, it is true that you could just as well compare Norway, Finland, Sweden etc. with US, and more or less get the same result, but that doesn’t mean that the comparison is totally off 🙂

      And as to your sister – in Denmark you have to live up to certain rules to get unemployment support from the government. Your sisters grades doesn’t affect wether she can get that or not, but other factors do, and clearly your sister didn’t live up to that. I have had Danish friends in the same situation for different reasons.

  19. Note: Ingen in danish means “No Body” “No One” or “No Man”

    Odysseus and the Cyclops (Greek, from The Odyssey, by Homer): http://mysite.pratt.edu/~morourke/dda514/stories/OdysseusCyclops.htm

    The Story:

    On finding a large cave, Odysseus and his men entered the cave, where they helped themselves to the food and drink they found there, and fell asleep. After a time, a Cyclops, whose name was Polyphemus, returned to the cave. Leading his flock of giant sheep into the cave, he rolled a huge stone against the mouth of the cave to close the entrance. On finding Odysseus and his men in the cave, the Cyclops became enraged, grabbed two of the men, smashed their heads against the rocks, ate them, and fell asleep. Odysseus dared do nothing to the Cyclops, since only the Cyclops was strong enough to move the stone away from the mouth of the cave.

    The next morning, the Cyclops grabbed two more men, smashed their heads against the rocks, and ate them for his breakfast. He then rolled away the stone, led out his herd of sheep, and rolled the stone back to close the cave. Odysseus devised a plan. He and his men took a large timber, carved the end to a sharp point, and hid it.

    When the Cyclops returned in the evening, he again led his sheep in, rolled the stone to close the mouth of the cave, and proceeded to bash in the heads of two more men and eat them. This time Odysseus spoke up, and offered the Cyclops some strong wine he had brought with him. Polyphemus, who had never drunk wine before, drank his fill and became very drunk. Thanking Odyssesus, Polyphemus asked him his name. Odysseus told him his name was “No man”. The Cyclops then fell fast asleep in a drunken sleep.

    Odysseus and his men then took the timber and heated the sharpened end in the fire until it glowed red. Then, with all their strength, they pushed the red-hot point into the eye of Polyphemus. The Cyclops howled and woke up flailing, but he was now blind. The other Cyclops who lived on the island came running, but when they asked Polyphemus who had done this to him, he replied “No man!” and the other Cyclops all returned home laughing.

    Early the next morning, Odysseus tied each of his men to the belly of one of the giant sheep. When Polyphemus awoke and led the sheep out of the cave, he felt the back of each sheep to make sure no one was on them. Feeling nothing, Polyphemus allowed each sheep to pass out of the cave, carrying with it one of Odysseus’ crew tied to its belly. Odysseus himself grabbed onto the fleece of the last sheep’s belly, and escaped through the mouth of the cave.

    Odysseus and his men ran back to their ship and hurriedly pushed out to sea. As they sailed away from the harbor, Odysseus called out to Polyphemus, laughing at him and telling him that it was not “No Man”, but he, Odysseus, who had blinded him and fooled him.

    This is a real Viking helmet: http://s10.postimg.org/nrg3091pk/Vikinghjelm_Gjermundbu.jpg

    Only a foolish warrior will add hornes on a helmet. Horns are only for drinking Mjød with the boys and girls -;)

  20. As a Dane I’m happy, especially after reading all the hate coming for people how dont know anything about Denmark. your happy about what you do or have, and we are happy about we do and have.

    Its Firday and I want a beer, simply because i can. Have a good weekend and try to be more happy insted of all the hate to our small home. At least you sould be happy not to live here 🙂


  21. Funny seeing foreigners talking about danish immigration… we have a lot of problems with immigrants and refugees and thats why we are talking of establishing harsher laws.
    If you dont currently live in Denmark then you likely havent the faintest clue what you’re talking about.

    • Yeah, I’m clearly a wrong Dane, as I don’t see Denmark having more problems than the surrounding conuntries with immigrants and people seeking asylum. I just see a lot of lack of respect for others as fellow human beings, and people trying to make this a “us versus them”.

  22. Who is this “Denmark” we’re talking about here?
    Is it a woman,a child, a sensible man who had enough of the bombs and guns? Escaping from a burning city?
    Many are in favor of protecting “Denmark” and “Danish” values.
    But who is “Denmark”? It’s no living being of its own. It’s just a construction made by some people who migrated to a place on the Earth.
    Any home is created by the people who inhabit it. When new people come to a place, they want to live. Living means interacting and exchanging.
    Everybody has needs and demands, and everybody has gifts and talents.

    When we all learn to see this, we will experience everyone’s getting rich, and we can all live in abundance. But we need tot let go of our greed and fear, for they are ghosts of the past.
    We need to see the brother and sister in every human and animal, regardless of colour and race.

  23. They leave out a few thing like they have a 25% sale tax on everything gas is $ 10.00 a gallon, tax on a car is 180%, they are tax an average of 80% on every earned dollar, their suicide rate is over twice that of the US, and they are so happy because they are medicated to be,


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