Caught On Video: Mario Draghi Heckled By Furious Journalist


Watch as a Greek journalist at an ECB press conference gets mad, and channels the combined fury of Greece and Cyprus when he realizes that all the other European countries stand to benefit from a round of ECB bond-buying that specifically excludes the two nations– and after the head of the ECB chooses to ignore his questions.

“Can we please follow the questions and I will take every one as I can,” states the talking head next to Draghi as the journalist begins making his enraged accusations. Initially speaking off-mic, his words cannot be heard until another journo, seated behind, attempts and fails to pass him a microphone.

According to an In-Cyprus report:


Mario Draghi was left speechless on live television when a feisty veteran journalist accused him of bias during really tense moments at a press conference, following the conclusion of the ECB Governing Council meeting in Nicosia.


Aristidis Vikettos, the Athens News Agency correspondent, apparently miffed that mostly foreign media were asking the questions, (including US and European papers as well as journalists based in Frankfurt) launched into a Greek verbal onslaught against Draghi who was left staring, while cameras were rolling.


Being heard into the mic of a reporter sitting next to him and about to ask a question, Vikettos accused the ECB chief of allowing only what he termed ‘his own journalists’ to take the floor.


‘What are we, decorative elements?’ he is reported to have said, before shouting out ‘You’re biased’ and making a furious exit. It seems that a Draghi aide attempted to translate the goings on to the governor, mumbling something about a protest.


We found out that a number of Cypriot reporters actually shared Vikettos’ views, with a daily paper referring to ‘tension at Draghi press conference, as Cypriot journalists complain of being sidelined’.


An interesting point to note here is that Bloomberg and much of the mainstream press chose to completely censor this man, as no mention of his disruption of Draghi’s carefully planned Q and A session is made in their videos and a search for the term “Draghi heckler” only turns up alt media sites:
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Were this not a live event, this journo would have simply been edited out and there would have been no record of Draghi’s embarrassed silence;  bad enough that the questions asked at this conference were likely pre-screened and the journalists selected to answer questions based on the position of their lips with respect to the banker’s Gluteus Maximus.

I tend to read mainstream finance news sites mostly for the combative comments section  that runs counter to the usual narrative anyway, but it is disturbing how this explosive exchange did not make the news.

This is also not the first time Draghi had been heckled by Greeks.

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