Black Holes Don’t Really Exist, NASA Confirms Indian Astrophysicist’s Theory


Two of NASA’s space telescopes recently caught a huge burst of X-ray spewing out of a super massive black hole. These flares appeared to be triggered by the eruption of a massive corona (charged particles) from the black hole, which goes against the conventional notion that they are compact particles with such a huge gravitational pull, that even light can’t escape. If nothing can get out of a black hole, how did the corona come out of it?

The latest findings confirmed Indian astrophysicist Abhas Mitra’s theory that the so-called black holes are not “true” black holes, but are actually ultra hot balls of fire – much like our Sun. Mitra explains:

“As massive star contracts to the size of a black hole, the radiation trapped within the extremely hot star must exert an outward force to counter the gravitational pull resulting into a state of eternal contraction with an infinitesimally slow rate. Thus, instead of true black holes predicted by Einstein’s theory, we proposed that massive stars end up as balls of fire – termed Magnetospheric Eternally Collapsing Objects or MECOs.

“NASA’s observation of giant X-ray flares from black hole can be most naturally explained by this MECO paradigm. MECOs possess accretion disks around them, something similar to the rings of Saturn, and also may be immersed in a sea of interstellar gases. Gas streams pulled inward by gravity get extremely hot by friction and may radiate X-rays.”


The diagram above shows how a shifting feature, called a corona, can create a flare of X-rays around a black hole. The corona (feature represented in purplish colors) gathers inward (left), becoming brighter, before shooting away from the black hole (middle and right). Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech

New observations from NASA’s Explorer missions Swift and the Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR), suggest that super massive black holes send out beams of X-rays when their surrounding coronas – sources of extremely energetic particles – shoot, or launch, away from the black holes. Astronomers now want to understand what causes the ejection of the corona.

“The nature of the energetic source of X-rays we call the corona is mysterious, but now with the ability to see dramatic changes like this we are getting clues about its size and structure,” said Fiona Harrison, the principal investigator of NuSTAR at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena.

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  1. Please get your facts straight and check your info before posting these articles… it really hurts your credibility and your message when you don’t. anyone who has a basic grasp of astrophysics can tell you that while matter and light cannot escape the pull of a black hole, there are some forms of radiation that do. X-ray radiation is one.

    • Tim,
      X-rays are generated and escape before reaching the event horizon. If you disagree please post your source(s).
      Average Man

    • X-rays are light.
      This article is saying that the point about the X-rays is that they apparently coincided with (massive) charged particles being ejected. There is nothing awry in their explanation nor do they take up a position of their own.

      I don’t really follow what the Indian guy is saying. “The radiation trapped within the extremely hot star must exert an outward force”. What radiation trapped?

      • Ummm….x-rays are light?

        You’re an idiot. X-rays are gamma rays. Gamma rays are Neutrons.

        Electromagnetic radiation and nuclear radiation are not the same thing.

        • Umm, x-rays are gamma rays? You’re the idiot, sir. X-rays are electromagnetic radiation, as are light and gamma rays. They’re the same thing at different energy levels, basically. At least you’re right about ec. radiation and “nuclear” radiation (it’s actually ‘particle’ radiation) being different.

        • Oh my god god!

          “Gamma radioactivity is composed of electromagnetic rays. It is distinguished from x-rays only by the fact that it comes from the nucleus. Most gamma rays are somewhat higher in energy than x-rays and therefore are very penetrating.”
          – Hyperphysics

          Gamma rays are electromagnetic radiation, they’re NOT neutrons. I’m a science student. You’d be eternally doomed to be the dumbest of the dumb, Adam, if u’d ever uttered this opinion out and loud in the science community.

          So please stop and be critical of urself before bashing someone else.. Please..

        • X-rays and gamma rays are both forms of electromagnetic radiation … in other words, light. It is true that certain nuclear reactions emit neutrons, but neutrons and gamma rays are not the same thing. “Radiation” is a broad term that can be used to describe gamma-rays OR particles such as neutrons, alpha particles, beta particles, etc.

        • what amuses me is how u think ur smart… who the fu*k r u? That’s right, no one knows u and no one gives a shit about what u think dumass, so stfu and stop sharing ur dumass ideas and trying to shoe off.

          • The hole modern so called “science” movement is no more than a bunch of fucking basement dwellers trying to attain godhood in their own eyes, that is why all they live to do is proclaim how someone else is more stupid than they are, that is what they live for to make themselves and others think they are God.

        • Hello, I want to tell you something: X-rays, Gamma rays, Infrared (IR), Ultraviolet (UV), Visible spectrum, etc, are “Electromagnetic radiation” but every one of these have different wavelength.

        • Wrong….x rays are created outside the event horizon by the heat and speed of inward spiralling matter and the traffic jams that can occur when black holes feed, with enough energy to escape the massive gravity…..yes, black holes evaporate over time but that has to do with nature’s refusal to allow a void which occurs directly above the event horizon. XRAYS are light….the are a part of the spectrum of light, like ultraviolet and infrared. Nuclear radiation is the decay of particles changing one element to another and ending in lead

        • Wrong. X-rays and Gamma Rays are two different things. Gamma radiation has a higher frequency than X-rays, therefore require more energy and is more destructive. They both move at the speed of light because they are two different forms of light.

        • Ok, all I can do is laugh at your comment, because you truly know nothing about physics from your statement. X-rays are electromagnetic radiation but just more energetic than the visible light our eyes can see. Gamma rays are NOT Neutrons, a Neutron is a sub atomic particle, a gamma ray is electromagnetic radiation just like visible light and just like x-rays. The main differences between x-rays and gamma rays are that x-rays are emitted by excited electrons orbiting an atom. Gamma rays on the other hand are emitted by the excited nucleus of an atom. Gamma rays are also shorter in wavelength than x-rays thus more energetic.

          I think that covers all the inconsistencies in your idiotic statement, so before you abuse other people please get your facts right, so you don’t look like the utter idiot you are.


      • They don’t take a position but their explanation is terrible and inaccurate. Nothing is “coming out” of the black holes, and this burst of radiation that was caught happening does not go against the conventional understanding of them. Actually it goes perfectly with our understanding of them, this is just the first time we’ve detected it happening. The corona is a ring of extremely hot gasses being compressed to the point of giving off huge amounts of very energetic radiation, which sometimes happens in large bursts like the one we detected. This is all happening outside of the event horizon, where things (electromagnetic radiation) can still escape.

        • Loren, of all those who commented on this forum, I am drawn to your explanations because they are clear and precise. I sense you are also a nice person. I don’t know a lot about astrophysics, but I am trying to learn by reading textbooks which, unfortunately, hold no hands. Could we email or stay in touch on facebook, if you don’t mind being asked repeated daft questions?

      • I think you all should let the scientists and physicists argue about stuff like that, because your sources are all from some sites here and there, and you might all be right, as you might all be wrong. And no, I don’t know any better. Just saying, leave the pros to argue about stuff that they invest years of their life learning, and better focus on what you do best. Truly, it is astonishing how much people can argue just because of one subject and how you all like to appear so smart. Though, again, I don’t know any better. Because no one does. Science is ever evolving. What was right yesterday might be wrong today. We are always just speculating that something is like that. We don’t really know if it is like we think it is. It is gonna take a long time of pocking around before we know something “for sure”. (And in case someone got offended by this, I thank you. I feed on your hate, after all.)


    • I firmly agree with Tim, and the matter coming out of the bursting rays is in gamma rays (sorry for my english, im french). This website may be (or was) administered by Anonymus activists, but it clearly left a leak through the system. Anyone can “Play” the role, pretend to be AnoN, spread bullshit and lies through the real informations out there. It’s propaganda at it’s best, because now that we have access to any knowledge through internet, you’d never imagine how many people out there are getting paid to spread and butter their shit all around the web!

      The single fact that Anon, itself, isn’t a person, makes it a problem. An “Idea” can (and will) be misunderstood by anyone seeking an other meaning behind it in link with their own personal lives, race, culture, groups and ideals.

      The Anonymus revolution itself MIGHT be a propaganda, started by the government to slowly grasp popularity ( 4 million people following this SINGLE Facebook Page) and eventually cause a kind of terrorist attack, something like a massive bank robbery/system cash down or anything, and everyone loses their money (Basic idea), so NOW that everyone knows (think) it’s easy being a hacker (*cough* Tor, it’s a trap sponsored by google btw) EVERYONE (sheeps) will AGREE (forfeit) to the let government watch their every single movements on the internet, thus knowing everything and being able to prevent any uprising in-case of civil war, when people start to realize they were preparing this shit for a long time… It will already be over. N.W.O. #500MillionsGOAL

      • I agree. Once Anon becomes like an organization, it is one and then the info becomes suspect. The true info should not be molded into a copy of the system it is monitoring.

    • Black holes are said to have their escape velocities
      equal to the speed of electro-magnetic radiations. This means that no EM-radiation of any wavelength can eascape its force of attraction.
      So, I suggest that the observed eruption was not produced in the event horizon

    • Indeed. I hate it when groups post info that clearly clash with the accepted understanding provided by the ruling class. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to turn my ship around before I hit the edge of the world and fall over.

  2. Corrections:

    “NASA Confirms…”

    NASA hasn’t confirmed anything. Just because their findings appear to agree with his theory doesn’t make that statement truthful.

    “If nothing can get out of a black hole, how did the corona come out of it?”

    The corona is a hot point in surrounding gases, not inside the black hole itself. It emits the x-rays. There are other means of x-ray emittion predicted as well. The winds observed by NASA are nothing new.

    • Thank you! someone with some common sense. I hate that there are articles being published here that show so much ignorance and stupidity. Please get informed about the things you’re trying to write someting about stop spinning stories to an extreme. It shows really low intelligence. As for the title, the theory doesn’t try to prove that black holes don’t exist. It just redefines some charactaristics of black holes as described by Einsteins theories.

    • Are you guys really stupid? Do you know that the author of black holes theory, Stephen Hawking agreed with the Indian scientist and even stole his idea? No? Then shut up.

      • wow you come in here with all guns shooting, calling everyone stupid for discussing things.

        Show me the source where Hawking “agrees” with Mitra, as you state. And stealing his idea is a very strong statement to make, especially in that community. source please.

        But I love how some of the people make very interesting comment with solid information and you just end up calling them stupid. Did your comment actually do anything useful? NO. All it does it make you look like a moron for telling people to shutup because they are stupid. These were not trolls, insulting people, they were actually being informative.

        But of course, you did not like that and felt like insulting them. Not only that, but you didnt really give any useful information at all. How stupid is that? Back up what you say or STFU.

    Black holes are usually thought of as objects with such strong gravity that nothing, not even light, can escape from them. However, Stephen Hawking has shown that black holes can radiate energy. The reason goes back to quantum mechanics and the uncertainty principle. For very brief periods of time, matter or energy can be created from “empty” space because no such thing as truly empty space exists. Hawking realized that if a particle/anti-particle pair came into existence near the event horizon of a black hole, one might fall into the hole before annihilating its anti-particle. The other particle could then escape the gravitational clutches of the black hole, appearing to an outside observer as radiation.

  4. Actually this guy`s theory is wrong, as seen on the movie “Interstellar” supermassive Black Holes gravitational pull is so strong that nothing can`t escape from it, not even light, but when the particles are close enough before got sucked by the Black Hole they start crashing against each other at an amazing speed, this causes the Black Hole to seem like if it`s surrounded by a ring, such as Saturn but in this case instead of asteroids are the particles themselves causing the “light” of a Black Hole which eventually dissapear and new particles come to replace the other ones, in the event horizon everything turns “Black” because nothing can`t escape, known as “The point of no return”

    • Sorry, did you just use a Hollywood movie as reference to point out that someone smarter than most of us is actually wrong? IF you know he is wrong, how is it that you are not in discussions with him and the people he works with to let them know they are wrong?

      You might let them know that they should watch Interstellar so they can find out where they went wrong and they can talk to people that know much more about the subject.

  5. I Really do not think this theory is correct, the gravitational field of black holes is so great that not even light can escape them, but as is so great gravity, subatomic particles as it approaches the hole begin to collide and generate the light seen around them, but on reaching the “event horizon” or point of no return, particles stop glowing because them would pass to the “Anti-horizon” and the singularity of the black hole will be black, Nasa didn`t actually considered Interstellar`s film Kip Throne theory …

  6. This is def 4chan trolling, a quasar is a black hole that has essentially eaten to much, jets spew out of it at extremely high speeds spanning light years, black holes are still a mystery to us but to say “don’t exist” anyone who believes this… You are a blantent follower who believes anything, everything that’s wrong with this world derives from you, go kill yourself please…

  7. The black hole pulled the energy form time into existence which was pulled inside that is why it ends up being left only in the upper part #baselesstheorys.

  8. The title of the post is misleading. NASA never made any such claim about black holes. The writer of the post makes his own conclusions taken from internet information by NASA regarding known black hole science, combined with his own beliefs. Anyone who has to use misleading titles to garner interest in their post cannot be trusted to convey true information.

  9. Thank you! finaly someone with some common sense. I hate that there are articles being published here that show so much ignorance and stupidity. Please get informed about the things you’re trying to write someting about stop spinning stories to an extreme. It shows really low intelligence. As for the title, the theory doesn’t try to prove that black holes don’t exist. It just redefines some charactaristics of black holes as described by Einsteins theories.

  10. ha ha ha…… X-ray is light!!!!! X-ray is Gamma ray!!!!!!!…..seriously, why do u guys even post something without knowing the truth ????

  11. I’m not that surprised. It makes more sense than it’s a near endless reserve of matter and light. Next we’ll find out that ‘Dark’ Matter is just extremely dense/heavy particles.

  12. Headline is extremely deceiving. Was this headline written by a science editor? Editors need to be careful not to make unsupported scientific claims in headlines – in part because “grabbing” my eyes with an opposite statement that doesn’t pan out when I read article makes me discount that scientist’s research instead of simply reading about an alternative theory that is neither “right” nor “wrong.”
    NASA certainly did not agree with Dr. Mitra’s expressed theory if you read paragraph 2 from excerpt below [ ]
    “The unlucky star that was gobbled up was around the size of our Sun, and the black hole in question was a relatively light one, located at the centre of a galaxy around 300 million light-years away. [….]

    The researchers ruled out the possibility that the light being beamed out was from something called an ‘accretion disk’, which forms when a black hole is sucking up matter from space, and that then supported the hypothesis that the jet was indeed from a sucked up star.

    “The destruction of a star by a black hole is beautifully complicated, and far from understood,” said van Velzen. “From our observations, we learn the streams of stellar debris can organise and make a jet rather quickly, which is valuable input for constructing a complete theory of these events.”

  13. Seeing people this smart bicker about black holes and insulting each other left and right like a couple kids in a youtube comment section is amazing. No matter how smart you are, we are all, deep down, kinda tools. I learned something today about gamma rays AND humanity.

  14. There’s two kinds of black hole by classification. Evaporative and condensing. No two black holes act the same due to size and rate of spin. I like to think of and hypothesize blackholes as hourglasses.
    Time, light and space falls into them like sand falls thru the squeeze of an hourglass..
    so what of the contents at the bottom of the hourglass, that infinite space that is displaced as the contents of our existant universe falls into it, through the “squeeze”? It’s my belief that as a trade for light, time and space, black holes give back more than we can perceive.. like universal 3d expansion, dark matter and hawking radiants.
    This is my theory and not proven.

  15. Recently the articles being posted on this anonymous has become conspiracy theories or flat ignorant puff pieces. This article is scientifically inaccurate and it has forced me to unlike the page to stop getting bullshit on my feed. This page has officially lost its credibility.

  16. What a load a bull this article is. Stars and black holes are not balls of fire. Fire requires oxygen as well as fuel. There is not enough mass of oxygen in stars and black holes for them to be on fire. The mass ejection and radiation emitted when matter falls into black holes comes from the region outside the event horizon when the matter is torn apart where these forces cause the ejection of some of the mass and the emission of radiation.

  17. Soo after all the insults, ridicule and bullying between all of you, obviously very educated individuals, where do you find yourselves? At the same place you all started.. Thats a lot of spent energy on going around in circles, to ultimately get no where.
    Just pointing out the obvious..
    I do have a question though………
    Where does the Blank Density fit in with a Black Hole?


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