These Celebrities Promised to Leave the USA if Donald Trump Became President – And Here’s What They’ve Said

It seems that Hollywood may become a ghost town now that Trump is president. Here's a list of celebrities who promised to jump ship if Clinton lost the election.


People like to laugh and joke about things, even if it means joking about leaving your country. And in this case, these people, none other than well-known personalities from Hollywood, joked about leaving the country if Trump became president.

Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham supports Hillary Clinton with all her heart, as you can see in the image above. However, she also said that if Trump became the president of the United States, she would leave the country and move to Canada. Dunham even stated she had plans to move specifically to Vancouver.

Samuel L Jackson

Image Source: Google Image – A close-up still of Samuel L. Jackson.

Samuel L. Jackson needs no introduction, however, while he was out promoting one of his films, he told in an interview that he would move to South Africa if Donald Trump were to win the election. Now that he has won, people are asking him when he’ll be leaving, to which he replied by saying, “Why y’all so anxious for me to leave?”

Miley Cyrus

Image Source: Google Image – Miley Cyrus attending an award show.

Tuesday was a good day for some, while some mourned and Miley Cyrus was one of them. However, before that day came, she posted in one of her social media accounts saying that if Trump won the elections she would move – not telling where, she further added, “I do not say things I do not mean!”


Image Source: Google Image – Cher sharing the stage with the Clintons.

The list keeps getting better, with pop singer Cher having trouble with Donald Trump in the past – long before he ran for President. Their fights can be witnessed on Twitter. However, the singer announced her plans via Twitter in June, for flying to Jupiter, to which one of the real estate companies hilariously replied to her, saying that the planet is far away, but they have something similar.

Jon Stewart

Image Source: Google Image – A still of Jon Steward hosting his show.

Jon Steward, who is a writer, producer, director and a media critic, had similar plans to Cher, sharing the same enthusiasm for leaving planet Earth. He further supported his statement by saying that the planet had gone crazy.

Raven Symoné

Image Source: Google Image – Raven Symoné being interviewed on a TV show.

We all remember Raven Symoné from the family sitcom That’s so Raven. Symoné stated that she would go to the neighbourly chilled north if anyone from the Republican Party was elected, even swearing that she had bought her tickets for Canada already.

Natasha Lyonne

Image Source: Google Image – The actress know for the Netflix’s series Orange Is The New Black posing for the cameras on the red carpet.

Even though she said nothing about leaving the country, Lyonne did say that she was planning to go to the mental asylum if Trump became president.

George Lopez

Image Source: Google Image – A still of George Lopez.

In an interview, George Lopez joked around by saying that if Donald Trump became the president than he and other Latinos would go south, thus solving Trumps immigration problems for him.

Al Sharpton

At the start of this year, Sharpton stated that he had already reserved his tickets in case the worst happened. He also stated that he would support anyone who was going to stand against Trump.

Neve Campbell

Canadian born Neve Campbell said going home won’t be a problem for her, further commenting in one of her interviews that she is ready to do so.

Chelsea Handler

Image Source: Google Image – Chelsea Handler posing for the cameras while attending a show.

Chelsea Handler was live on a show when she spoke about her plans for moving to Spain if Trump wins the election.

Barbra Streisand

Image Source: Google Image – A black and white portrait shot of Barbra Striesand.

A diehard supporter of Hillary Clinton, Streisand made it clear that she would leave the country if Hillary lost the elections, though she had a tough time choosing between Canada and Australia.

Bryan Cranston

Image Source: Google Image – An image showing Bryan Cranston promoting his work.

Bryan Cranston, better known as Walter White, made his intentions clear for moving out of the country if Donald Trump won the election – where exactly was he planning to move, however, he didn’t say. Yet he did state, “It is not real to me that that would happen. I hope to God it won’t.”


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      • lets face it, its quite clear that America is going into shit hands by going many ways but you people need to stand up for yourselves. In my country we are forming a vigilante riot to make sure these types of people leave and never come back.

  1. Just because they are “stars” don’t mean that they don’t talk shit to get a bit of attention…….walk your talk bitches!


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