‘Café President’ honors Putin, while Obama’s face Decorates the Toilet Paper


In an act of patriotism, a café that allows Russians to seek some respite from their current problems, has opened their doors in the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk, in hopes that their customers can remember ‘the good times’.

Perhaps to little American amusement, the café evokes a Russian national theme while poking fun at their western counterparts.

According to co-owner Zhdanov, “I am a patriot, but I see that not everyone lives happily in our country,” he told local news site Sibnovosti. “That is why we decided to give people a place where they can eat well and inexpensively and also remind themselves about Russia’s achievements in a pleasant patriotic atmosphere.”

As you enter the Café President, a life-size cutout of Putin stands over the entrance to the café while the Russian national anthem plays every day at midday.  Customers can also enjoy Russian flag inspired white blue and red cocktails.

And should a customer need to use the bathroom, they proceed to the “NATO bloc”, where the theme continues on in the lavatory, with toilet paper printed with Obama’s face on it. The washroom facilities also have a picture President Obama on the wall, alongside British Prime Minister David Cameron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Russian president Vladimir Putin is the heart of the inspiration. Unlike Obama’s face on the toilet paper, Putin’s portraits are spread across the interior walls, with the more famous picture of him riding a bear adorning the menu.

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  1. Putin is the man of the century…he alone of our world leaders is trying to save humanity and earth. I stand with him as many other Americans do.


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