Child Rapist Raped, Stitched By Medics and Re-Raped By 20 Prisoners


In Taguatinga, Brazil Jujitsu professor Daryell Dickson Menenzes Xavier was jailed in 2014 after turning self in with help from his lawyer in being sought for the awful and wrong rape of his own 1-year-old son. He has been just as brutally raped by a squad of 20 of his fellow inmates. This happened during his initial 30 day incarceration as he waited for hearing before a presiding judge.

During his jailing Daryell became the focus of the entire local prison resident population. This case of crazed vigilante justice is seen by many as him getting just as he deserved. His son is forever damaged and hurt, “so why not Daryell also?” some have to say.

A gang of a total of 20 inmates have had their ways with him. After the initial assault being committed the jail’s medical staff doctored Daryell with a large number of sutures covering the whole of his back and prominently his anal area. Upon being again instituted inside the prison he was raped and otherwise abused for a second round. Injuries were made over his entire body and especially to the region of his backside. Bloody stains on the seat of his uniform attested to this ‘vigilante justice’ that he has now two times undergone.

Some outsiders are making shouts of calling the actions of the inmates as ‘uncivilized’ and extreme. Most in his native community sanction the events as seemingly karmic in nature. Most side with the vigilantes.


The general public is alarmed, yet hardly anybody is really loudly protesting. Daryell is a marked man wherever he may have to go within the countries prison system.

blogdaunr reports:

At the police station, he met Gabrielle Star, the child’s mother.Daryell reportedly refused to respond to questions from Gabrielle, who wondered why the aggression and called for justice. He just told her : “At the appropriate time you will know.”

After the meeting, the mother published a new outburst on Facebook. “Now is the time I open my mouth!… I believed in the love and goodness in him, I supported him, I loved him, and accepted his faults without knowing there was something much worse” …Daryell Dickson Xavier Menezes stood beside me in the bed of my son for the first 2 days of hospitalization, supporting me, giving me strength, encouraging me and my family…”It was very hard for me to believe that my second love had killed my first love”

The stepfather was considered the prime suspect in the crime after providing contradictory testimony – he was the last person to have contact with the child. Michael was taken to the hospital, but could not resist and died two days later.

Cranial Trauma Medical Legal Institute (IML) found minor head trauma outside the action as a cause of death, which means that the child suffered a great impact and did not fall from a height. There was also a record of anal fissures. It remains unclear, however, if the crack has an internal origin (bowel problems) or external (sexual abuse).

How do you feel about this story? Sound off in the comments?


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  1. My granddaughter was found on our porch with a head injury non responsive and having seizures.. the dog tripped her,the impact of the fall was so great that in that few feet she fell her brain hit her frontal lobe and bruised it in such a way that it would taken a fall from 2 stories of a building to cause it! She was 5 so she was very short.. it was touch and go she was in icu for many days and at one point was unsure if she would recover.. she has had anal ficures it happens when they are constipated tears the lining of there anus it happens it they have to many bowel movements ect it’s common in small children.. it’s sad that anyone would endure such atrocities without a conviction of proof! My granddaughter was not abused was not raped or harmed in anyway for the same reasons

    • Yes, this story doesn’t even say how they knew he had done it, I hope there is plenty of proof, otherwise this man has suffered th loss of a step son and the pain he went through in prison, twice, so far. He hasn’t even been to trial yet.

      • At the very beginning of the article it states that he turned himself in. Therefore he knew he did it and willingly went to jail for his actions.

        • Turning himself in does not suggest that he’s guilty.

          If he’s being charged, he is smart to turn himself in rather than run.

          In fact, if one was innocent they’d be more likely to face the charges head on rather than run away which would suggest he’s more likely guilty and afraid of being thrown away for a long time (ie might as well run!)

      • Thats a very ignorant statement. Guilty ones usually run. I noticed that kind of comments coming very often from people who are quite some stupid assholes.

      • If you’re considered a ‘person of interest’ to law enforcement, you turn yourself in.
        It does not mean automatic guilt.

      • You’re an absolute moron. You’re the epitome of the “court of public opinion” that destroys people’s lives by convicting them before they’ve been to trial. You think that turning himself in means he’s guilty??! If anything, that speaks to his possible innocence. Guilty people run. Innnocent people turn themselves in and face the charges to clear their name. Not saying he didn’t do it…but he at least deserves to be tried in court based on actual evidence.

    • I was thinking the same thing about the child being raped, I don’t believe the boy ever was. The psyche of man is warped. I’m reading the article sayin to myself this man may not have raped his son but when they reported the story and had this story plastered on tv and other media outlets of this man involving his son with the words rape/murder the father was screwed smh, the man is lucky to be alive and survive the brutal rape of a 20 men gang.

  2. Am disturbed by various things in this report. Some of my concerns are around whether the alleged perpetrators treatment may ameliorate his sentence. Other concerns are about who made the aggressors judge and jury?
    Heinous crime undoubtedly but some times process is necessary IMHO, if only to allow the imposition of a sentence after being found guilty.
    Post guilty verdict – open day by all means, as no court sentence will be able to heal the hurt of the family orbriing the victim back.
    Please think before trolling me!

  3. so much hate in the world…people think the way to deal with it is to hate harder:-( how sad …i pray for them all

      • A raper? Pretty sure it’s rapist… and I think people were saying innocent until proven guilty, not that rape is cool, either by one guy or twenty guys. Just because someone turns themselves in for a crime they are wanted for or a suspect for doesn’t mean they are guilty it could mean he came forward to clear his name. Notice how there is the absence of the word confession or confessed in the article?

      • He had not yet been tried – innocent until proven guilty is usually the way justice works best.

        The authorities in this case totally failed to protect the rights of this man – only the judiciary have the authority to sentence someone in a civilised society.

    • Well, you actually had a point. I’m not saying that I am defending a rapist but at least; he did turn himself in, which means he does feel guilty of his actions.

      And sure, even if he did felt remorse, he deserved this treatment for what he does. But I think it’s such an exaggerated action to not only abuse him by beating him but also raping him, not to mention TWENTY male were involved in the act.

      I think a simple death sentence would do rather than applying another trauma to someone.

  4. Who the f* k ing f* c k writes your stories… The grammar is absolutely childish, in fact, a child could do better. The story has been written by a monkey on drugs being ana11y played with by a pig. Come on Anon, you can do better… can’t you????????????

    • It’s very hypocritical of you to complain about grammar.

      “The grammar is absolutely childish, in fact, a child could do better”

      The grammar is absolutely childish. In fact, a child could do better.

      Seems your grammar is no better.

  5. Stepparents are more likely to abuse or murder children than anyoe else. It’s as true with humans as it is with other social mammals. Single mothers and fathers with infants should put the child’s happiness before their own.

  6. Well,if he is quilty:Well deserved and well done guys!Go ahead with doin what u doin.
    If he is innocent:I am deeply sorry for the loss of his child and the mistreatment he has been put through.
    It is not on me to judge because I am not there and I do not know the whole story

    • You already are judging him though. Why you think this is great and for them to keep doin’ what they are doing says a lot about you actually, and for you to say you’re sorry for his plight in the same sentence if he was innocent is retarded. I hate child molesters and people that prey on innocent and defenseless people but I don’t condone what happened to him either. Sure he put himself in such a position but I certainly don’t agree or find satisfaction about anyone getting raped, whether they are guilty or not. It makes you no better than what you advocate to hate. Oh it’s terrible that he raped a child blah blah blah, but it’s okay that he got raped 20 times himself. Rape is wrong and never a ‘good’ thing despite whoever you think is deserving of it or not. To on one hand condemn someone for doing it and on the other hand advocate it’s okay in another circumstance, basically says that rape is fine under certain conditions, when rape is wrong under all circumstances.

  7. Two wrongs don’t make a right. How do men even get turned on by raping fellow inmates, I really don’t want to know. What disgusting and abhorrent behavior it is to rape and abuse anyone. They will all have to answer to God.

    • cat cat:::: you must be as your name implies what the hell are you talking about two wrongs don’t make a right we’re talking about a young baby that died here dum dum dum dum dum dee dum horrible person you must be the same as this!!;;

  8. Someone didn’t do their homework. It was his step-child, he was 2 years old and he not only raped him, he beat him up and killed him. He later told the mother of the child he was “possessed” when it happened. Police suspects the dad of the child paid a gang inside the prison to do that to him. Investigation is ongoing. He is now suing the government.

    • An eye for an eye! If this man is guilty, then who gives a flip what happens to him, and by how many! The rape, or torture of any child is the lowest of the low!

  9. My prayes & thoughts for the mother. A mother who blindly trusted a man she claims she loved. May the baby rest in peace. Just pray there might be guilt within the mother, of many thoughts. As goes for the monster, was there not a previous article that stated that there was chases of semen found on the baby that related to this monster Rapist. Words can not compensate the loss with this baby & what the baby been through. Peace.. Sometimes this is where the execution should imbed in my opinion.. No disrespect!!!

  10. Two wrongs don’t make a right. And yes, by raping the raper, you are JUST as bad and guilty. Punishment for crimes is meant to serve both as justice (consequence of your actions) and a lesson to be learned and then moved on from. Otherwise, it’s just sadistic torture for the simple pleasure of tortures sake (that helps NO ONE and solves NOTHING). The whole point of it being: acknowledgment/understanding of a crime, punishment for the crime committed, making amends/correcting the mistakes made, rehabilitation, and then moving on. Welcome to Justice 101.

      • oh triple a triple the dose aspirin to be raped 20 times if he was a member of my family believe you met anyone that agrees with this Dirtbag anyone that feel sorry for this Dirtbag is the same as this Dirtbag in my opinion take that to the fucking bank !!!!!

  11. I don’t find anything funny about this. I think it’s disgusting. Yes some people think he got what he deserved, but I don’t think it’s nice and a just reward at all. You make your own karma they say. Well he certainly paid back his. :/

  12. While guilty, the guys that raped him in prison will be hit by KARMA for their own mistakes. I mean look at that guy, what the fuck were the guard doing?

  13. Hope it happens over and over again sick sick man they should have killed the low life and for all the people sticking up for him thinking he did no wrong let him baby sit your kids …..exactly hahahahahah fuck him and hes soar arse lol

  14. Humanity has long had an affair with vigilantism. In society it can mature into an organized and central justice system. The latter I think is safer.

  15. To be convicted to jail is one thing. But including gang rape and mutilation to the sentence is something else. Those of you who think it’s cool, think again how would your societies look like if that was officially what you would be served as justice..

    To those rapist convicts it was all about power, perversion and show-off. I wouldn’t want those kind of people take care of my society’s justice..

  16. This one contradiction in the story stops me from believing it to be true. Consider the following extracted from the first paragraph: “awful and wrong rape of his own 1-year-old son.” This is taken from further down the story: “The stepfather was considered the prime suspect in the crime after providing contradictory testimony.”

  17. I have seen anon post this a couple times, and I would like to make note of something.

    Anon is notorious for hyping up a story, and also taking things wayyyy out of context, in my eyes it’s as bad as CNN and huffpost.

    Also, I don’t see a source here, they mention a Brazilian paper as being where they took the quotes from. But that means you are taking what was once an already embellished storyline one newspaper, and selecting certain words to either leave or expel from the story.

    I wish they would supply more of a source for such a story. Looks like click bait.

  18. Hey guys its been long talk for nothing, there is NO JUSTICE in this world, This guys did not even had a trial yet, let him proof himself innocent, Judges need proof of evidence, witness, DNA tests, bruise on child body,
    It has already been worse for this Guy, Tortured raped, How on earth this could have happened !
    This shows the Gangs are more powerful inside the Jail then this stupid Law enforcement Agencies !
    Justice must be done to show or proof this Guys innocence ! We can only talk discuss chat imagine point our fingers to a person we do not even know, what happened with the child, Why Tests Report has not been submitted to the Court ? All the Lawyers knows how to F**K the clients, Rip off Money and feed their family the illegal way ! May GOD help the innocent people and give them courage to face the challenges Ameen !

  19. Who is so idiot that admire any acts like this?

    Here are many apes who think “this is justice for raper” and “he got what he deserved”. These apes are all much lover than any rapist or pedophile. Lowest human scum that are shamed all over the world.

  20. standard procedure in brasilian prisons. internal prisoners law: who raped is raped and forced to weare woman clotehes and serve other prisoners as female. worse in this case, since it happened with a child. he surely will have a hard time and a fair chance not to finish his sentence alive.
    many men in this situation are detained in areas where other prisoners have no access, but not all prisons have this facility.

  21. if that was your son being lied and could not call on his own family for help while held there,lied on and raped in jail and or prison or other places ,lot of none caring judgemental people out there,


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