Do You Know How Net Neutrality Works? These Cartoonists Don’t!


When the Federal Communications Commission passed the New Net Neutrality rules in February, Democrats called net neutrality the backbone of US democracy, while Republicans and conservatives believed that the FCC had no business regulating or deregulating the Internet. Soon after, a series of political cartoons by syndicated cartoonists were posted to the Tumblr blog A Good Cartoon that showed zero understanding of net neutrality. The user edited the original cartoons and replaced the original bubble text with “The cartoonist has no idea how net neutrality works!” A copyright holder, representing the cartoonist Chip Bok, sent Tumblr a takedown notice; the original post can’t be seen anymore but the parodies are widely available on the Internet. Take a look, and have a blast!

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CoNN: it would seem that the targets for parody are invariably only the detractors of Net Neutrality…. At 400 pages, it is doubtful if anybody at all really understands how Net Neutrality works


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  1. Only 400 pages? That’s nothing. Try working in a field where you are required to know the entire HIPAA/HITECH bill. And that’s just for starters!

  2. So if nobody knows how net neutrality works then how can the person changing these cartoons know that they are not correct? It would seem you are saying that both the original cartoonist and the person making the change are both morons speaking on what they do not know.

    Also, your assumption that no one knows how it works is a logical fallacy. To know that someone else does not understand means you are working on the premise that you actually do understand.

    • Wow Brian you’re really smart. I’m curious why such an intelligent person would waste their time on correcting people? Does it have anything to do with your superiority complex or is it just for the sake of appearing to be mentally superior to your opponent? Next question: who gives a shit? Get an agenda and stop picking on people dickhead.

      • jPersuasive Writing is going by way of the Tweettoristen narrating like … like it’s the Baby Boomer, the Gen X-Y, the Franklin Millennial Generation … it’s like each one is the whole world is real is Casablanca. Yours Truly,
        B. The Rest
        C. N / A
        D. Tommy?

  3. Yeah, well, we the readers obviously can’t know whether the cartoonists had an idea or not, since whoever wrote this article decided to change the speech bubbles in each and every one of them. I mean these are satire comics, they’re not exactly meant to be taken literally. They could’ve had some valid criticism in them, but we won’t know because the author is an idiot.


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