Anonymous Attacks Government of Ecuador


October 10, 2015 – Less than 24 hours ago the group known as AntiSec announced via twitter that they have successfully attacked the government of Ecuador. Late last night AntiSec released the following statement:




The web pages taken down in the hack include:,,,, ,,,, ,,,,


For more information on AntiSec you can follow them here:

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  1. Uhm okay, sound great. But to sort things out for myself..where can I find proof of Antisec being freed from FBI regulations after Sabu helped them?

  2. Sounds like this place too. The U.S. is a Pretend Democracy too,all too much alike. I applaud this groups victory. I wish people could come up with more defenses against these Corporate Goverments.I can imagine things that might work against them, but can’t create it.

  3. The truth to me is that most people just want to live out their lives, have a family, contribute to their fellow man, and feel good about themselves.I BELIEVE IN REAL PEOPLE! These critters, causing so much hell and hatred,may not be of humanity at all…loke the one percent. ?

  4. One more idea I have, which sounds far fetched would be to really study these Corporate Government rulers. For sure, they hate humanity, they are destroying the planet, and want total control. Something just too evil, but the creeps have been among us for thousands of years.

  5. This is rubbish Rafael Correa is against the corporate media that paint him as bad, if you actually look into what he has done this is some of what wiki says…
    “Taking office in January 2007, he sought to move away from Ecuador’s neoliberal economic model by reducing the influence of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. He declared Ecuador’s national debt illegitimate and announced that the country would default on over $3 billion worth of bonds; he pledged to fight creditors in international courts and succeeded in reducing the price of outstanding bonds by more than 60%.”

    When the US were intimidating him not to give aid to Edward Snowden he offered the human rights training! –

    In June 2013, US Senator Robert Menendez, chairman of the foreign relations panel, warned Ecuador that accepting PRISM leaker Edward Snowden “would severely jeopardize” preferential trade access the United States provides to Ecuador. “Our government will not reward countries for bad behavior.”

    President Rafael Correa of Ecuador responded by offering a multimillion-dollar donation for human rights training in the United States. “Ecuador offers the United States economic aid of US$23 million annually, similar to what we received with the trade benefits, with the intention of providing education about human rights,” said a government spokesman. “Ecuador does not accept pressure or threats from anyone, nor does it trade with principles or submit them to mercantile interests, however important those may be.”

    He also won the last vote with 100 out of 137 seats and i have found nothing that says he is trying to change the constitution so he can get another term… looks like this is a red herring


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