China Launching a New Quantum Satellite for Hack Free Information Transmission


The People’s Republic of China launched the world’s first quantum communications satellite August 16, in an effort of achieving safe and impenetrable communications. This unique satellite was launched from the northwestern region of China’s Jiuquan base, which is located in the dry Gobi desert. This communications satellite will allow experts to send messages from the country’s capital to Jiuquan base, also allowing the messages to be sent around the world. This quantum satellite is currently in its beta stage. According to experts, if the tests are successful, the People’s Republic will utilize its resources into building a massive network of communications that cannot be hacked or exploited by regular means.

Image Source: Tech Crunch – An image showing the installed technology used in the Chinese quantum communications satellite.

Alexander Ling, who is a lead investigator at Singapore’s Centre for Quantum Technologies, states that this new technology can make eavesdropping difficult – resulting in safe and secure communications. He further compared the United States with China, saying that initially the American and the European nations led the world in this technology, but now China will show others the way.

According to the experts, quantum communication utilizes tiny particles to safely send a message from point A to point B. So, if a hacker tries to fish out the travelling message, the hacker will either alter or delete the message completely, and notify the sender.

In the past, scientists from different countries have used quantum communications to send messages – on land – via special cables and other radio or wireless means. However, if the new quantum communications satellite is used, faster messages – which will be quickly encrypted and protected – will change the face of quantum communications and open doors to new possibilities.

Over time, online security has proven a major problem for China – and other nations around the world.  Since Edward Snowden leaked NSA documents about surveillance, many nations have stopped importing technology from the United States. On the other hand, the United States has constantly accused the People’s Republic of China of hacking American government information, which according to the United States can impose serious national security concerns; claims that China has rejected, saying that they are also victims of growing cyber crimes.

Image Source: The Wall Street Journal – China launched the world’s first quantum satellite on top of a Long March-2D rocket from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwest China early Tuesday.

According to the experts, the current problems faced are the satellite’s accuracy. Scientists are trying to send a beam of light to the body floating in space – fifty thousand feet above us – because of difficulties locating the proper position of the satellite. As of now, it is difficult to say whether the tests are going to be successful, but experts say we can expect quantum messages sent from this satellite to become  a global standard in the course of time.

With this breakthrough launch, China hopes to strengthen its communication between Shanghai and Beijing; the country’s government agencies and financial institutions.

As for Pan Jianwei, who is the head researcher and scientist for the quantum communications satellite project, he commended this new start for China to look ahead and become a leader in this field of information and technology, rather than a follower.

Source: The New York Times

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  1. hacked… wave length transmission corruption… it will try to send the same or a new signal… and it can be hacked because the information exist in computers or disks in the satellite, so it can be hacked by physical access… they didn’t thought in that… i believe…


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