Checkmate: The Central Bank of Russia


The Central Bank of Russia (CBR) belongs to a foreign state – the City of London. The City of London still hands out orders to the Russian financial institution, with Washington watching closely over her shoulder. Should the CBR wish to print currency, it can only do so with a corresponding change to its foreign currency cash flow, and can only buy US bonds for dollars paid for Russian oil. It’s a situation  that  much resembles a noose around the neck of the Russian economy. Once the knot is pulled tight, the economy will struggle and choke.[1]

Putin is a man renowned for his defensive tactics. He also appears to have some foresight into financial matters, calculating his every move as though it were a game of chess. East versus West. Both sides are currently playing for checkmate.


“The law says that the Central Bank is governed by international agreements.” Let’s dissect this statement. Firstly, no other central bank in the world  is not permitted to support its own national economy. The Russian Central Bank is the only one in existence with laws governing it that do not support, or even abide by the requirements of the Russian economy. [2] Indeed, there are detailed pages regarding the running of the institution from abroad. The following quote sums up the situation Russia is facing:

“If you have low interest rates in developed countries, free rate works for you. If you have high interest rates, as in underdeveloped countries, free rate works against you. The free rate is good when you have a free country. When a country is a colony with high stakes, then the free rate, on the contrary, is pumping money out of the country.” [3] Russia is still considered an underdeveloped country by the West, and so we know which side it is on in that regard.


Putin is under pressure from a lot of sides: geopolitically, economically and militarily. This is why we should watch the Central Bank of Russia closely. Nationalizing it would give us the first signals that things have changed. Changing the ownership from Private to State ownership could indicate Putin’s need to raise money for other projects, not approved of by the West. This would show the West that the Rothschild stronghold (over the bank and therefore Russia) would no longer be tolerated.


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[2] Coppola, F. (2014, November 1). Why The Russian Central Bank Can’t Defend The Ruble. [Forbes]. Retrieved from

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  1. The central bank of Russia is a western tool very good at manipulating russian economy. They do this with many other countries. You don’t need to occupy a country if you can crash it’s economy. A bank not controlled by your country is obviously not serving your country’s interest so why do they call it “bank of Russia”? If nationalization fails they should rename it to “another bank controlled by the west to enslave you”.

    • Occupy? Why would anyone want to occupy Russia? Russia needs to get over it’s inferiority complex. It is only an “important” country because it claimed all the USSR’s nukes. Without that threat Russia would be nothing. It would only be what it is, a frozen banana republic limited to abusing it’s own citizens, instead of it’s neighbours and everyone else within range.

      • ” It is only an “important” country because it claimed all the USSR’s nukes. Without that threat Russia would be nothing.”

        How high is your IQ – about 60 ?

        What of “important” would hold any of the other countries that owns nukes, if they don’t have them ?

        • No..USA is worse but propaganda won’t let people see it..look at the incarceration rate and penalties in the’s just a wealthy monarchy

      • If Russia is abusing it’s people, and the Russian people profess to love him….then what is America doing to its people? Is that not abuse? Don’t make me go into details…that would be pages of abuse to write down.

      • Bring on BRICS!! What planet you living on and where do you get your info from, FOX and BBC? You are really showing your ignorance!

      • If you had any intelligence, you would be inspired by Putin’s hopeful moves to nationalise the central bank. Our Western political elites are slaves to the Rothschilds, do you find this more acceptable?

        • hes just a hillary supporter 5iq watches tv all day watchees propagandist hollywood movies, listen to miley cyrus , niky minaj, gets all their info from Fox , eats mc donals as lunch n dinner .. hes just a brainlesss transhuman there will. be soon at FEMA camps

      • Bullshit. The Russians won WW II on the eastern front and marched into Berlin. The Western Allies industrialists funded the war on both sides. U.S. gets “credit” for Normandy and nuking Japan. We owe a debt to Russia that’s never been repaid. People need to learn the real history of things.

      • You got no Idea of Russia have “YOU” Don,t write crap Troll ! Russia is more advanced than any western country & will only grow more after asshole ROTTENCXHILD is removed!

    • Russia had needed the west to bail it out from the Communist Hipocracy in the late 80’s. As a non EU member and definitely note a state of America, the mistrust between west and east demanded a different approach to helping out the Russians.
      As Putin is a war monger and has some crazy notion all are out to get him, he now wants to change the rules as it suits him. While Russia needed financial help they accepted everything, now he has brought Russia back to the bad old days of mistrust and deception, decides by himself to take a crazy course of action, be it nationalization of the Russian Central Bank (Which was the only way to save Russia from financial collapse and make sure the money wasn’t just used by some crazy dictator for his personal vendettas), as Oil can no longer fuel his ambitions. It must take a lot of money a year to be the Top Family in the Russian Federal Mafia. Relax Putin, we all live on the same planet, we are all flying around the solar system together, as Sting wrote, I hope the Russians love their children too…

      • Mr. Farley, that has got to be to stupiest comment I have read in yrs. In your opinion its better to have a private bank, owned by individuals not associated to any country or people. Dictate to soverign nations the control of there lives. While Putin and BRICS and the Non-Aligned movement is attempting to break Crown Control over the insitutions that control each nation and remove the right of self determination. The debts credited by fiat currency is being felt all over the world and austerity or the blantant extraction of wealth from all the countries involved in the Crown Banks are suffering…sir…you need a wake up call.

        • uhm, just running a quick question by you. You don’t know that rothchild has pretty much privatized banking in every superpower accross the entire globe? (or made a valient try)

          they could in fact with their economic influence set fire to the planet whenever and however they want 🙂 they wouldn’t ofc, because we’re actively raising their income every second and kind of playing by their rules so they have no reason to.

          • The Rothschilds are no more than a few dozen degenerate and mostly decrepit cowards who could of course do nothing of the sort on their own. And their economic influence is rapidly wearing thin …

            The day will come when the people declare the sham Rothschild dollar/euro/… worthless and irrelevant. Then what do they have?

      • You are a special kind of stupid. The Rothschilds and their ilk orchestrated the overthrow of the Czars in Russia. Go do some research. They manipulated the Russian economic disaster you referred to. That is what is called The Hagellian Dialectic. Cause the problem, wait for the reaction and have the ” solution ” which always leads to less freedom and more control for the banksters. Yhey did it in the U. S. many times.

        • Sure have and if im correct Russia is one of the last contries not controlled by the world banking institution. Lets see the other who have private national banks were Egypt,Iraq,Afghanistan,
          Lybia,and Syria. But all have been changed to world banks due to all of them being countries of war now. Can you actually not see what is happening? Putin is the last resistance towards Rothchilds control. He is actually little by little becoming a modern Hero that dont take sh!t from nobody. Kinda wish we (us) had a leader very similar that damands respect. Putin and Netanyahu are very good if not great leaders for their people.

          • well said.. the Asia agreement and the brics as well as the slow erosion of fascist totalitarianism in south America is creating a new people idealism and threatening this ideal that a central bank is better in private hands. America has become the banking heavies if your not with us your against us which is not a reflection of the American population but their ruling elite which ironically was not what independence was about

          • Well said that poster. Anyone who rejects the mighty $ in favour of real wealth one can touch, like gold or gold-backed currency, automatically becomes the enemy of the Rothchilds’ banking system of debt and slavery. That, in turn, will cause whole armies to crush them so the system can be re-installed.

            You know, when I was a young man, I used to think we were the good guys.

      • Christopher Farley, are you dense or just in heavy denial? Since when was Putin a warmonger – maybe you’re projecting what the US is doing onto the Russians. You don’t have a clue what you’re talking about, looks like you’re just a slave to the mainstream corporate media. Time you woke up.

        • Yeah, because the U.S. doesn’t invade or occupy other countries on a regular basis. The simple point tontske from all of this is that he wants to break from Rothschild owned and controled banking as we all should. We are ALL mere puppets and slaves to the major banking cartels. The control everything that happens globally!

    • “Dude” this is why we are in this mess. The Rothchild’s banking should be brought down in its entirety. If the banking empire did not suck out the money from the worlds economies then we could funnel this money to areas in need… I say go Putin. The world is sick of the inbred Rothchild fmaily. We want democracy, not corrupt capitalism controlled at a few single points! And, who the hell would go to war? I know i wouldn’t.

  2. Putin is fighting for the values of the Russian people! Hi save tradition of the Russian people! People who don’t lose the values and traditions – unbeatable! Acting in the interests of the Russian people, Putin is automatically achieved respect and become the best leader of his people! The Russian people are valued and respected their leader! I admire his strategy! Bravo!!!

  3. if he nationalizes the bank the rothchild will cut off the money flow. Someone else owns the vaults and those vaults are apparntly not in russia. He will nationalise a building, nothing more.

  4. If Putin Nationalizes the bank the money flow will stop. Rothschild bank vaults are owned by someone else and the vaults are obviously not in Russia. If he nationalizes the bank he will nationalist a building, nothing more.

    • You don’t get it,do you? Why do you think every country besides Britain hates us? Hell even Canada hates us..stop believing everything the network news tells you,, pick up a history book and actually read it…

  5. Mr. Farley, that has got to be to stupiest comment I have read in yrs. In your opinion its better to have a private bank, owned by individuals not associated to any country or people. Dictate to soverign nations the control of there lives. While Putin and BRICS and the Non-Aligned movement is attempting to break Crown Control over the insitutions that control each nation and remove the right of self determination. The debts credited by fiat currency is being felt all over the world and austerity or the blantant extraction of wealth from all the countries involved in the Crown Banks are suffering…sir…you need a wake up call.

  6. humanity is fractured just like the earth. there is no solution that we as a collective in power or not will ever be happy with or agree on. we all could drop everything this second and actually fight for what is right but we are all weak and pathetic and selfish. dumbed down like good little sheep. because we are all afraid of the alternative. we are the problem and the solution but who cares we will be dead by then right. then this is what we leave our kids. makes you feel ashamed of being human sometimes. i digress as this is kinda off topic. but not. putin is a person too and america needs to be bullied by someone. neither will nuke the world. there is just no point or benefit to either side. . . .
    i could be wrong but its just a thought.

    • Ya go back to fighting each other instead of your populations,its about time. Use your three letter agencies for something besides tracking there own citizens.

    • Yes he did. And took Germany from a starving, crippled, unemployed nation, to the most powerful country in the whole world in just a few years. Yes, he was also a rascist, violent tyrant, but that has nothing to do with the banking control he eradicated, and explained fully there-on that he had freed Germany from the hands of International Jewry. Think about it.

  7. Its absolutely amusing to read opinions of foreign citizens who have no ties, no knowledge of language, no understanding of culture and roots, no undersanding of nation’s phsycology etc, but know a lot about Putin and russian people, who decided to elect him for the third time. He must be doing something right for them as they respect and love him, otherwise he wouldnt be there to look after russian national interest. He is not there to please the west or the eas. He is there to do what russia needs and wants. Tke a look at all other western leaders at present. There is not one of them who would have such high approval rating as Putin has in his country. Does that mean that all nearly 290 million of russian popultion war mongers? what an idiotic thing to say.

  8. Its time to throw the Rothschild’s Central Bankster scam to the curb, imagine the Billions a year that is paid in interest to these crooks who just print it out of thin air costs them nothing, time we went BACK to National Banks and all interest goes BACK into the country for the good of all and not the crooked greed merchants the Zionist Banksters.Imagine free schooling free health care much reduced taxes, all because we would NOT be paying Billions of dollars out of the country and into the deep fat pockets of these parasites

  9. Try and Lower the tone people. Why is it that these conversations start and continue with a slinging match. Right now we all have a lot to say about whats going on in the world but regardless of our own opinions we need to listen to each other and start resisting against global tyranny. The drums of war are getting louder and what for this time? Money Power and Oil. yes that same old shit we’ve been at each other about forever. I recommend we all read John Pilgers new book “The Wikileaks Files, The World According to The US Empire”.
    The revolutionary act of telling the truth!

  10. Putin is a brave leader and many countries can do with such a leader if nationalising central bank will cause world war 3 then what will stop him having a private mission of getting rid of the Rothschild along with other similliar families that control the worlds wealth at the cost of human misery and lives.

  11. He will make it a national bank in a matter of time, why would he not?

    Logic, he is just waiting for the right time to do it.

  12. When they nationalize the central bank the Ruble will be instantly devalued by all other central banks plunging the Russian economy into instant poverty political and populist upheaval while at the same time allowing all Russia’s enemies to close in militarily.

    The only way to solve this is to make Russia 100% independent from all international trade and globalization. Russia would literally have to manufacture and grow everything it now imports. Even then, since the newly nationalized Russian currency must be backed by gold the military can only expand by printing money or mining gold.

  13. Central banks are more powerful than standing armies, once installed the elites can destroy their economies and Putin knows this.Then once all countries have them installed, watch out for the (New World Order),we are all reduced to slaves,Putin is smart and doing us all a big favor.

  14. Simple point if the elite are old gits..begs the question…they have bred a new younger bunch…now the new bunch are not so easy to pin point…they might still yield the sword publicly..but behind stands a new bunch…not named…that’s what they strive to do keep them unnamed ..many are bought who hold public office…but they are the pawns…the hierarchy is striving unnamed..

  15. This is an issue which does matter all of us, independent of nation. The full chain of central banks is nothing but a franchise chain of it´s very same origin and that origin has been already fraudulent like all the smashy control killers inbetween, named world bank, bank of development, IMF, IBS. “They” loved right from the beginning giving it all institution sounding names and in fact they are that much institution like Federal Express: CERO. If anybody ever searched for the real enemy to humanity here it is.

  16. As an Irishman looking on i can say thank god that Pres Putin is in The Kremlin at the moment. Were it not for him and his refusal to be baited by Yankee warmongers a la Fuck the Eu Nuland we would be at a physical WW3 already. Pres Putin is way ahead of the game and has outfoxed Obama and his warmongers at every turn. My only regret is that we do not have an Irish version of Vladimir Putin as we here are slaves to the bankers and we carry 42%of the total E U debt

  17. Sounds like we need to nationalize our banks like Russia and Iceland and succeed from our state’s or unions. Iceland is free of these war mongers. They are a leading example and the Brit’s are following order.There maybe hope after all.


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