Bamboo Stadium Designs Could Make Stainless Steel Obsolete




A Chinese graduate student is designing a portable stadium made entirely of bamboo.
In an effort to make a more sustainable structure and make a difference in the architectural world, graduate student Shen Chen is designing one last project that involves building a portable stadium made entirely out of bamboo.

Despite its reputation as the “poor man’s timber” in tropical countries and its purely decorative function in Western countries, bamboo has greater resistance to being pulled apart than steel and withstands compression better than concrete. This could make bamboo the strongest raw material ever.

Credit: Shanghaiist

Credit: Shanghaiist

Designs are still in the works for this stadium, which will be constructed with the ability to take it apart and put it back together again, making it portable. If finished, the construction will be unveiled in De Brettn, a green zone in Amsterdam’s Geuzenveld. The stadium will have three major parts: a roof, a grandstand, and facilities.

Chen has stated that, “In addition to the sustainable value of building with bamboo, the integration of living bamboo into building design may blur the boundary between nature and architecture.”

Her design has already been submitted and shortlisted by Archiprix International as a contender for best graduate architecture project in the world.

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  1. Would it be fire-resistant? Because if not, that would be one advantage steel would still have over bamboo.

  2. well, besides the fact that they hafto destroy bamboo forests just to make it, wtf is green about that?

    • Bamboo can be cultivated and regrown. It is renewable. Steel, on the other hand, is gotten from the earth and cannot be replaced or renewed. That’s what makes bamboo a green material.

  3. My thoughts exactly, @Fundamentaly flawed humanity. Whats sustainable about it if she has to destroy the ecosystem to make it?? Less oxygen for man?


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