After Another Fatal Police Shooting, Anonymous Fights To End Senseless Violence


Anonymous members working in conjunction with #OpBlackFlare, in light of the most recent police shooting in Baton Rogue, have announced they will temporarily cease all actions against the United States Police force, instead focusing on peace, ending senseless violence, uncovering violent extremists who want to target police officers and doing whatever they can to end all of this senseless violence, on all sides, in the future.

On January 15th, #OpBlackFlare announced via Twitter they had hacked the Chicago Police Department databases and taken their sites offline. Earlier that same day, hackers took the Oklahoma, Utah and Baton Rogue police departments pages offline as well.

Two days after these attacks, #OpBlackFlare appears to have a change of heart and a change of policy. Upon learning about the fatal shooting which took the lives of 3 more police officers in Baton Rogue, Anonymous went to work doxxing the shooter and working to uncover the names of the officers slain before the media released them.

#OpBlackFlare Baton Rogue Shooting Dox:

From this point on, Anonymous has announced it will no longer target the police, instead the operation now aims to uncover violent extremists online, either encouraging violence against the police or actively planning to do so. Anonymous Loyalist, who produced the original video for #OpBlackFlare, now has a new message for society….

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