North Korea Threatens War on US Over Kim Jong-un Movie


Written by: “M”


It appears that Kim Jong Un, the beloved dictator  of North Korea can’t even take a joke – even if it were a movie!

Comedic actors Seth Rogan and James Franco star in upcoming movie, in which the play the role of assassins, hidden under the ruse as TV newscasters, in which they plan to use as leverage in order to kill the North Korean president. This is just screenplay for god’s sakes! However, a North Korean spokesman regarded it as an “act of war”.

Seth Rogan’s new movie, titled “The Interview”, was commented on by the North Korean government as a “wanton act of terror”. How ridiculous!

The North Korean government has promised a “merciless” retaliation against the United States (one of many “merciless” threats against the United States) if The Interview is released.

A statement published by the state-run KCNA news agency, a spokesman said the film is the work of, now, bear with me, “GANGSTER MOVIE-MAKERS” and is a “wanton act of terror.”

“The act of making and screening such a movie that portrays an attack on our top leadership… is a most wanton act of terror and act of war, and is absolutely intolerable,” the spokesman said. (NFP)

The trailer posted on Youtube, shows a lookalike actor playing Kim Jong-un, as well as fight scenes involving what appear to be North Korean tanks and helicopters, and a nuclear missile launch. _75819668_022759557-1

The North Korea spokesman was quoted by the state KCNA news agency as saying: “Making and releasing a movie on a plot to hurt our top-level leadership is the most blatant act of terrorism and war and will absolutely not be tolerated.” He added that the “reckless US provocative insanity” of mobilizing a “gangster filmmaker” to challenge the North’s leadership was triggering “a gust of hatred and rage” among North Korean people and soldiers.
“If the US administration allows and defends the showing of the film, a merciless counter-measure will be taken,” the spokesman was quoted as saying.



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  1. It makes perfect sense. For a regime whose entire foreign policy is empty fiction, an empty, ficitonal movie must seem like a great atrocity.

  2. Stupid USA. No wonder there’s war! They couldn’t leave a FINALLY peaceful country alone. They just HAD to provoke somehow. As if ISIS and Russia weren’t enough. Well, if war happens, US asked for it. Who stirs the shitpot should also lick the spoon. (Sorry for those of you who have a sore stomach…)

  3. Hell Yeah! I can’t wait to see their retaliation. It’ll be like chuck palahniuk’s “Pygmy. Let the hilarity ensue!

  4. you think it would be okay if there was a movie where they go kill obama or your fucking family. piece of shit. so fucking stupid.

  5. Release the movie, North Korea has been issuing to many threats for far to long we need to call their bluff for once, and yes I know if they actually do something it may turn into WWIII but North Korea needs to be called on their bull for once.

  6. Release the movie, North Korea has been issuing to many threats for far to long we need to call their bluff for once, and yes I know if they actually do something it may turn into WWIII but North Korea needs to be called on their bull for once.

  7. This movie is so fucking stupid. I bet if North Korea made a movie about assassinating our president, the same threats would be made against North Korea. God damn I can’t even see how anyone would find this shit funny unless you’re an uneducated idiot

    • See now that is just it… Make a movie about the president getting assassinated. We don’t care. Why? Because it is a movie. We in America have this little something we call “free speech”. It allows for people to do things like make movies about whatever they want.

  8. come on you guys. we know this movie is going to end with them getting high with kim jon whatever his name is

    i can see it from a mile away

  9. That’s not even fair. If we drop bombs on Korea he don’t care how many of his people get hurt, most of them are out on the streets anyway eating their sick while the buildings are in shambles and fall every time a wind hits them. The solders think it’s an honor to die and battle and Kim Jong Un thinks it’s funny to watch his own people die. Course since Rogan isn’t a total Libtard Obama will make an executive order to keep any movie that practices any constitutional rights from being made anyway. I bet if it stared Dennis Rodman Kimberly wouldn’t even have a problem with it.

  10. Well, experts in empty threats as usual 🙂
    It’s pretty much like giving a 4 year old who thinks he’s the king of the universe a bunch of missiles and nuke.

    Why not make a movie with your Humpty-Du…Great general invading the U.S. and triumphing if so pissed?
    That is, if you have a decent budget left after properly feeding your people like a decent ruler and stop threatening to execute them if they don’t bow at your feet and release the Japanese people you’ve abducted like savages.

    You ought to know…there’s a reason to why the whole world laughs at you 😉
    Try thinking with a wee bit of logic, like humans, that’s one step away from being a swine my lad.
    Anyway, I’m so gonna see this movieeeeee

  11. “Stupid USA. No wonder there’s war! They couldn’t leave a FINALLY peaceful country alone.”……..uh no! lets just ask the people of north korea what they think! oh wait, you can’t!….because PEACE…FREEDOM…and CONTACT to the outside world are the last thing north koreans experience….

  12. The US wouldn’t care if North Korea made a movie depicting the assassination of our president. Most people joke about killing the president on like a daily basis anyways. I don’t know if we should be going around provoking other countries that are threatening retaliation, but the movies already been made and there are two policies in the US that will keep the government from interfering with the movies release. 1. we don’t negotiate with terrorists and 2. we have freedom of speech.
    Captain Obvious person is correct, the movie is totally gonna end with Rogan smoking a blunt with Kim Jong-Un anyways.

    If we do release it they should just make a movie about the assassination of our president. They have their retaliation and we’re squared away. No need for violence here over some dumbass comedy.

    • 1. you don’t negotiate with terrorists, you just go and blow their shit up as an excuse for war.
      2. you don’t have freedom of speech, go get on a plane and say any terrorists on here? or hey dude wheres my bomb? see what happens.

      Why would you mess with THAT guy, he’s obviously not all there and has nukes he cant wait to use. would be stupid to do it, but hey, hes stupid.

  13. Why are they so sensitive
    us Americans love to exercise our amendment’s.You guys would be
    murdered or jailed for life. Look up “white house down” do you think our President caught feelings over that movie…no he probably hasn’t even heard of it.

  14. There is a bright side to all this. If everyone blows eachother up. That’s it. That’s the end. The human race will eventually die out (If Earth is so lucky) and the world would start a-new… when of course all our pollution and everything has gone.

  15. lmfao we’ve had other movies made about doing the same shit in other countries but oh no dont make one about north korea they will cry and rage about it dafuq grow up bitches its just a fuckin movie

  16. Do you honestly think a comedy will result in the president getting killed? I mean, how many times were Clinton and Bush featured as parodies? It’s all in good fun people! This goes waaay back in our culture with the drawing of Caricatures of politicians in newspapers! I’m sorry if the North Korean government is insulted, but that’s the way we roll. They are trying to treat us as they treat their own people, by threatening them. Not gonna work.

  17. Some serious idiots in here. “What if they made a movie attacking the US.”

    Before we start with that, let’s start with an education outside of your trailer.

    North Korea has released dozens of war propaganda movies and clips depicting them bombing the white house, planting their flags on conquered US soil and etc.

    You guys would make awesome politicians. You don’t require a brain for that.

    • i agree with you raymond. fuck north korea….. yea i said it want to fight about it…… kim jong un or whatever the fuck his name is need to chill out and have a twinkie. his fat ass needs to shut up and enjoy the movie…. no one aint scared of his pity threats….. man sit down somewhere… we will wipe out that lame ass country…… TEAM FROGEN ALL THE WAY!!!!!! GO SETH AND JAMES. i will be watching this movie

  18. OK, the fucktard leader of North Korea needs to grow a pair. I have just watched the trailer for “The Interview” and honestly its seems alright. He seriously needs to learn how take a joke and not have such a big fucking ego. Kim jong un acts like has a fucking 10 metre rod shoved up his arse

  19. All superpowers of the world are all gearing up for something Big with their weapons bombs and soldiers everyone of them is waiting for Someone to light the fuse .. Will this be it???


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