Calling All Anons: #OpISIS Rally


Many people have asked how they are able to aid us in our cause and have revealed an incredible amount of support in regards to Operation ISIS (#OpISIS). The steps below can be utilized to monitor their sites as well as Islamic State accounts.

1 – Finding an Islamic State Twitter account:

You’ll have the ability to uncover thousands following these measures; if you’re a newcomer to this, finding an Islamic State militant account can end up being challenging, but after finding your first it should come pretty easily. ISIS militants, as well as their supporters, feed off of promotion and focus, typically using Twitter hash tags like ‘#IslamicState,’ among others. Run a Twitter search using this hash tag and you’ll find your first Islamic State account. In the event you are having trouble finding ‘#OpISIS’ or an ISIS account, Twitter search ‘#CtrlSec.’

2 – I’ve found my first Islamic State Twitter account, now what:

Now that you have found your first Islamic State Twitter account, review all of their followers and Twitter account names, gathering as you move along. While you’re gathering account names, you’ll have to find their Twitter ID by visiting: If you don’t get the Twitter ID, they can easily switch their account name to evade you, as they normally do once found. As Islamic State Twitter accounts are gathered, log the info and assess their tweets as well as each biography for other (possibly related) website URLs. With the data you’ve compiled visit and release a copy of your findings.

3 – I have URLs and have a list of Islamic State Twitter accounts:

Now that you have gathered this information you can take action against them by reporting them to Anonymous, the authorities and Twitter. If your paste contains Islamic State Twitter accounts, you should tweet it making sure to use the hash tag ‘#CtrlSec’ so the appropriate operatives can collect your links and terminate the accounts. If your paste contains Islamic State website URLs, please tweet them using the hash tag ‘#GhostSec’ so their operatives can gather the intelligence and disable the websites. If you have concerns about your personal safety in using your Twitter account to do this, you can alternatively email us with your information at [email protected] using an anonymous mailer service such as

Your contributions to our cause are very valued and this could never be realized without your support that is unyielding.

We’re the phantoms which you have created…


“AnonOps Communications.” : Operation ISIS. N.p., n.d. Web. 19 Mar. 2015.

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    • Can the authorities prosecute for this asking seems very stupid but i live in england. My justice system is very backwards here. in america they probably give rewards. I dont want a knock at the door in front of my kids and to be prosecuted.

      Personally i think what you are doing is fantastic you have my full support and respect. Its very sad that my government will harbour peadophiles and tax avoiders but arrest people fighting a highly dangerous group.

      • The simple answer is no. But to be sure, either use tor or purchase a bulletproof VPN. Thank you for willingness to help our cause.

      • It’s unlikely that you will be arrested for it since you and the British Government have a common enemy, but you probably *could* be. I’d say get yourself CyberGhost and PeerBlock for this. You should get them anyway, they provide great protection and anonymity.

  1. i just wanted to say a very big THANKYOU for opening my eyes to what is really going on in this world, and for making me realize that I can actually do things to try and make the world a better place. not just with the Islamic problem, but with all the government and other agencies across the whole world. myself and the rest of the plain old joe public owe you a great debt.
    thankyou so much

    • I think that there are still too many sheeple in America. Revolution here would be met with army trained police resistance and also resistance from the people afraid of the revolution. It may seem like there are many of us, but truly we are few in number and at the bottom echelon of the fiscal pole, so to speak. People here don’t want the truth as long as they can still ignore it and pretend everything is well. I am afraid things must get much worse before The USA really rises up.

  2. is there a way to do this without my name showing up on the tweet, I tweeted a list with #CtrlSec but took it down because I dont want Islamic state hackers tracing my twitter account.

  3. if I can find a team of modern Polish hussars to suppress Islam [ ISIS ] in our area ? hussaria applauding . ` Supporting ANON` brothers . POLAND AVE . autonomy and independence for one religion , one blood , one soul , one strength of belief in justice. do not forget . Islam IS NO ROOM IN POLAND . NEVER

  4. I feel comfortable giving you my email because I see and feel your integrity. That being said I do not play with computers much but you have my utmost respect and allegiance. I ask for an email or audience to discuss getting involved in the noble cause.


  5. What we can actually do is download Tor browser and search sites related to IS I am sure it will lead to some terrorism site.

  6. This will probably sound paranoid, and has likely been asked before; but how can I be sure that #anon isn’t just another form of government control. To use a cultural metaphor, Neo found that the “anomaly” of “the one” was another form of machine control. What assurance is there that this is not a similar model?

    • If you think Anonymous is really the government then you just don’t know anything about them. All the questions people have about us could be easily answered within only 10 minutes of research

  7. I have been aware for several years now and so have avoided anything but farcebook,i am computer literate and have been since the Sinclair zx80’s and the old green screen trash 80’s. I am not nor have ever been a hacker however any post’s with legitimate links as to prove the genuineness of the article portrayed I will gladly share in order to enlighten those around me. Can you give me any idea or ideal besides that which I am following in order to bring to the attention of the general public of the farcical and dominant control through Government’s and religious fraternity’s that is currently occurring due to the lack of enlightenment given to the general public.

    Thanking your response in advance

  8. It all sounds great, but how can i be sure that you r not isis in pretend mode. Please show me a way of knowing. Thank you!

  9. @Anonymous I think it would be much better if you use your powers to dig deeper and find who actually is behind ISIS. CIA?? Mossad? Both?

  10. Hey IS has nothing to do with islam. Yeah a great deal of the Koran is BS but same goes with the Bible. The IS is just some fucked up teenagers that never were told any better. So they use the only power they have. Fuck them. The whorst are the European and American followers that should know better. They want to support something thats terrIbly wrong


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