Is Australia Becoming The First Country To Begin Microchipping Its Public?



  1. Mark of the Beast. Don’t do it! Revelation chapter 13!
    This is the tattoo John was talking about! A tattoo is permanent!
    Then they will be putting these in your head cause the simple fact hands will be removed!
    Don’t do it! Big deal they kill you! Your saved through the blood of Jesus Christ!

  2. Fuck no. Leave that shit in the garbage. If half of what I had read about the alternative uses are true this is an extremely scary device.

  3. Rupert Murdock knows how to convince Aussies of everything. Cats & dogs are micro chipped, now it is the sheep’s turn. Remember the invasion of Irak and how Rupi turned the Australian public’s opinion in 3 days from 20% pro war to over 70%? Easy done with a few articles about war on terror and the fight against weapons of mass destruction, waving the Aussie flag and the Aussies went off to fight a war and were even paying for it.
    A new war has already begun and soon Aussie solders will again die not for their own country but for an manipulative regime which has corrupted and diseased the rest of the world.

    Micro chips will come in handy though but less to open doors and turn on lights.
    After so much carnage on Australian troops in the last century fighting wars for other Nations, super soldiers without fear and pain might do a better job before dying anyway.
    Sometimes I wonder if Australia and its people ever will awake from their slumber and rise against the lies and deceit they are living with from the days of colonization.


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