China To US: We’re Ready To Fight If Needed And Russia Has Our Back


By James Holbrooks at


South China Sea — Beijing should be ready to “let the US pay a cost it cannot stand if it intervenes in the South China Sea dispute by force,” an editorial in a Chinese state-run paper warned on Tuesday — less than a week before the International Court at The Hague (ICH) is set to rule on a territorial disagreement between China and the Philippines.

“China hopes disputes can be resolved by talks,” wrote the Global Times, “but it must be prepared for any military confrontation. This is common sense in international relations.”

The dispute is over an island chain in the South China Sea, the Spratlys, and the maritime rights to the waters surrounding them. At the heart of the issue is sovereignty, with both China and the Philippines claiming territorial control.

In June of 2015, China announced that the artificial island chain it had been constructing in the South China Sea — in disregard of territorial claims by other Southeast Asian nations such as Vietnam, Taiwan, and Malaysia — would be completed within days. In the year that’s followed, the country has built military buildings, ports, and airstrips on the connected atolls.

A portion of the disputed area in the South China Sea.


In October of last year, the U.S. sent the first of what would become a considerable number of warships — and, eventually, even an aircraft carrier — into the South China Sea as a direct challenge to China’s claims in the region.

As pretext for involvement in what’s a wholly Southeast Asian affair, the U.S. has continuously claimed its allies in the region — notably India and the Philippines, itself — are concerned over China’s bold territorial assertions.

As Forbes recently wrote:

“While it is still unclear which way the ICH will rule, one thing is clear: China’s aggressive standing in the South China Sea disputes has spooked its neighbors.”

But China has made it clear it sees such U.S. involvement as military provocation.

“The South China Sea dispute has been greatly complicated after heavy US intervention,” the Global Times editorial states. “Washington…wants to send a signal by flexing its muscles. As the biggest powerhouse in the region, it awaits China’s obedience.”

Accordingly, China’s Maritime Safety Administration announced Monday it would be conducting military exercises in the waters of the South China Sea from July 5 to July 11 — the day before the ICH is set to make its ruling in the case brought before it by the Philippines.

“The drills are a very symbolic expression of China’s resolve,” Zhu Feng, dean of the Institute of International Affairs at Nanjing University, told TIME. “It is definitely also responding to the recent American warships patrolling in the South China Sea.”

Complicating the situation further is the fact that China, claiming the ICH has no authority to rule on territorial disputes, has repeatedly stated it has no intention of abiding by the tribunal’s ruling.

This inconvenience appears to be something the Pentagon is choosing to ignore, however, as evidenced by recent statements made by spokesperson Peter Cook and reported by Reuters:

“‘We’ve pointed to the diplomatic route for resolving these issues…they should be resolved peacefully,’ he said, adding the ruling from The Hague would provide an opportunity for this.’”

Wishful thinking, it seems, on the part of United States.

But there’s another, perhaps even more troubling facet of this entanglement that merits consideration. And, in point of fact, was not-so-subtly addressed in a recent article by another of China’s state-run publications, thePeople’s Daily.

And that facet can be encapsulated in a single word: Russia.

“China and Russia vowed to strengthen global strategic stability,” reports the Daily, “in a joint statement signed by Chinese President Xi Jingping and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on June 25 during Putin’s visit to Beijing.”

Additionally, the Daily points out that “China and Russia have held six joint naval exercises since 2005” and that, for the 2016 maneuvers, “it is very likely that the South China Sea Fleet will take its turn as the main power, and the location might be near the South China Sea.”

If not a veiled threat, it’s at a minimum a reminder to the U.S. that China is far from alone in its military capacity.

And considering the NATO summit in Warsaw is only days away from approving the deployment of four battalions along the Russian border in Eastern Europe — and amid ongoing and increasingly dangerousconfrontations between the U.S. and Russia in Syria — it might do Washington, D.C., well to take China’s “reminder” to heart.

This article (China to US: We’re Ready to Fight If Needed and Russia Has Our Back) is free and open source. You have permission to republish this article under a Creative Commons license with attribution to James Holbrooks and If you spot a typo, please email the error and the name of the article to [email protected]. Image credit: The Kremlin

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  1. good China and will one of theses countries that knows of USA snake politics please help my country “Puerto Rico ” as the white USA has titled us….we are the oldest colonized land in the world!!! screaming for freedom and USA controversy thing…HELP

  2. Sorry 2 all innocent americans BUT UR GOVERNMENT NEEDS 2 B PUT IN ITZ FUKEN PLACE A.S.A.P…America has single handedly destroyed n interfered with pther countries bussiness when it should b looking 2 help itz own people…u better wish 2 god that whoever gets elected doesn’t start WW3…china just couple months ago said this (if america starts WW3 we wont give them a chance 2 say a thing but were gonna straight out nuc them of the face of the earth)i don’t understand America’s constant involment in other countries affairs…n i must say that china putting otz foot down n not bugging is music 2 my ears…just because u don’t like the way a country is run doesn’t give u the right 2 interfere…between ur white supremacist ur frustrated black community isis n the middle east r the last of ur problems…china is THE SUPER POWER TODAY…they have the means n the people 2go 2 war n anialate america…there not the middle east…this war n itz terrorists were created by america,israel,UEM,n those who secretly control the world…this is y itz been going 4 20 yrs…china WILL NOT ALLOW A WAR 2 GO THAT LONG…their gonna come in destroy america n b done within a few months max…n russias dying 4 payback 4 MANY THINGS…so america brace yourselves…war is coming 2 u n when ur government beggs others 4 help they’ll refuse…itz bout time america paid 4 itz transgressions agaist others they have left dead,dying,wounded,homelessness,starving,n the millions n millions they’ve destroyed just out of pure unadulterated greed…

    • Hey anna your english is terrible. Also bring it bitch america’s military is three times bigger than anyone else.russia,china and hell throw Japan in there as well still wouldnt be enough to beat the United States of America heck i will even say throw United Kingdom,italy,Germany in there as well still not enough to stop us!

      • oh really? lol china and russia could both wipe out the US – your time as the biggest and best is long past – ignorance is bliss i guess – USA USA lmao

        • You are completely wrong. While it is important to remember nobody will win of this scale it is also important that America still has the largest navy on earth. The most advanced fleet, jets, and tanks in production. Our military training is second to none and our military branches have a ton of battle experience. We use this power to support smaller countries like the Philippines because countries like China are actively trying to steal the corner stone of their economy – which is trade through the south China sea. This is an invasion of the Philippines sovereignty not an affront to chinas. I know I’m from the United states so that probably bias’ me in some way I can’t control but the numbers for military spending, combat deployments, and the attempts to copy our technology is irrefutable. Same as the attack on the Philippines’ sovereignty.

          • Too bad the U.S. has the Antichrist of the Holy Bible as it’s demon possessed leader. Sad and TRUE.

        • Hey Anna, You’re the ignorant and has no clue on what you are talking about. Russia will not stupid to join cause they cannot afford it and they will lost. so as China.China has no chance of beating the US in all out war. Get your head out of your behind and know the facts.

        • If she’s a filipino, then she’ll be pro-america. Read and comprehend! She’s a chink that’s why she’s stupid.

          • not all Filipinos are pro america…they rather kiss china’s than to be with US.. but but bu here’s the catch, they will only go with America if our navy deploy USNS Mercy to conduct medical mission.. those so called anti-American in the philippines are the 1st one in line to get free medical from our USNS mercy… like right now USNS Mercy is in the philippines and i dont see any anti US rally…. wait till it leaves…

        • Obviously, Anna is Chinese.

          China is claiming a territory that is well within the Philippines’ 200 nautical mile EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone). The Philippines brought the case to UNCLOS for arbitration as it cannot fight militarily with China. But China, a signatory member of UNCLOS, won’t recognize the ruling. The US sides with UNCLOS, it wants international rule of law upheld. Letting China break international laws is tantamount to shifting to a LAWLESS RULE OF MIGHT. The Philippines said it will abide by the international court’s decision, but China threatens to militarily get what it wants. China is very powerful and could wipe out the Philippines in a sigh. Other countries are also disputing China’s claim of their territories, but only the Philippines took the very dangerous risk of dragging the giant in court. Now the dilemma of everybody, should the US intervene?

          • Your name rhymes as a typical Filipino and you must be stupid too as you claim it … Filipinos smart as you and be proud to be Anna is chikwa and she entitled to her opinion but degrading Filipinos that’s fuckin racism…

          • Fuck you bitch ..!! i’m a pilipino ..!! and dont even fuckin says its filipino ..!! you stupid ass bitch ..!! its our language ang pilipino is people ..!! idiot

          • Filipino are so dumb really i wonder how you would survive without a job and any social wellfare.they are hard working and loyal

          • Hi Luis, Used your common sense if you have. Not all countries in the world speaks English and do you think they are all stupids?? ENGLISH is our second language, so how can say that we Filipinos do not know how to speak English. You’re sounds stupid because of your comment.

          • Every country has stupid human, i think this is enough about stupidity and let’s talk about the main issue peace to all. 🙂

      • I say waste them fuckin’ chinks blow them up to smithereens obliterate these commies off the face of the earth.with USA’s 7100 stockpiled warheads against china’s 260 including dud missiles, they haven’t got a prayer. GOD bless America.O>

        • america and china are the same, they have one goal to siphon the minerals in the Philippines because it is known now that the oil deposit had lied in that place so therefore both of them contested who will be the first to drag the deposited minerals. The Philippines could not do anything. The Philippines only wanting who will give fair share to the republic, That is all. thanks….

        • God does not bless war mongers and potential murderers.There are good and bad people in every race and nation.God bless PEACE LOVING humankind everywhere, especially the innocent

      • Not true china’s military is far bigger than the u.s and their technology also is very advanced maybe more so than the u.s. I am an American and I hate to admit what was said in this last persons comment is very true. The u.s government needs to get out of all of these other countries bullshit and focus on the issues here in our own nation. We are crumbling from within and the race war being started by our own government and media is gonna be the excuse for the start of a civil war and thus the police state the elite want in order to introduce a new ruling power in the u.s. kiss our freedom goodbye or at least this illusion of freedom we have in place at the moment. Because this society is far from free we are controlled by deer which is instilled thru the media and government agendas! Please stop with the ignorant patriotism which only blinds us from the problems that are critical in our nation. We want to be so proud of our powerful military and cause of this we don’t see the serious colamity at our door step! God bless us all we will need god more than ever very soon indeed!

        • Quality Beats Quantity all the time. wake up!! Yes as soon as Obama is out of office, all will be okay. You’re hallucinating if you believe that China is far superior on Technology than US. The only thing good about China is copying what US and Western technology has. They always have the original copies. Get it?

      • Can you remember when the US ever won a war?! – oh yes – now i remember ?! – they had 2 drop 2 A-bombs on Japan,because their ground troops were too useless to go ashore & do the job themselves ! – and that’s not even mentioning Vietnam & Korea ! HA HA HA HA !

        • Anyone bragging that their country is capable of slaughtering another needs to get their head checked, you are a psychopath. If these comments are actually representative of what the majority of how Americans feel about war, and nuclear war no less, than that is genuinely horrifying. The next war will be fought with nukes, the one after that with sticks and stones.

        • Dumb ass. you need to wake up and smell your fart cause it stinks as your mouth. USA can wipe any country in the world if not of Politics, Dumbo!!. Vietnam was a political war so as Korea. We took Iraq in just hours.i was there idiot.

    • That hurt my head to read.. before commenting on political articles focus on learning to write and spell correctly in the language that you are typing in.. z is not the same as s..

    • Hey Anna,USA intervene in this affair because Philippines is an ally country, dont be afraid of china, there good in black propaganda but in reality they are a bunch of coward and idiot people, i can say this because theres a lot of chinese people here in our country.

    • I live in america and they are killing my black people daily and getting away with it. We are getting locked up and killed in america on a daily basis. We need help in america.

  3. Worlds oldest empire + a fallen Empire vs a Falling Empire (the rot is within). Nice ring to it, were it swords and boards yet forgetting the fact they are all capable of ending all organic life on Earth as mans knowledge far outshines his wisdom.

    Do any of these countries wish to flirt with any level of nuclear exchange over anything? Is it such a prize to wear the crown of King nothing? To claim resources risking the destruction of all resources? If a single warhead from anyone was launched the protocol of first strike would mean they all go off.

    Let China have their islands, Let Russia sweep as far as their reach will let them. It’s their neck of the woods and their mess to bleed out using less hellish weapons with the neighbors. With luck most of the warmongers will die off with plain gunpowder. Mans always harmed himself and its wrong, but a nuclear cut is far too deep to seal for the future generations. Maybe in exchange for USA turning in the world police badge (which is helping to bankrupt them) China could forgive some debt, promise to buy more debt to grant an extension to the inevitable collapse of the American Empire?

    Some people are going to get fucked over due to the ambitions of any and all parties. The important thing is there is a future in which wounds can be balmed some how, since we possess the ability to destroy it and the idiocy to do so. Sorry any nation and peoples suffering in the world < Confrontation of Nuclear powers.

    It's only a matter time before such a spark connects, people need to WISE up fucking fast.

    • the US is the warmonger here, russian economy is strengthening, US is failing – china has a huge army and a vast array of weapons – russia has amazing firepower better than anything the US has and with a longer range yep US needs to wise up and get its nose out of other peoples business and countries and stop waving its dick around

      • That’s is bullshit! Do you know that America have 5 times more firepower than Russia and china combined. Think about it they have all these secret bases ( e.g Area 51, Wright Patterson Air Force Base). US have the MOST ADVANCED Weapons that is the fact! Also I’m not from US

      • Dumb dumb Cat, u need to read more real books, facts and intel studies and not just refer to facebook. US has 5 times more Aircraft carrier than China and Russia combined. Just 1 carrier strike group can sink all the man made islands china built at WPS. We can touch anyone anywhere in the world, anytime and at any weather. USA has much more superior weapons and better trained military compare to both Russia and China. Even Puttin accepted that and said that USA is the only super power left in this world. You’re an idiot, misinformed and ignorant.

        • Pity that the good US of A cannot move the Yellowstone Caldera from its backyard.
          Rumours have it that 2 dozen Russian Sarmats and half score and ten Chinese DF-ZFs (WU-14s, your Pentagon folks like to call them) are pointing at that spot to be unleashed when WWIII. Then bye, bye North America……just that you know.
          So, please don’t bring it on……no winners, sir. Peace out.

  4. It’s all a shame. What’s worse is the fact that any civilians on any continent will suffer from something that is out their control. The political offices argue and we as citizens will not make a difference no matter how many protests or internet posts are made. I am sad about war. ANY WAR!

  5. The changes currently occuring in the global economy may actually drive the most powerful nations into closer cooperation rather then conflict. Modern war between major powers is too costly nowadays.

  6. I’am very sad to read this message, my country PHILIPPINE, has a very low technology, how can we fight if our technology is very low against powerful countries?

    • Being low technology is the fault of our corrupt goverment. People under the goverment only think money that thet can put to their pocket. They don’t care what best for the country.

      • Yup, they want money keep up on their pockets. How can we fight them? China knows that PHILIPPINE cannot fight them alone, so they know how to make Philippine surrender the TERRITORY itself.

        • I pray for you and your people. I live in america and they are killing blacks in america. Its really the racist fucks in office and all over this county. The blacks and hispanics are the real humble American people. The rest just want money and power. We ar= on the brink of a cival war in america. Blacks are tired of americas shit in america. So its not our fault we are getting the bad end of the stick in america also. Something has to change

  7. Why everyone is talking about war here. Nobody wants war. Nobody wins in any war. At this nuclear age, war will be catasthropic. The magnitude of damage will be unimaginable. China is a bully and bullying small countries is not acceptable. They don’t care about the environment either. All they want is money and power. They are guilty of hacking practically every military and business establishments in the 1st world countries. And someone must step up to neutralise their abuse of power without resorting to war.

  8. The US will do what it needs to keep freedom of navigation, unfettered by China, open to ALL nations and keep its commitments to our friends in the region. China is a powerful and great country, but it should not let its inferiority complex overrule its common sense. China has a large industrial base that is dependent on seaborne trade for many raw materials; it also has 1.3 billion people to feed. Realistically, China has no effective answer to a US led blockade using naval assets well out of Chinas military range. In short, China should not let its crocodile mouth overload its tadpole butt.

  9. China should not underestimte the importance the US places on the SCS and the precedent the issue’s resolution sets. With a lengthy naval blockade, the US and Japan can and will bring much pain and suffering to the Chinese aggressor without firing a shot.

  10. Several thousand people were forcably removed from Diego Garcia to make the islands available for a US MIlitary Base 10,000 miles from the US. The US invaded Hawaii and put their queen in jail. Now, China builds some bases on UNINHABITED atolls and the US wants to meddle in someone else’s business 13000 miles from US shores.

    The US hasn’t had much success with Afghanistan(who didn’t even have an air force or navy), Vietnam, N Korea, and can’t seem to handle ISIS. Starting something with countries that have intercontinental nuclear missiles and nuclear missile firing submarines would mean the US mainland could likely suffer missile attacks and the US has 11,000 unguarded oil derricks and the oil refineries are along the coast.

    Playing games with Russia and China wouldn’t be something you would hear about on the news, it’s something that could impact cities and neighborhoods in mainland America. We saw how the entire US Military couldn’t deal with several airliners on 911, they couldn’t even catch the Barefoot Bandit as he flew across America,…do you expect them to protect if a bunch of nuclear missiles are headed for your town?

    The US has invaded 23 countries since 1990, none of the bad guys have done that combined. The US has been at war 223 years out of it’s 240 year existence. Does the word warmonger or bloodthirsty come to mind? ASEAN already has an agreement to settle this type disagreement by arbitration but the US is baiting Vietnam with nuclear power generator technology just like they did with IRAN in the 70’s, and that worked out really well, didn’t it? The Philippines have been part of US_COLD (United States Community of Lapdogs) since WW2.

    China is well aware of the US/NATO policy of envelopment that has been carried out against Russia and it needs to control the Spratleys to avoid the US from doing exactly what China is doing to contain China.

    The US has offended the majority of the world’s population and if war breaks out, quite a few other players may join in to eliminate a world wide pain in the ass.

  11. If I had a nuke I’d nuke america my self save everyone the trouple. You Americans are so far up yourselves when you guys try and stick up for yourselves you sound so pathetic. Get ya military dick out of your asses. I’ll sit back a laugh and say cocky cunts will always copp it eventually.hahahahaha fuck america and its little dick in a cup

    • If China can not be stop now. They will continue claiming and conquering. Not abiding the court ruling even they are signatory it means that they are thinking that they are strong enough to take anything they want.

  12. The article’s conclusion is pretty lame. China and Russia threaten the US and ASEAN not to interfere in China’s “peaceful” march across international waters – and the US is supposed to cower in fear? The US and ASEAN are clearly in the right and China is not. Have you ever seen the US cower? Not going to happen.

  13. CHINA and RUSSIA only too much talks! If this two countries brave enough to go to war against USA because if their million soldiers plus weapon then they should go and try…but USA was good enough in war since before from ground and air forces how much more today?

  14. Mahihirapan ang Russia kong lalaban kasali sa China kc merong impending problem on their border with Poland, Ukraine, etc with NATO countries….magka dumi-dumi ang Russia. Bluff lang yun sa China para matakot ang US hahaha

  15. So funny how China can claim islands 600 miles from it’s mainland and only 200 miles from the Philippines.and citing history as basis for a claim against a claim under international law….well history would be at a great disadvantage in a court hearing

  16. China’s barely gaining strength, if it fucks with US too early, it’ll be back to square 1. They are bluffing, but then again, I’m hoping they’re not.

  17. USA should wipe out china now before its too late… If russia helps, they should be bombed too. Then next North korea, these fuckers should be annahilated soon., they play aggressive they think they are stronger than allies forces.


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