China Plans 8000-Mile High-Speed Train To America VIA 125-Mile Undersea Tunnel


China wants to build a massive 8000-mile high-speed train line connecting China, Russia, Canada, and the United States via a 125-mile underwater tunnel. The route would begin in the country’s northeast and extend through Siberia and across the Bering Straight into Alaska. The entire trip would take two days, with the train traveling at an average of 220 miles per hour.

According to the state-run China Daily, the tunnel technology is already in place and will be used to build a high-speed railway between the south-east province of Fujian and Taiwan. The project will be funded and constructed by China but the details of this project are yet to be finalized.

A report in the state-run Beijing Times quoted Wang Mengshu, a railway expert at the Chinese Academy of Engineering, as saying, “Right now we’re already in discussions. Russia has already been thinking about this for many years.”

The Beijing Times listed the “China-Russia-Canada-America” line as one of four large-scale international high-speed rail projects the country wants to build. The first is a line that would run from London via Paris, Berlin, Warsaw, Kiev and Moscow, where it would split into two routes, one of which would run to China through Kazakhstan and the other through eastern Siberia. The second line would begin in the far-western Chinese city of Urumqi and then run through Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran and Turkey to Germany. The third would begin in the south-western city of Kunming and end in Singapore.

However, The Guardian reports:

No other Chinese railway experts have come out in support of the proposed project. Whether the government has consulted Russia, the US or Canada is also unclear. The Bering Strait tunnel alone would require an unprecedented feat of engineering – it would be the world’s longest undersea tunnel – four times the length of the Channel Tunnel.

What would it take for China to build a train to the US?

The longest undersea tunnel in the world is the Channel Tunnel, which runs under the English Channel for just under 25 miles. That train, opened in 1994, cost about $7.8 billion ($20.2 billion today). Today, the Bering Strait tunnel would cost approximately $35 billion.

Fyodor Soloview, an Alaska businessman, estimates that “the entirety of the Chinese high speed rail project from the Chinese capital of Beijing to the US capitol in Washington, DC would cost at least $2 trillion”.

Dr. Allan M. Zarembski, a professor and director of the Railroad Engineering and Safety Program at the University of Delaware, told The Week:

“The Chinese line would likely have to be built on permafrost, and cut through some pretty rugged mountain ranges. That brings environmental challenges like rock slides, snow, and flooding. But these technical and logistical hurdles can all be overcome. The real problem is that China is reportedly planning to make this a passenger train. If, for some reason, people decide to take a two-day train from San Francisco to Beijing, rather than a 12-hour flight, the economics are nonetheless an absolute disaster. There’s no way this could pay its way back.”

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  1. The only way this would be an advantage over airplanes is the number of people transported at the same time. It would give them the ability to move a Huge number of people out of china to every where in the world very efficiently. In a military application it would allow many forces to mobilize without arousing suspicion. China requires every male citizen to spend one year in military training. The population ratio of men to women in china is something like 4 to 1 , while i am not sure of the exact number the difference is staggeringly imbalanced. China is overpopulated. These factors allow China to summon an infantry force several times larger than the world has ever seen. So it would cost two trillion to complete, we just spent six trillion to bomb the dust around two countries and all we really did is ensure the middle east will remain third world countries for a while. It would also get people use to large numbers of Chinese people, provide work for a great number of its citizens and thereby stimulate its own economy nicely, and bring China out into the world stage socially in a huge manner. Maybe it sounds a bit paranoid, maybe it is, but it is a thought worth considering i believe if they are really going to build this.

    • your information is wrong concerning ratio of men women,,,yes inbalance exists but 4 to 1 is way way off the mark. Perhaps it would be prudent to reseach before shooting off mouth via internet

  2. I watched a show on something similar except it was from east coast USA to I believe the UK. It was also under an hour, because the project proposed was a vacuum tube. You could go from America to Europe in literally under an hour. Discover Channel did a feature on it a few years back.


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