Capitalism and the struggle in Cambodia [Video]


It is time to realize that the corporates are exploiting poor people all over the world. Below is a video highlighting the history of wage and employment struggle in Cambodia. Despite making billions of dollars, companies deny a decent pay and good working conditions to the workers.

When there are protests, the corporations are always protected.  By working for these giant invincible corporates and buying their products, while turning a blind eye to how their products are manufactured and delivered to us, we continue to fuel these wrongdoings.  It’s quite petrifying if you think about it. How can we allow something like this to continue? It’s like watching someone suffer or be tortured but continuing on with your day, and we are all guilty of it. [1]

When big athletes and celebs endorse the companies it sends a false sense of positivity about the workings of the corporates.

When Foxconn had to put suicide nets to prevent employee suicides, it showed the desperate situation of the workers making iPhones and iPads that we consumers are thrilled to use. Some people say “they are being provided an opportunity to work, and they have no choice.” This is a ridiculous statement, that’s like saying there is a giant pool of fresh water, but one can only have a drop of it once a week.

The “one percent” is controlling an eerily large amount of resources while senselessly polluting the Earth. They dictate government policies and sit atop of our financial, health, food, pharmaceutical, and educational institutions.

We need to be aware of this and look for ways to change it.





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