Chinese Startup Creates Intelligent Cigarette Holder That Helps Quit Smoking


China is the world’s largest consumer [350 million Chinese smoke] and producer of tobacco [China produces 42% of the world’s cigarettes]. A 2015 study warns that if current smoking rates in China prevail, two million Chinese will die by 2030. But there’s hope. Chinese men can prolong their lives if they quit smoking before the age of 35.

Enter Tosee, the world’s first intelligent cigarette holder that tracks the number of cigarettes smoked, filters out toxic substances inhaled like tar and nicotine, stores the information on Tosee’s Smartphone app, and helps smokers use that data to regulate, reduce, or quit smoking. Further, the Tosee health-tracking app can be used to get a clear picture of the impact of smoking on your daily life, track your intake of carcinogenic substances over time, and set goals and reminders.

Tosee was created by Angmi, a small independent research and design studio based in Guangzhou, China. Eason Wu, Ang Mi’s founder who designed the device, told Intuitive Systems:

“Smoking is a big social activity in North China where I’m from. My father was a heavy smoker for over forty years, and my childhood memories of him mostly include his rough morning cough… If you could tell people how much they were actually smoking – and how much harmful substances they were actually inhaling, it creates a kind of psychological burden.”

According to Daily Dot, after raising its requested funding amount during a brief crowdfunding campaign in March 2015, the devices are expected to ship shortly. During the fundraising period, a Tosee carried a price tag of $89 to $99, which is expected to change once the devices are made available for order or find their way to retail.


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