BREAKING: Mass Shooting in San Bernardino, Multiple Victims, Shooters at Large


By Jake Anderson at


Another domestic shooting struck America midday Wednesday in San Bernardino, California, 60 miles east of Los Angeles at the Inland Regional Center. Initial reports suggest there could be as many as 10 to 20 victims and one to three possible shooters. Triage is being conducted at the 1300 block of Waterman Avenue and the nearest Level 1 trauma unit is preparing for multiple victims.

Local law enforcement is working to remove people from the affected buildings, one of which is a non-profit center that coordinates services for children with developmental disabilities. There is also a K-8 school in the vicinity.

Two eye witnesses described loved ones locking themselves in their offices after hearing shots and seeing bodies on the floor.

Witnesses also told police they saw three men with long guns, AK-47-type weapons, a law enforcement source told CNN. The source said the suspects got into a black SUV and drove away.

Multiple questions remain: did police engage the shooter(s)? Did the shooter(s) escape or kill themselves?

Both the FBI and ATF are also at the scene conducting investigations.

Image source: NBC News

So far, according to a live CNN broadcast, 12 fatalities have been confirmed. New reports suggest 3 shooters armed with long rifles may have fled in a black SUV after leaving behind a device. That device is currently being investigated by a bomb squad.

Meanwhile, hundreds of people are holed up in their offices. The daughter of one man texted him, imploring people to “Pray for us.”


This is a developing story and more information will be provided as it becomes available.

UPDATE: According to authorities, the conference center where the shootings took place was the site where a county health department was holding some kind of event. Three shooters entered wearing military gear and wielding long rifles. According to the San Bernardino police department, the shooting started at 11 AM. According to one authority, “We do not know if this is a terrorist incident….but they came prepared.”

Police now say one suspect is “down” and removed from the SUV and officers are in the midst of a standoff with the other shooters.

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  1. I was watching the LIVE news regarding the California shooting on ABC special report with David Muir, around 6:00pm (central time) I noticed that “C.I.A.” is spray painted on the trash can behind the black SUV but then one of the agents went and tried to rub it off, I hoped someone else got that recorded. =)

    • Who painted cia on the trash can.and they said they found the suv abandoned around the corner.they also said the armour was in the truck.who is the guy interviewed wraring the freemason hat.they say now one surrendered.the

      • I can only speculate but I’m guessing an agent involved with abandoning the SUV, that thinks this shit is f’d up and wanted to let people know somehow and he knew it would go live and there would be nothing they could do about it, except make it worse by trying to rub it off on live tv.

  2. Oh lord, and all anyone will do is blame guns. Its all the guns fault, not the guy holding it. If you want to argue that this is why we get rid of guns, i want to counter than and say this i WHY WE DO HAVE GUNS.


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