When This Boat Crew Realized What They Were Seeing, It Was Almost Too Late To Escape Alive!



  1. omg! you have SO MANY advertisements on here that it keeps auto scrolling down to all the adds and giffs!!! take this shit off your site or im not reading your articles any more!!!

  2. They are even luckier than they know. Volcanoes often give off poison gasses. They are lucky gasses didn’t spread out over the ocean and kill them as they watched the eruption. And even luckier still that it didn’t explode like Krakatoa or Mt St Helens. I would have motored at top speed when I saw pumice.

    • The pacific plate produces basaltic lava which is thinner and doesn’t produce much gas. Gaseous lava is much thicker and can solidify over the main vent which is why an explosive volcano explodes. Krakatoa completely blow itself up, Mt St Helen’s didn’t explode an earthquake weakened its north flank and caused a landslide which exposed fresh the magma. I agree underwater volcanoes are violent but not to the extreme of an explosive volcano.

      • Mt St Helen’s didn’t explode?!? From a contemporary national news report: “Washington state’s Mount St. Helens volcano explodes in a cataclysm that pulverizes its top 1,300 feet, deforests nearby valleys, sends ash 12 miles into the air and kills 57 people.”

  3. In the last picture, what is the tall dark mass on the island? Space ship landed, or did a tree grow in a seconds too? Haha

  4. See? Nature is the creator, not some bizarre concoction of whatever sky beings you’ve been raised to believe in.

  5. This happened in 2006…..fresh news as always on this site…..why next time don’t you post on how last week has just been discovered a new mummyfying process to honor our Pharaoh Amenophis II demise?


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