(BREAKING NEWS) Berlin Market Attacker Killed in Italy After a Shootout with the Police

The German authorities promise to have a joint investigation with the Italian authorities over the shooting of Anis Amri.


Anis Amri, the man who was responsible for killing many people in Berlin’s popular market outside the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, was shot in Milan on Friday the 23rd.  The young Tunisian man who was responsible for driving his truck in the German Xmas market was shot outside a station by the Italian Police in the early hours of the day.

Candles and flowers are placed at Breitscheidplatz in remembrance of the victims of the 19 December terrorist attack in Berlin, Germany, 23 December 2016.
Image Source: The Guardian – Candles and flowers are placed at Breitscheidplatz in remembrance of the victims of the 19 December terrorist attack in Berlin, Germany, 23 December 2016.

According to the police, the officers wanted to check his papers, as it was part of the routine check. Instead of pulling out the papers he pulled out a gun, and chanting words, Amri shot one of the officers in their shoulder before the other officers fired back and killed him. The officer who was shot in the shoulder is now recovering at the hospital.

Marco Minniti, the Interior Minister of Italy, stated in a press conference that the man who was shot by the police was without any doubt, Anis Amri.

Image Source: The Guardian – Cristian Movio, the Milan policemen shot by the suspect in the Berlin Christmas market truck attack, talks on a mobile phone as he lies injured in a hospital bed in Milan.

He further stated that the police were performing their duty and they stopped a man who they suspected. When they asked for identification, the young man pulled out his pistol and shot the officer in the shoulder, which, naturally caused the immediate reaction of the other police officers.

However, this has finally ended for a wide manhunt for the Tunisian migrant, who was listed by the police as a man who attacked people with his lorry; there was even a reward of more than hundred thousand Euros for giving out information on him.

Image Source: The Guardian – The Italian police cordon off an area after a shootout between police and a man in Milan

According to the Italian police, the man who was shot did not have any papers on him, but the forensics report along with his fingerprints confirm the man as Amri. As for the wounded officer, he was rushed to the emergency where doctors prepared him for a surgery, as the bullet had done serious damage.

The police also stated that Amri arrived in Italy six years ago, along with many Tunisian immigrants, and was kept in an Italian prison for three years for causing a fire in a residential area.

The scene in Milan this morning
Image Source: The Telegraph – The scene in Milan this morning.

However, the so-called ISIL claims they were responsible for the attack that took place in Berlin, and as a response, Germany boosted their security measures at many train stations as well as on their borders of Poland and France.

“This manhunt, which has ended with success, doesn’t end the investigation – we have to investigate further. Unfortunately, the terror threat has not changed. It is still at high risk,” says Thomas de Maizière, a German Politician and a former Minister of Defence.

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