End of Humanity? New Report Reveals Humans will have Sex more with Robots then their Fellow Humans by 2050

Sex robots

The human race has evolved from a long process. Today, some secular philosophers consider this current human race to be the most advanced. However, many mystic philosophers dispute this assertion.

Of course, we all agree that for what we can see from the natural world, this current human race has made a rapid progress in technology, at least since the start of the third millennia.

Sex robots

We have seen a significant surge in the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Soon, humans will be able to sit in cars and other vehicles without even controlling them manually. This is a rapid technological progress. However, it comes with a cost.

In this article, a new report authored by the British futurologist, Dr Ian Pearson has revealed that by the year 2050, more human beings will opt to have sex with robots than their fellow humans. A futurologist is a researcher whose specialty is to systematically explore predictions and possibilities about the future, and how they can emerge from the present.

Dr Pearson authored the report in partnership with Bondara, one of the leading sex toy shops in the United Kingdom.

In the report, Dr Pearson stated that robotic sex toys, including vibrators, have been in use for around a century now, and that virtual reality porn is about to become mainstream.

Sex robots

The report highlighted the following points to back the prediction.

  1. By 2030, most people will have some form of virtual sex, as casually as they browse porn today
  2. By 2035, the majority of people will own sex toys that interact with virtual reality sex
  3. We will start to see some forms of robot sex appearing in high-income, very wealthy households as soon as 2025
  4. We will start to see robot sex overtaking human-human in 2050
  5. Leisure spending could grow by a factor of five, and the sex market in 20 years could be three times bigger than today, and seven times bigger by 2050.
  6. In the United Kingdom alone, sex toys will account for over £1bn by 2050.

Sex robots

According to the report, virtual reality technologies are in development. Citing Oculus Rift, which was released in March 2016 as a typical example, the report said there will be a dramatic surge in the use of such technologies soon. It revealed that over a quarter of internet searches so far in 2016, are related to pornography.

The report said many people, especially in the West, think that the ethics of watching virtual reality porn, simulating sex acts with a fake 3D person, are no different than the ethics of having sex with a robot. This particular thinking, according to the report, is influencing many people in Western countries to buy sex robots.

It was confirmed in the report that the sex toy market has been growing by 6% every year in many Western countries. This means people in the West are constantly looking for new ways to spice up their sex lives.

Sex robots

“That means that leisure spending could grow by a factor of five, and the sex market in 20 years could be three times bigger than today and seven times bigger by 2050,” Dr Pearson stated in the report.

Dr Pearson also added that although some people are still skeptical about sex robots, with time, people will get use to it, adopting it in their bedrooms like porn.

Meanwhile, activists against sex robots are worried that the development of these technologies will be a significant threat to the human race. A known campaigner against sex robots, Dr Kathleen Richardson said development of sex robots will inspire misogynistic attitudes towards woman, as well as unrealistic sexual expectations. Currently, Dr Richardson is leading a an anti-sex robots group called Campaign Against Sex Robots

“We propose that robots are a product of human consciousness and creativity and human power relationships are reflected in the production, design and proposed uses of these robots. As a result, we oppose any efforts to develop robots that will contribute to gender inequalities in society,” Dr Richardson told the Telegraph in an interview.

Sex robots

In the past, concerned scientists have warned humanity about the dangers of AI. These scientists believe humans are misusing AI. Even the famous British theoretical physicist, Professor Stephen Hawking has said AI could spell doom for humanity by wiping out the entire human race.

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