The Best Kim Jong-Un Videos on The Internet


According to the recent situation of the “Sony Hack” and the generally depressing amount of negative news in the last days, we decided to take it easy and have some fun – here are some trending Kim Jong-Un videos:

The Adventures of Kim Jong Un:


5 Weird Facts About Kim Jong-Un:


Kim Jong Un Death Scene From the not-published Comedy “The Interview”:

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      • they attacked sony over a movie, lets return the favor. DEC 26-JAN 1 time: 12:00 american central time.

        DDos, viruses, worms, people to change the content of site into truthful messages of what oppression controls their lives, the works. lets get this done anon! support me on my quest to get back for what happened!

        • if u click on the link above and scroll down a little ways you will find that they also have forums, lets screw with those too ;). ps i just now found out they have a youtube, i dont think i can mess with that since youtube is home ground and morals dictate not to. but if u guys wish to mess with their youtube channel thats up to you ;P


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