China Hacks Pentagon 9 Times


Written by: Anon.Dos



China is not only good for its Chinese food and culture – oh! Believe me when I say that. According to many news papers and bloggers, Chinese military hackers have hacked into the Pentagon System 9 times! And it was not hacked for defacing their websites or anything like that. But to further enter into different networks like of commercial shipping companies – logistic companies and they even uploaded different spywares or malicious software into an airlines network database.

However, the investigation on this matter was done by the Senate Armed Services Committee. And after a few days of research they came to know that their systems were compromised more than twenty times for information related to contracting companies with specific and non specific data. Though, even after the investigation Senate Armed Services Committee was unable to identify which contracting companies were affected.

Furthermore, when the investigation was done, the Senate Armed Services Committee announced that the attack originated from the Chinese soil. On which the Chinese’s government did not respond on the same day. No press releases were made and neither was there any response from the Chinese embassy in the United States capital.

But as always, the government never takes the blame for anything so they decided to blame the companies. The logistic or contracting companies that are in business with the Pentagon are to report if they find any suspicious or network breaching activities in their networking systems as stated on their business agreement with the American government.

Now according to the National Security Council, White House has created a team of licensed ethical hackers that will be helping Pentagon in network security by staying up-to-date with complex network security breaches and cyber attacks.

As far as those people who hacked the Pentagon; Attorney General says they should be brought to justice on the American soil. For now we believe that they are living freely.

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  1. The only way these guy’s can get information for this things is doing this, the chinese do not share this information whaT INFORMATION DID THEY GOT REALLY DO WE ALL HAVE TO HACK TO KNOW STUFF?

    • Really? Do you think its so hard to catch a data packet on a poorly encrypted government network? How can you say we dont know this when we are spied on everyday? The system works both ways my friend.

  2. heard about you guys, followed a few, then you were not seen as much. was told by mykal desing (my cousin) you could possibly help even maybe enjoy helping so I’ll post what a wrote here and would love to hear your response. thank you

    ok so going to leave this post up as I want them to be aware of what their actions have done. I pray leuthold and all you silly little circus clowns face public distrust on a level you loose your seats as you are not competent to hold a place as a public servant. you are incompetent and corrupt! you are all criminals and should spend time for your actions. I hope your pride eats at your souls till you cry as my family has.

    was going to do it today, not ready. tomorrow will be infront of Bucyrus court of common pleas to call out every single bit of corruption and every facilitator of the last 4 years of extortion, theft, threats, home invasion, trauma, fear, harassment, false imprisonment, false allegations, refusal to allow me to defend myself or family, aiding and abetting acts of threats, harassment, dog napping, false reports, 5 restraining orders threats of death to family and pets by the neighbors. that’s only a quick list. They have facilitated the entire loss of my life, the productive life of my family. I expect to be beat down, shot, imprisoned, possibly death. no further desire to give two shits one way or the other, tired of living in fear and loosing more every day. only my life left and not very much of that!

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