The Club of Rome’s Order


In 1968, an Italian industrialist by the name of Aurelio Peccei founded a global think tank called the Club of Rome after a two-day meeting in 1968, to discuss the problems facing mankind, and the need to act globally. The meeting that Peccei had worked hard to have funded, was not a success. Due to reasons cited, the group of European economists and scientists were unable or incapable of focusing on a distant future.

Their mission can be most readily surmised just by looking at the graphic they designed for their ‘mission statement’ home page….
Their mission can be most readily surmised just by looking at this graphic they designed for their ‘mission statement’ home page….

After the meeting, a small group returned to Peccei’s villa in Rome. It was here that the club was born and given the name The Club of Rome. What became was an unlikely and unexpected success to “rebel against the suicidal ignorance of the human condition.” In 1972, a report was published by the group titled “The Limits to Growth.” The publication called for a reduction in the consumption of resources and a re-evaluation of humanity and its exploitative attitude towards the earth itself. From there, the Club of Rome was propelled into the international arena. Limits-of-growth-600pxw

This isn’t surprising. On face value, Peccei‘s intentions have an honorable sentiment. But it has been rumored that Aurelio Peccei once confided in his friend and former US Secretary of State, Alexander Haig that he “felt like Adam Weishaupt reincarnated.” It is also noted in some research that Peccei was probably a Freemason and Bilderberg member.

Today the Club of Rome still exists. It actively supports WWF, but it is the other institutions, which the Club of Rome equally support that is concerning, such as: The Trilateral Commission; Council of Foreign Relations; Rockefeller Foundation; and many more. It is interesting to note, that on the official page, Queen Beatrix, a Bilderberger and Committee of 300 affiliate, is also an honorary member.

It is no great surprise that Rockefeller became a listed founder of the Club. Some argue he was there from the beginning when the initial 1968 meeting took place, reportedly occurring in his own Bellagio villa in Rome. [1]

Regardless, of the founding history, the agenda remains the same: One world, one economy, one religion – maybe no religion…a New World Order. It argues for a decrease in population and a sustainability that can only be achieved by halting growth on all scales, dramatically. Read 2052 if you don’t believe me. [2]

The sway of this club and its reach into all corners of the globe is phenomenal, but it isn’t as “transparent” as one may think. The Club of Rome are a convincing organization, and are careful to keep the Rockefeller name away from its official webpage. This requires a lot of reading between the lines, and as you read, your head quietly nods in resigned agreement until you pull yourself back into reality.

Careful, this Club isn’t for the faint hearted. Beware of extreme manipulation, convincing arguments, and scientific jargon. This is the current literature supporting and pertaining to the establishment of a New World Order, and it makes no apology for the means of which they will use to obtain their ideologies.



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  1. We need a special categori 4 Illuminati & N.W.O. to talk abut them . Is a step frowder to kill Iluminati , freemanson`s & N.W.O. (sorry 4 bad writing i`m romanian)

  2. The World has enough resources and combined with all of the technologys we would have the chance to stay at moderate Life standard with a grwoing population. The only Problem is, that the few would loose their power of controlling these resources and technologys.
    So with capitalism and interest on Money, creating new of its own out of nothing, we would have, out of economical reasons, no chance. Thats what they have concluded.
    It frightens me, that theses few People, who are in charge or indirect controlling the system are so fkkin egoistic. The hilarious part of this drama is, that they are meeting officaly and tell the world that its the worlds fault for a future like this and not their greed. Some of them act so good in it you might laugh if it wouldn’t be so serious.
    Makes me really mad.

  3. The Club of Rome’s Order
    “Regardless, of the founding history, the agenda remains the same: One world, one economy, one religion – maybe no religion…a New World Order.”

    Like most things, this is not a new concept, Confucius was touting this thousands of years ago. I can see the merit in it, but; Democracy, Capitalism, Socialism, Communism, all look good in theory, until you add in the Human factor.

    BUT! Who’s gonna lead it?
    And who’s gonna give up CONTROL?
    Do you really expect the Religious Corporations of the world to say, No, no, the deity you who been worshiping all theses years is in fact another in disguise.
    Evolution’s a slow progress, stop trying to rush it. With migration, education and the Bedroom we’ll all get there, eventually, be a slightly cappuccino coloured race, reverting back to paganism, worshiping and RESPECTING the Great Blue Marble, on which we learn.
    REMEMBER, we are Slow Learners and DO NOT look back a history as often as we should. New World Order, delivering the Occults Promise, on Facebook.


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