Warriors Fight Deforestation In The Amazon


Ka’apor Indian warriors tied-up, stripped and beat illegal loggers with sticks during a jungle expedition to search for and expel the loggers from the Alto Turiacu Indian territory, near the Centro do Guilherme municipality in the northeast of Maranhao state in the Amazon basin, Brazil. Ka’apor, along with four other tribes, are the legal inhabitants and caretakers of the territory. They were defending their neck of the woods from loggers, who are stealing precious timber from a supposedly “protected” part of world’s largest rain forest. The dragons are roused, the government is still sleeping.

In 2013, annual destruction of Brazil’s Amazon rain forest jumped by 28 percent after four straight years of decline. Based on satellite images, it is estimated that 5,843 square kilometres of rain forest were cut down in a one-year period ending in July of 2013. Rain forest clearing is responsible for about 75 percent of Brazil’s emissions, as vegetation is burned and fallen trees rot. This means an estimated 400 million tons of carbon dioxide is released  into the atmosphere every year, making Brazil the sixth-largest emitter of carbon dioxide gas.


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  1. You always should be aware of the consequences that the publishing of this material could have for the tribes. Maybe it has bad legal consequences for them.

  2. Evil will prevail if good men will do nothing, protecting the environment is a noble cause and everyone must do their share in doing this.

    • I agree..
      the challenge is to be ~*~Just~*~ in response to the evil men, but never let them get the better of me.

  3. I love it! Warriors for Earth. Perhaps we in the West should all take a leaf out of their book and organise direct action against our governments. BRAVO
    Would love to see this happening outside Westminster….pass me a stick someone

  4. This needs to be done to the corporate officers of the world who are behind the rape of the planet. They are the true terrorists and it is time they were treated as such. It is time for THE PEOPLE to rise up and take our planet back from the fascist corporatists and capitalists.

  5. OK, so what about the tar-sands strip mining in Alberta? I notice you’re all strangely silent about that. You’re just a bunch of total bullshit hypocrites.


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