Chrome Spying on You!


With so many 3rd party developers, who is really spying on who? It may seem that Chrome is indeed secretly spying on you with their new services “Okay Google”, however, we cannot jump to speculations at this moment. Indeed, Google is one of the fastest and most common web browser on the market, let alone free, but we can’t help but wonder what is going on behind those doors at Google Inc.

If you navigate your way to the “Extensions” manager tab and then browse for more extensions, you can see a whole world full of neat tools and gadgets to help improve your Chrome experience. However every single one of these extensions has one thing in common, outside of being developed for Chrome, they all have different creators. Just like your Android or iPhone apps, every creator designs and develops their applications to perform a certain way.

Many people are speculating that Chrome is in fact “Spying” on you even if you are not on your computer. Have you ever seen that green light on your camera go on and off a couple of times?
The public has been blaming Google, and Google has been blaming the Linux distribution “Debian” for downloading a non-open source extension/component.
Google developer mgiuca said “The key here is that Chromium is not a Google product. We do not directly distribute it, or make any guarantees with respect to compliance with various open source policies.”

Later on, a spokeswomen from Google stated “We’re sure you’ll be relieved to learn we’re not listening to your conversations – nor do we want to. We’re simply giving Chrome users the ability to search hands free at their computer by saying “Ok Google” while on the Google homepage – and only if they choose to opt in to the feature.”
After the accusations and waves of criticism brought onto Google by campaigners and even open source programmers, Google removed the famous extension “Chromium” from the open-source version of their Chrome Browser. Now we have a new extension which is in question known as “Chrome Hotword”. The Chrome Hotword is also offering Google’s famous “Ok, Google” function.
Google’s completely illegal program “wi-spy” actually collects user data over your home networks. They do this by using their Street View cars in which have been fined and as even been investigated for violations of the law in every country around the world. What is Google collecting?

Google Street View Car

How about your personal emails and data in which reveals everything from your search history, medical records, sexual preferences, and even your marital infidelity. Google’s’ only defense to these accusations is that the illegal collection of data is indeed to eerily similar to that of what the NSA is doing. Is Google now Working with the NSA and/or other governing organizations to steal our information?
You can disable the Chromium extension and disable the “Ok, Google” services. This is “supposed” to prevent Google from spying on you. But will it really?


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  1. If google can see this, you guys can suck on my big hairy balls.. Also i couldn’t give a rats arse if someone is spying on me, i aint got shit to hide! so bring!

    • @Ratloader…..Just because you dont have Shit to hide does not mean you should not be concerned with Privacy, In essence you are saying that you dont care about your rights to privacy just because you might have nothing to hide at this moment, That is like saying I dont care about free speech because I have nothing to say. Not only that META data is much more intrusive then they lead you to believe, In fact META data is much more telling about individuals and groups then phone calls and such. You can determine who someone is in a relationship with their Schedule, Family members and loved ones, Hobbies etc. You should care!

  2. Google is just using your information for making better results. So yea, all your data is collected to make your own person internet bubble, and I’m o.k. with that. I wouldn’t call it spying. If you really have to hide something, or when you’re really afraid for your privacy, you better stop using Chrome, or maybe any other browser… Or maybe don’t go on the internet anyways.


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