Cheating Website Ashley Madison Hacked, 37 Million Users Hit


On Sunday, The Impact Team first hacked Ashley Madison, a website that helps married people cheat, posted a portion of the stolen data online, and is now threatening to release the hookup service’s customer records if the website isn’t shut down.

“We are The Impact Team. We have taken over all systems in your entire office and production domains, all customer information databases, source code repositories, financial records, emails … Shutting down AM [Ashley Madison] and EM [Established Men] will cost you, but non-compliance will cost you more: We will release all customer-records, profiles with all the customers’ secret sexual fantasies, nude pictures, and conversations and matching credit card transactions, real names and addresses, and employee documents and emails. Avid Life Media will be liable for fraud and extreme harm to millions of users.

“Too bad for those men, they’re cheating dirtbags and deserve no such discretion. Too bad for ALM, you promised secrecy but didn’t deliver. We’ve got the complete set of profiles in our DB dumps, and we’ll release them soon if Ashley Madison stays online. And with over 37 million members, mostly from the US and Canada, a significant percentage of the population is about to have a very bad day, including many rich and powerful people,” the hackers have warned.


In a long manifesto posted alongside the stolen Avid Life Media (ALM) data, The Impact Team said it decided to publish the information in response to alleged lies ALM told its customers about a service that allows members to completely erase their profile information for a $19 fee.

According to the hackers, although the “full delete” feature that Ashley Madison advertises promises “removal of site usage history and personally identifiable information from the site”, users’ purchase details — including real name and address — aren’t actually scrubbed.

Full Delete netted ALM $1.7mm in revenue in 2014. It’s also a complete lie. Users almost always pay with credit card; their purchase details are not removed as promised, and include real name and address, which is of course the most important information the users want removed,” the hackers were quoted as saying in a manifesto published by KrebsOnSecurity, a website that monitors computer security.

Avid Life Media Inc., the parent company of Ashley Madison, said in a statement:

“We were recently made aware of an attempt by an unauthorized party to gain access to our systems. We immediately launched a thorough investigation utilizing leading forensics experts and other security professionals to determine the origin, nature, and scope of this incident.

“We apologize for this unprovoked and criminal intrusion into our customers’ information. The current business world has proven to be one in which no company’s online assets are safe from cyber-vandalism, with Avid Life Media being only the latest among many companies to have been attacked, despite investing in the latest privacy and security technologies.

“At this time, we have been able to secure our sites, and close the unauthorized access points. We are working with law enforcement agencies, which are investigating this criminal act. Any and all parties responsible for this act of cyber–terrorism will be held responsible.”

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  1. This really kind of pisses me off. Both my wife and I are using this website to find a third person (single) to join us. If my personal credit info is displayed, I will fucken sue the asses of these “Dictatorial Moralistic” Buttfuckers. Where are these asswipes located online?

      • The only people who need to worry are the ones who have been dishonest with their spouse. Those cuckold spouses deserve to know how they are being lied to and cheated on. Its bad enough people cheat on the fly in the real world, but to premeditate in such a way. Setting up a profile requires a certain effort and expense that if put toward the relationship would likely get things back on track and if that is not the case, then perhaps looking into couseling or a nice friendly divorce would be better.

        People try to argue that this is just about people wanting to have sex. But that isn’t even what it is they are selling. They are selling adultery. Adultery is a sin if you are religious and even if you are not it is morally wrong to betray the person you are supposed to be closest to. Stabbed in the back by your closest friend. Just think about it for a second. People can be severely traumatised by this type of thing. It should be a crime on level with rape.

        I have no pity for anyone who is about to be exposed regardless of the circumstances. It is time for your just desserts. Eat up cupcake.

        • Cheating on someone is morally wrong but to say that it should be a crime equal to rape is ridiculous and offensive. I’d rather be cheated on a thousand times than be raped once.

  2. hell! even here on fb! some of my friends are poly, don’t have to condone a website designed to profit off of wrecked marriages and relationships, just to get your rocks off do ya? if ya dooooooooo, i know some educational websites i’ve been reading on HOW to actually get your rocks off, …lol i mean, really, no one decent, wants to be a part of that kinda karma, do they? And i assume you’re both decent, but i don’t know ya lol

  3. worlds full plenty, of complainers, …as for the DOER’S here? way to f’n go guys/and gals <3 ~ ! <3 <3 lol :))

  4. Finally, I’m sick of these stupid sites spamming my inbox with emails to join dating sites/cheating sites. Also cheaters deserve this bullshit

  5. There are easy ways to protect one’s privacy but people are not interested in. Maybe this story will make them change a little bit.


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