Chaos Over California Water Loss


In the epic drought in California, wars over water rights continue, while advanced options for raising the available water supply go untapped.

Wars over the limited water supply in California have been going on for no less than a century.

The water wars continue on a bigger scale with new players now. It is no longer only the farmers against the urbanites or the ranchers.

Maps show the regions of California hardest hit by the mega-drought are the ones that grow a sizable percent of the food in America. California provides more organic food than every other state and 50% of the country’s food. The commerce group pegs 2015. last year and more in farm occupation losses at 17,000

A substantial federal irrigation system, farmers with contracts from the Central Valley Project, will receive no water for the second straight year, according to preliminary predictions. Businesses and cities will get 25 percent of their total contract allotment, to ensure adequate water for safety and human health. Besides deficits, there’s the issue of toxic waste. Economists estimate the expense of the drought in 2014 at $2.2 billion.

The enormous Delta water tunnel project, designed to repair the water supply issues of Southern California by siphoning water from the north, was delayed due to criticisms from Delta residents and landowners. The job remains stalled, as some 30,000 opinions. is reviewed by the California Department of Water Resources If or when the job is eventually executed, it’s going to take years to finish, at an estimated price of about $60 billion including funding costs.

Ranchers and organic dairy farmers have become the hardest hit by the drought, since the certified organic pasture on which their cattle have to be fed is dwindling rapidly.

Leery observers inquire whether this is really all portion of a bigger strategy. Christina Sarich notes that while the state thirsts for water, for raising the water supply options go untapped:

Chemical Engineers at MIT have really figured out the best way to desalinate water – electrodialysis having the potential to produce seawater potable cheaply and fast without removing other contaminants like bacteria and soil, and there are cheap nanotech filters that may clean compounds and dangerous microbes from drinking water. Designer Arturo Vittori considers the remedy to the water tragedy lies not in a giant basket that gathers clean drinking water from condensation in the atmosphere although in high technology.

When states are suitable to permit oxygen to mix with hydrogen created, this water is constantly being pushed up from deep within the world under great pressure and finds its way toward the surface where there are faults or fissures. This water could be found on the planet. It’s the water flowing in wells in oases in the desert, where there’s neither rain nor mountain runoff to feed them.

A study reported in Scientific American in March 2014 documented the existence of vast amounts of water engaged way beneath the earth’s surface, created not by surface rain but from pressures inside. The analysis affirmed “that there’s a very, very great deal of water that is trapped in a truly distinct layer in the deep World… approaching the form of mass of water that is present in each of the world’s oceans.”

Striking signs that quakes can discharge water from deep within the ground was shown last August, when Napa was hit with a 6.0 quake. Solano County unexpectedly loved a substantial new flow of water in local creeks, including a reported 200,000 gallons per day only from Horse Creek. These increased flows continue to be continuing, vexing researchers that have seen the place.

Where did this tremendous waterflow come from? Subsidence or huge sinkholes would be anticipated, but there were no such reports. Clearly these brand new waters were coming from deeper sources, discharged through crevices made by the quake.

States Pal Pauer of the Primary Water Institute, one of the top specialists in exploiting principal water in the world. After decades of successful drilling jobs and primary water studies, Pauer has shown this plentiful water source may be obtained to supplement our current water supply. Main water could be exploited right, or it can be located commingled with secondary water (e.g. aquifers) fed from atmospheric sources. New innovative techniques using airborne geophysical and satellite information permit groundwater and main water to be found in stone by means of a procedure called “break touch mapping,” in which big faults are identified by extensive evaluation of the airborne and satellite data for exploratory drilling.

Pauer keeps that a nicely creating and adequate to service a whole community may be dug great volumes of water in a just two or three days, at a price of about $100,000.

And therefore the saga of the water wars continues. The World Bank adopted a policy of water privatization and full-cost water pricing. One of its former managers, Ismail Serageldin, said, “The wars of the 21st century will likely be fought over water.”

In the film Chinatown, the corrupt oligarchs won. The message appeared to be that right is not any match against might. But equipped with that strong 21st century tool, the Internet, which can create mass consciousness and coordinate actions may endure.

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  1. Can’t Anon just hack the water back? I think it’s the same culprit as whoever is stealing Mayor Adam Wests plants water..

  2. Humans are a virus, spreading over its host and killing everything on it. Sooner or later, the virus will kill the host, or the host will kill the virus.
    They want to take water from the North now? So, what, the people in the North get to suffer a water crisis as well In a few years because they have to help the idiots of California? This isn’t new, it’s not like Californians woke up and suddenly there was no water. We need to stop rescuing people like this and force them to fix it WITHOUT hindering others. Get rid of the golf courses, ban all irrigation aside from farming, use the technology that they’ve had for years to filter salt water to fresh water.

    They did this to themselves, they need to figure out how to fix it without spending their stupidity on others.


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