How Best Can You Judge? These Photo Collections Will Let You Know The Difference Between Perception And Reality


We cannot deny the fact that we judge people we come into contact with during our daily activities. If even you do not come face-to-face with that person, you watch television, read the newspapers, listen to the radio and surf the internet. Sometimes, you hear, watch or read a story that immediately sets you thinking.


When you come into contact with a story, such as children suffering from severe hunger in some part of the world while you have food in abundance, how do you see these unfortunate children and how do you see yourself? A fortunate person loved by God, to have been born in the right place?


The photographer-Joel Parés has done marvellous work by producing two sharp contrasting pictures to make us all aware of the things we do, but fail to realize we do every day in our lives.


Joel was once a US Marine, but he has now become an artistic activist and has created a photo series that seeks to question the ugly prejudices that many of us harbor against people different from ourselves.


Joel’s images first present the viewer with characters symbolic of the prejudices suffered by various groups based on their ethnicity, socio-economic status, or sexual preference. He then shows the real people behind these often false characters.

Some sort of violent gangster turns out to be a Harvard graduate, or an exhausted gardener turns out to be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company.


But the question is, what necessarily makes a CEO of a Fortune 500 company any better than a dedicated gardener, no matter how dirty and disgruntled he may look?

p 2

Such a perception is another way one might be prejudiced, and all must be taken into account if we are to objectively learn from what Joel has presented. That is great work by the artist.


“Many of us judge incorrectly by someone’s ethnicity, by their profession, and by their sexual interest. The purpose of this series is to open our eyes and make us think twice before judging someone, because we all judge even if we try not to”, Joel told PetaPixel in an interview.


We chose to show you the pictures because we want to ask you how you really view others and how that might affect your relationships, and how you in return are also perceived?

p 1

Share with us your thoughts and opinions of what you make out of the pictures in this article. It is good that sometimes we activate our mental processes, so that we can discuss and talk about some of the complex hidden issues we never want to talk about. They are part of our lives and we can never avoid them. Let’s get talking in the comments box.

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  1. I see and live this every day being that I am a man with long hair and tattoo’s but when people take the time to know me they see a very different person that would help anyone in need

    • Enforced conformity is the destruction of individuality and the elimination of free will at its basest level. It is a mind crime of the highest order, and perpetuating it is tantamount to committing it yourself in the name of pandering to the corporate image force-fed to the world since its inception and adoption by Henry Ford and company at the turn of the century. Stop complaining, know that the world won’t let corporations spawn clones any longer, and don’t cry when your ignorance backfires in your face, as that statement if spoken to mine would cost you dearly.

    • Well said, Chris Rock said it best, he’s not going to walk around dressed like a cop and when someone comes running to him for help, “Just because I dress like a cop doesn’t make me one! Who do you think you are?!”

      Don’t get me wrong, I see nothing wrong with most of the “dangerous” counterparts, just the guy who’s holding a knife, and the guy who is carrying two guns while making an obscene face. I’m judging those people no matter what.

  2. Some of the worst serial killers looked like charming gentlemen and some of the kindest people are covered in tattoos. Never judge a book by it’s cover.

    • In regards to someone covered in tattoos, I will judge them based on the style of tattoos they have. If they have colors and non-violent tattoos, I will be much more prone to thinking they are a good person than someone with prison tats or images depicting pornography or violence.
      Who we are in public is one thing, if you want to act like a good person in public, you may seem like a good person, but it is what you do behind closed doors that defines who you as a person.

  3. Powerful photos! Reminding us that perception is not always reality & judging another person doesn’t make you better!

  4. Don’t judge people? DON’T JUDGE PEOPLE?! Well then, the very next time a gentleman with a knife or gun approaches you claiming to be an Ivy school graduate, you just smile, hand over your wallet, take the beating and tell him you’re not judging. It’s human nature, and in some cases, survival! I was always told to dress for the job you want, not the job you have. If you want to be taken seriously, act serious. There is nothing wrong with being a gardner, or stripper for that matter.

    BTW, nice gun safety. Finger straight and off the trigger!

    • Wow, how did so many people miss the point? Hence the need to teach critical thinking. The artist isn’t saying don’t judge someone coming at you with a knife or gun. He’s showcasing how many of us see individuals who are different than us: racially,socially,etc. When u see the black guy in jeans, a T-shirt,& tattoos,bigotted brains superimpose the guns,knives,etc.This is EXACTLY why the Common Core is needed. Too many don’t know how to think; just regurgitate.

  5. i am a skinny white dude. i have short hair and a few tats. i have not shaveed for about a month and a half (trying the bearded look). i wear baggy dark clothing. when people look at me, they see a nasty, rude, undignified, unsophisticated truck driver. besides the fact that i am actually a truck driver, i am also a veteran of 6 yrs in the army, and i am a holder of an associates degree in computer technology. its not about the job i chose, its about how people want to see me, not whats true.

  6. This whole shoot is so fake deep. Someone who stereotypes or is racist is gonna assume the worst about that black man no matter how he dresses, they’ll judge him just for being black.

    • @monkeyblood,your statement is valid,however a well dressed blackman will not be looked at as negatively as a black man dressed like a street punk.
      I’m a black man and I lived the street life,many times I would go into affluent areas dressed like I belonged there and could move around without being bothered.I knew if I dressed like a street punk I wouldn’t get 50ft before the cops were called

      Yeah,perception is a muthapucker

  7. Cool pictures, but this isn’t accurate. No CEO is going to go around dressed like a thug. And no mother of 3 is going to dress like a stripper. People dress like they act and like the person they are. It’s a fact. Some fake photo shoot is not going to change that. Some people understand the power of perception and dress accordingly. Usually those are the people running the companies and being the pastors. They understand what is appropriate and acceptable. Therefore, by definition, they would not dress like the other folks.

  8. In my opinion you could make a better point by omitting the first two picture sets because they depict the person actually holding symbols of hate or objects that overtly cause fear.

    The rest of the images depict a person that has made personal appearance and accessories decisions that will cause most people to assume things about them.
    I think a good point would be that those assumptions that most people make are
    not likely to be true in this modern society. And also that people have the right to display themselves in a variety of modes.
    For instance Jefferson Moon, even being a Harvard graduate and wearing a suite
    to work, may hang around the house in a do rag and a gold chain. And also may
    be a licensed gun carrier with a good safety record that is just showing his
    guns to friend or family member. There is actually nothing wrong with his appearance in the first picture.
    And a similar point can be made about the other images.
    A mother of 3 can be a stripper and she deserves as much respect however she
    happens to be dressed at the moment. A Mexican deserves the same respect wither
    he is a laborer or a businessman. A gay man can hang out with his friends at a
    club and act as queer as he wants and still be a very productive and helpful member of society. And the veteran may or may not be a good person. Just being a veteran does not make someone trustworthy or untrustworthy. But as a person they deserve respect and as a veteran they deserve assistance from our government.

    Even if someone makes a poor judgement call about what cloths to wear in a certain situation, our judgement should not immediately extend past the judgement “that person seems to be wearing the wrong type of cloths for this situation.”
    I think our society would be better if most people were slower to judge each other on our appearance.

  9. If you present yourself carrying weapons, be they knives or guns, you want to intimidate people. I can understand people wrongly judging someone solely on their race or religion as being wrong, but if someone is snearing holding a gun/knife, I’m sorry but I’m outta there (hopefully)


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