Bloody: Police Officers Open Fire On A Man In Wheelchair, Killing Him Instant [Video]


A gruesome video has gone viral in the United State city of Wilmington in the State of Delaware in which a man in a wheelchair is seen being shot many times by police officers.

The video is horrific that we would advise viewer discretion. According to the Free Thought Project, police responded to a 9-1-1 call about a man in a wheelchair who was allegedly suffering from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Witnesses who recorded the incident said when the officers arrived, they immediately escalated the situation and within seconds the man was shot many times and killed brutally. And the video footage confirmed this account by witnesses. The victim has been identified as a 28-year-old Jeremy McDole.

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In the video, the officers can be heard shouting “show your hands”. One officer moves left and right trying to take cover. He takes the first shot and it does not appear to have hit McDole. Then, other officers join and they rush McDole, facing him straight in the face.

And it still does not appear in the video that McDole was pointing anything at the officers. He is seen merely moving his hands back and forth and trying as if he wants to stand up from the wheel chair. The officers then do the unthinkable. Many gun shots can be heard and McDole falls helplessly from his wheelchair. He has been shot dead instantly.

After killing him in that brutal way, they police claimed to have found a 38 caliber pistol by his side. However, when the video of the incident was released and it sparked outrage, the police department said in a statement that a full scale investigation has been launched and that the officers have been placed on administrative leave.

“The office will take these steps as quickly as possible in order to provide an account of the incident to the public. Making a determination about whether a person including a police officer should be criminally prosecuted under Delaware law is the responsibility of the Delaware Department of Justice and the department will make that determination following investigation in this case”, the department said.

According to witnesses and family members, McDole did not have a weapon. McDole’s uncle, Eugene Smith called the shooting “an execution” and that McDole was a cool gentleman who never showed any violent behavior.

Smith called for the need for all races in the US to unite and fight the police total disregard for human lives as he believes the police problem transcend racial lines. He was quoted as saying “That’s what it was. I don’t care if he was black, white, whatever. I didn’t see no gun. He had a book bag, but I never seen a gun.”

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Family members and friends have already mourned the loss and it is likely that there is going to a protest rally calling for the appropriate sanctions. However, the police department has not even released the identity of the officers involved

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  1. This whole video is brutal and a horrible thing to watch. With that being said, roughly 8 to 9 seconds into the clip the victim in the wheelchair takes a 12 gauge shot to the stomach as later in the video you can hear police or person/persons who was recording what was taken place they state that he was bleeding from his stomach, that was before the second wave of bullets hit him.. Even if this was supposedly an armed man in a wheelchair he did not deserve to be riddled and brought to the ground that quickly he was clearly not a threat from his wheelchair they should’ve resorted to less lethal method before pulling out the skull and bones. Sad….

    • You sir are an idiot. Do you know the back story behind this? Does anyone claiming there was no need to shoot him that many times know the back story? No bc you see a clip and ASSUME you know. Just like all the other bullshit, Ferguson Michael Brown Thug Dead, Trayvon Martin, Thug Dead, Hommie in a Wheelchair, Thug Dead…

      • So every black person is guilty until proven innocent?
        How could the cops justify shooting a disabled and unthreatening guy in a wheelchair, multiple times? Give me a reasonable explanation.

        You sir are an idiot. You’re the one making assumptions here, calling the victims thugs and the murderers justified.

        • How is someone with a gun, ignoring police direction, and pulling it out of his pocket – “unthreatening” (I’m sure you meant non-threatening)?

        • Your fucken Idiot, How is it racist, why did this man not put his hands up. how did the situation get to where is was. Go fucken Quack yourself in the bathroom you fucken moron

      • See your ignorant ass comment? You little bitch you are the fucking reason black people turns this into race I am white and I’ll tel you right now I would stomp your ass. This world does not new this bullshit from you. Think maybe your stupid kid will wind up in a wheelchair and this happen to him? You dumb bitch! You would not say that if it was your kid would you? So I guess since he is black he is a thug well let me tell you something. Look at your own damned kind white guys acting thuggish tattoos on their face and eyes but yet you talk about others we all just live different. You are the cause and you need to be taken out so see black people were not all like this stupid inbred prick that has no reason to be alive but that kid did have a reason and color does not matter that was wrong period where the hell is a wheelchair person going to go? Now those police needs to be in jail

        • Oh please, playing the race card is lame. The 911 call in this article clearly says “self inflicted gun shot wound”. The cops had no idea where the gun was and consider this guy a threat. Race has nothing to do with it because they kill more than just black people. They even kill more white people than black people. The cops should have at least tried tazing the guy when he refused to follow orders.

    • I can’t even comment on this why do police open fire on anybody they fell the need to the only reason a police should fire on is if they fell “threaten” which is still a horrible thing to do gahh I just hate cops like this.

  2. This “police” are just stupid as shit. Is there any law in the USA that only stupid persons can go to the police? What´s the difference between this and the shooting in Oregon, just because you pay for their guns and bullets doesn´t make it any different.

  3. Police are just a bunch of wild monkeys running around with guns. The power to kill should be taken away from those idiots and given stun guns at best. Guns should be banned, a stupid cop cannot make the decision in a split second a jury would not make in many days.

  4. more gun happy muricans, (srry but if the stereotype fits) they really should evaluate people b4 they hand them a weapon .-. and if they already do, they need to make that process dig a little deeper.

  5. Ok well actually, Discording to all the liberal retards that beileve everything the fuckin media tells them, this Black male was in possession of a firearm and was reaching in his pocket “due to the 911 call about a black male in a wheel chair discharging rounds into the air” from some sort of weapon.. OK lets pause for a second…. imagine yourself being a police officer and receiving a call about a black male shooting rounds into the air in a disordly conduct fashion. You show up on scene and the first thing out of your mouth “as any intelligent human would presume, PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR.” Ok so we already know that this black male has a gun and lets imagine “i have children at home that need their father to come home and provide for them” “This specific person, disregarding his race black or white” is known to be in possession of a firearm due to the recent call providing information about the incident,as you tell him to show his hands he BLATENTLY REACHES IN HIS POCKET WHILE YOU ARE TELLING HIM TO SHOW ME YOUR HANDS…. any sane, Intelligent Or even Educated Person DISREGARDING his race, Would have acted in fear of his or her own life and acted accordingly.

    I dont wanna hear any more bullshit about how this was a “hate crime” or how it could have been “handled differently” This is 100% legitimate in every day social activity between two human beings, Regardless of their race.

    Point blank period.

    • you’re totally wright!!!! they warned him enough!!! they say for a minute hands up and he dont listen so yea the shooting is legit!!

    • Personally, i think they could have tazed him first. “police responded to a 9-1-1 call about a man in a wheelchair who was allegedly suffering from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.” this causes me to believe that maybe he was suicidal and wanted to get shot. think about it, he cant be that dumb thinking its a good idea to stick his hand in his pocket while a bunch of cops are pointing guns at him yelling for him to put them up. the swaying hands tells me that he was unsure if he wants to go through with it. that being said alot of the time the cops are trigger-happy assholes but this kid was just dumb if he wasn’t suicidal. now i understand him getting shot but i think that maybe the guy from the back could have tazed him first and then have him sent to a mental clinic to maybe help him. i think they should waited for him to pull something out first, they and alot of men and didnt have to react so fast.

    • What?????
      The police is there to defuse a situation not escalate it.
      They have gone to school to learn how to defuse situations. being a police officer is a profession. The best tool a police officer has is his brain, not a gun.

      If a Police officer assume anything, and react to it as a fact, he is not doing his job and should be fired.
      If a police officer is scared of all those potential killers he is surrounded by, he or she is not fit for the job.
      If a Police officer get a call regarding a person trying to kill himself, they do not have to help him. The person is sick and needs help.
      I guess you should ask yourselves : How would the police in other countries react?

  6. America sucks bullshit! it will be a landmark in the future history books of how violence it was.
    Thats why aliens don’t visit us, bcuz of this fking shit America is here!

    • Im pretty sure what you are saying is what the exact opposite of what this cause is about. That being said Im an American and I don’t believe in half the shit that we are doing or that goes on here, but do NOT forget that stuff like this happens every where else not just from us American pig dogs stop acting like all of us are like this when in fact most of us want the exact opposite of stuff like this to happen. Use your head and don’t speak with anger your just adding in more hate the world does not need anymore of.

        • I guess the holocaust and the tiananmen square massacre happened in America…No? What about world war I and world war II? The crusades? Holy wars? Be headings and stonings because you do not conform to the main religion? No to it all?

          I guess America has a long way to go. Be realistic and look and the stuff going on in other countries. There are way more violent countries than America that will be known for their violence.

  7. I swear i’m on my guard when i meet american people, ready to hit and run. YOu stupid bully are a shame, the world is shit because of your bankers, because of your pop music ( or should i say pop violent and pornographic music videos ? ), because of your ignorance above all, In god you trust ? Then i’m a dinosaur writing from the past with a time machine.
    People thinking police is good and shit, please open your eyes , we are not in disneyland, those stupid motherfuckers are just above law, above justice , those sh*tt* m*rrons are corrupted ( don’t tell me i’m a liar , i know some cops, they are always happy to tell story of corruption in which they seem so powerfull .. )
    America is a cancer to human being. As long as they trust they’re in the right camp.
    Canada’s cool though

  8. are you guys kidding me? IF you had the balls the be the police officer, you would have done the exact same after telling him to raise his hands multiple ttimes and he keeps reaching into his waist…. Im just glad it was all caught on video to make you idiots saying this is a slaying realize how stupid you are, and that YOU are the reason for the chaos and crazyness…. how we gonna win this revolution when you criminalize the people protecting the innocent? same with military. We NEED them to win this thing so stop being dumbasses and put yourself in their position…

    • That guy was in NO way threatening those cops at that moment, I don’t care what the “back story” was, just look at that video! They asked him to raise his hands AFTER they pumped a round into him, of course it was difficult for him at that point… We need to train cops differently, this is unacceptable.

    • Your saying we need the military? No we dont what we need it no war, no money, we need a real community with people who care, love and respect. we dont need death of land and power.

  9. are you guys kidding me? IF you had the balls the be the police officer, you would have done the exact same after telling him to raise his hands multiple ttimes and he keeps reaching into his waist…. Im just glad it was all caught on video to make you idiots saying this is a slaying realize how stupid you are, and that YOU are the reason for the chaos and crazyness…. how we gonna win this revolution when you criminalize the people protecting the innocent? same with military. We NEED them to win this thing so stop being dumbasses and put yourself in their position…

  10. It seems to me that these days the first instinct the police have is to shoot first, a dead man cant answer back and certainly wont testify. Policing, it seems is easy when you have a have a gun you just kill the suspect job done, so no real skill involved. Clearly in this case the “suspect” may of had some issues, compassion goes a long way sadly though this is being lost along with other methods of policing.

  11. You bad people officers need to go to hell.
    This video is horrible to watch and shows how deep restricted men can fall at the same time. I can´t get it.
    Hopefully this world solves those problems by making you to get cancer and pass away in a really horrible way.
    This world doesn´t need bad people

  12. AMERICAH! FUCK YEAH! Ain’t the first time the Doughnut patrol is making holes in things. Regardless…the guy should’ve put his hands up but instead it looked like he was trying to get up…I wonder why, unless the first shot hit him and made him disoriented….then again, the 911 call was apparently about some guy with a self-inflicted gunshot wound, he might’ve been dizzy from before.

    Let’s see what the uncorruptable police-force who have never ever ever covered up their own mistakes to get off with murder, I bet those trustworthy politicians will make them tell the truth.

    Ps. To the poster above who calls himself “fuck”, learn how to read, nowhere in this article does it say anything about shooting into the air.


  14. The fact of whether the police were correct or incorrect in shooting is irrelevant. The issue is that it seems a new police brutality video is out everyother week, surely nonlethal weapons could be used but they’re being chosen to not be invested into. Regardless of who is correct someone dieing is someone dieing and just because of that you start to question why nothing is being done to quickly fix this police brutality. These videos only anger citizens and lead to more violence from police and from citizens

  15. Well what is the damn story? this article disnt say shit, if a cop tells you to put your hands up and you dont listen they are on even more alert, then after they tell you to put your hands in the air and you put your habds in your pockets instead thats automatic death sentence. Also, if he already had a self inflicted gun wound (if thats true) what does it matter if they shot him justly or not? dude wanted to die.

  16. yeh because those officers went there only to kill that person !!

    imagine a little bit of your story !

    *Unit receives emergency from 911 phone Center*
    Yeah guys i got you another black person in X area minding his own business , please kill him !



    are you freaking serious guys ? MOST of the people getting shot by police in the US have had at least 3 chances to give up !!! all the police officers (except in a couple of cases where they DIDNT HAVE TIME TO REACT OTHERWAYS) followed the same exact protocol they were taught to….

    1st check out the situation using caution
    2nd check if suspect is armed
    3rd check if suspect is cooperative
    4th try going on easy
    5th apply force if suspect is resisting


    those dont apply when you receive a 911 call about a guy gone nuts shooting in the air …. what did you want them to do ? go there unarmed and get shot in the face ? they told him to stay there , lift his hands and to stfu … being on a wheelchair doesnt make you any less dangerous when having a gun !!! those guys have families and want to stay alive to be able to see their families grow up !They risk already being cops, they wont take any more risks , i wouldn’t either !

    are you guys blind ? in europe we NEED police like this in some countries !!! our police is way too gentle … and here is what happens , have you ever been in paris , brussels , london , frankfurt , athens , sofia etc etc ??? nope , so please stfu and when you see what happens with a “kind” police force , you might love your police forces !!!

  17. you gotta be kidding. in the uk the cops would have had him on the ground in seconds. tazered and cuffed. no need to kill. they would have deployed swat thats true. but normally they keep a low profile until it is OBVIOUS the perp has a weapon.
    1)the guy was a cripple.not exactly going to run away is he.
    2)IF a call was placed regards him shooting the air up then it is an alleged offence not an actual.
    3)if fatfuckcop1 had any mustard he would have used nonlethal force.
    4)im beginnng to hate america. bully muvvafukkas for sure.
    5)it should be obvious to anyone with half a free thinking brain that to esculate to a volley of lethal gunfire so rapidly was just uncalled for.
    6)Putin rocks your collective assess in syria so the whole world can see your a fucking disgrace to humanity.
    7)actually it might make sense to just arm every citizen in the states and let them have another fuckwit civil war and when your all fucin jammed in the earth – the rest of humnity might get a break at peace.

  18. I hope this cops family suffers great torture and death for many years to come. I hope he is haunted every night by the ghost of this dead man.

  19. Wake Up America — Marshall Law

    ” What many Americans don’t know, or don’t care to know (but they will know eventually when it is too late) is that Marshall Law is increasingly being used in the United States. Every time an officer performs a search of your person or property without probable cause, they are violating your 4th Amendment rights.

    Romans 13 teaches Christians to submit to the “higher powers.” The U.S. Constitution is a higher power than the U.S. and state governments. God and His Word in the Bible are the highest powers. Hence, Biblical morality always trumps man’s laws. The corrupted new modern Bible versions have changed the meaning of Romans 13 by changing “higher powers” to “governing authorities.” As mentioned, the U.S. Constitution is a higher power than the government, because it includes the will of the people. Regulation without representation is tyranny.

    The U.S Constitution (including the first ten amendments, which is called the “BILL OF RIGHTS”) were a legal agreement between the power and their elected governing leaders. The intent and purpose of these important documents is to ensure that individual liberty and freedom is protected, and the government is prevented from abusing and overstepping their power. All across America, increasingly the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights are being completely ignorant and violated by judges and our leaders.

    Sadly, America’s law enforcement are being trained to recognize patriots and those who make reference to the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights as suspect criminals and terrorists. How did this happen?

  20. I am Swiss. When I am travelling to the U.S. and have to wait for hours in the immigration qeue it becomes 100% clear, that I will have to respect the authorities.
    So I do not understand why a person wears a gun in public and does not obey to police as I expect this person, that he knows that his behaviour will kill him.
    It’s like jumping from a bridge. Your choice.
    The only thing that makes live dangerous is, when police-enforcement becomes inconsequent and people start to believe that wearing a gun in public and not following police advice is up to discussion.

  21. Even on this website of all websites theres people arguing, what harm could a crippled guy do, i couldent see a gun and there where as far as i saw three police men that shot to kill rather than injure, they diddent even need to shoot. But lets be honest guns are one of the worst inventions and how many people have died because of greedy bastards who know power rather than love.


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