BREAKING NEWS: Putin Allows Himself Invasion With A Signature


Russian president Vladimir Putin (69) has recognized the self-proclaimed “people’s republics” of Donetsk and Luhansk as independent states. Putin signed a “friendship treaty” with the occupied territories after a speech lasting nearly an hour and a half.

By recognizing the occupied territories, Putin paves the way for a possible military incursion into Ukraine. Explosive: In his speech, Putin said eastern Ukraine is historically part of Russia.

Completely insane: Putin denied that the sovereign state had a state tradition. The country had never succeeded in creating a stable state. The Ukrainian authorities were contaminated by nationalism and corruption, and the country was in the hands of oligarchic clans.

Putin’s delusion: Ukraine is a puppet regime and has been reduced to the level of a U.S. colony.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz (63, SPD) and French President Emmanuel Macron (44) were informed of the decision in advance by telephone.

Earlier, Putin henchmen in Donetsk and Luhansk called on the Russian president to recognize their independence.

► The leader of Putin’s henchmen in Donetsk called on the Kremlin chief to conclude a treaty of friendship and military assistance with the “People’s Republic.”

This would allow Russia to station thousands of troops in regions such as South Ossetia and Abkhazia, which break away from Georgia. After a war against Georgia, Russia recognized the regions as independent states in 2008. In plain language: Putin could march in there with his troops.

► In Luhansk, the leader there, Leonid Passetschnik, addressed Putin via Russian state television: “Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich, in order not to allow mass deaths of the people of the republic (…), I ask you to recognize the sovereignty and independence of the Luhansk People’s Republic.”

The Russian parliament had passed a resolution to Putin last week asking for recognition of the “people’s republics.” Putin had left a decision open.

Alleged mortar fire on border post

While Russia’s head of state Vladimir Putin (69) held a special meeting of his National Security Council on Monday morning, dramatic scenes were reportedly unfolding on the Russian-Ukrainian border.

During alleged (!) heavy fighting between Ukrainian and Russian-led forces in the Donbass, a mortar reportedly flew across the international legal border between the two countries and landed, of all places, on a border post of the Russian domestic intelligence agency FSB in the Rostov region.

Although this statement did not directly blame Ukraine for the shelling of Russian territory, Russian media interpreted the shelling as an “attack by the Ukrainian army” on Russia – and thus a legitimate reason for war against the neighboring country.


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  1. This is an absolute horseshit article. The NWO cabal threatening to destroy America is also trying to destroy Russia. Who is in the way of the NWO? Russia & America, Wake up!
    Putin is a white hat!
    The people of Donbass and Lugansk are ALL RUSSIAN, that land belongs to Russia!
    Those people had a referendum and voted overwhelmingly to REJOIN RUSSIA.

  2. Perhaps you better find a transcript of President’s speech where he gives quite good historical lessons to those, how has an opinion, but does not have a knowledge

  3. Thank God for Putin who is stopping the slaughter of so many people. Putin is the last leader with fith, morals and family values who works for the people who voted him into office…. Maybe the only who has a true election


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