Big Pharma Kills more People than Illegal Drugs


Teenagers are at greater risk of overdosing on prescription drugs than they are on illicit ones, states the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on their website, citing deaths relating to pharmaceutical drugs averaged at a rough estimate of 23,000 in 2013. It’s a disproportionate effect that has a worrying trend, where anxiety related issues in teenagers are the propelling reason for the drug abuse.[1]

Drugs such as OxyContin are now more likely to kill people than Heroin. Tricyclic Antidepressants are also more likely to kill, due to the ignorance in the community of the dangers of these pharmaceutical prescriptions. The aggressive advertising by drug companies are considered in this study to be a large part of the blame, mass marketing their availability to parents and children with the message of safety and benefits outweighing the risks.[2]


“Teens need help before they reach these tipping points for prescription drug abuse. Adults spotting teens with very high levels of anxiety and at least moderate use of other restricted substances should realize that these are students with a high likelihood of prescription drug abuse. Male teens with a high need to be popular and teens in general appear to be at exceptional risk. Campaigns must target parents as well, since they clearly underestimate both the physical risks of prescription drugs and the likelihood that their children will abuse these drugs,” concluded the authors of the study conducted into the use of prescription drugs to combat anxiety related issues.[3]

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  1. I have studied natural Medicine for over 12 years now and have wrote a book on surviving with nature- natural treatments. I was driven to do this for these reasons… first- if something were to happen to where there were no pharmacies around the corner to supply everyone with the meds that many people depend on daily just to live (thanks to the irresponsible script writing Doctors along with the pharmaceutical cartel controlled medical journals that our Doctors learn from)…. I wanted people to have a natural alternative for when SHTF (it is set up like a medicine cook book 😉 ). second- pharmaceuticals are not here to heal, they are here to cover up symptoms, for the most part, in-turn suppressing the underlying cause making those who take them sicker long term. That is why learning how to “heal” your body is important…. you want to live, they do not care if you live. Just saying… everyone has their opinions.

    • Do you have any sources which provide sober information about natural medicine? I’d like to learn more about it but I dont know where to search for good information

      • There are a lot of “oh you need to try this” online to purposely dilute true info. Most of the information I have, had to be broken down and researched individually in order to gain “studied” and “historically” proven methods in full …. i.e. Each plant can be broken down in properties… you take each constituent of that plant and find individual/ scientific studies regarding it’s benefits etc.

        Not all info is hidden… see pharmaceutical cos know the benefits of a plant’s properties so they will conduct studies on them so they can create a pharmaceutical version of it.. they will not publish the findings in well known areas like medical journals but you can find them online in articles written at colleges in where the studies have taken place) For example: seeds/ plants that are high in natural phytic acid, if you where to go to the store to purchase it, you will find IP6 which is the synthetic version made to mimic the natural form)…that means they did a study on it and proven it to be beneficial so we find that study and then cross research all plants that have that property in it (not all those plants may be safe though so again more research for each plant) Also R-lipoic acid (a natural antioxidant) is Alpha lipoic acid (synthetic form).

        Hope this helped… sorry but that is how I researched the info. I tried to cut out as many middle men as possible to get my info. I have studied over 350 plants and their properties in the last 12 years and still have a lot of learning to do 😉 “Surviving with Nature- Natural Treatments”

        • Hi Melissa,

          I agree your point about natural/medicineless cure and I always go for it. Would like to reach you for knowledge sharing. Possible?

    • You have been studying for 12 years to come to that conclusion? Are you an idiot? Either you’re an idiot or that was satire. The only thing I agree with you on is how some doctors do not tailor prescription meds properly to some patients.

      • What conclusion are you referring to? 🙂 lol I am sorry but I do not study anything for 12 years to suddenly come up with a conclusion 😉 most people continue to study a subject because they are passionate about it…and proper research takes time. I do find it interesting though that you are “defensive” of my comment. hmmm

        • Why do you people have to be so negative to those you know nothing about? We are all on the same side right? No judgment here though, whatever you are going through to make you bitter…. I am sorry and I hope things get better for you 🙂

      • Clark, you are wrong.period. Most doctors are trained with money from the drug companies and about all they know is how to cover up symptoms with drugs. I have been studying natural methods for about 15 years. By the time you sort out all the propaganda and seperate fact from outright medical lies it takes a looong time. Did you ever see the numbers for the death rate from the medical industry? Something like 250,000 dead from just the “mistakes”. That is more then die from car accidents,murders, guns,drowning,falls and a whole list of other things COMBINED. If you go to a doctor for a minor problem and take the perscription they write for you without checking out all other options and all the negative side effects you are just following the brainwashed protocol and most likely will end up on an endless treadmill of doctoring to fix the drug caused problems of one drug on top of another.

    • I agree with much of what you say Melissa. Though I’ve done absolutely no research on natural medicine or big pharma’s corruption of it through scientific engineering and modification for their benefactors (not the scientists) sole purpose of profiteering, I don’t believe anyone would have to. Insomuch that the harmony of the natural world can at any point become completely chaotic, surely the foundation of our bodies ability to heal itself comes from proper diet. After that, I’d imagine it’s a matter of simply omitting or introducing those elements the body is in need of. While this may sound like hippy nonsense to some, it seems more common sense to my simple mind. I’m sure there must be some really old folk somewhere in Japan that can attest to my observations.

    • Natural medicin?!?!?. Almost all pharmacy medicin is from natural plants just in regular dose made at big companys.made from and given from plants and things in natur.

      Like most anexy and sosial problem medicin. Natural medicin Will often be more dangerus sence its not regulatet in good enuf doses!!! Look it UP.
      Still that kind of medicin usaly aint good for you longer the max 30 days cuz of adiction and problems have to be faced and fixed in ure head. Propper treatment like Mindfullness should be more used by doctors!!! How to think and see things from a different Wiew.

    • Come on Melissa, it is BULL!! You have WROTE a book? If what you have “WROTE” anything like your grammar, then this most be a late April Fouls joke…

  2. If someone wants to get off opiate addictions whether it be heroin or pain medication, there is a much safer and affective way than what a rehab facility will use. Look up Kratom. It is a plant from the Malaysia and surrounding areas. Its legal in the U.S. The leaves are ground into a powder. You can either put it in a capsule or mix it in a drink. I personally used it to kick pain pill addiction. There are no withdrawal sides if Kratom is used. It will take around 7 days to completely ween yourself off the opiate addiction and could come completely off of it. I wish this plant was used more often as it is a natural and safer way to come off addiction. If someone is interested, send me a message if they want more info.

  3. In other news Big Automobile Manufacturers kill more people than Racing Cars.

    More people are killed everyday by legal road worthy cars than they are by the dangerous racing tuned cars.

    How can these large vehicle companies be allowed to continue when people can abuse their product and cause themselves injury when used outside of the guidelines laid down by them?!

    (this article is fucking stupid)

    • RB…I was thinking the very same thing. What about guns? Maybe airplanes should be restricted to carrying no more then 10 people so if they crash there will not be as many deaths. Let’s talk about alcohol?? No, these are all symptoms of the problem, being human…..


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