What’s Really Going on with Fappening’s Original Thread


Written by: Anon.Dos


After several unequivocal pictures of more than twelve big names were released on the web, Reddit has chosen to close down The Fappening string which was persistently posting links to these leaked pictures.

The Fappening, which at one point had in excess of hundred – thousand supporters and was the quickest developing thread ever, was situated up in the wake of the celebrity naked pictures being showed anonymously on Anon-IB, and turned into a focal point on Reddit for those looking to view the pictures.

Superstars like Jennifer Lawrence and supermodel like Katie Upton had pictures hacked from their iCloud accounts by a group of hackers who posted pictures which they liked best. In one the blogs a hackers also stated that they have more images of celebrities that have not been leaked yet. 1a1dc2240efd8a156eaeba080165c759b1c514ad39156b4994258c373171b518_large

On Saturday, workers at Reddit chose to boycott The Fappening page on their website by banning it and also any related strings to consent to demands made under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DCMA).

The thread for those leaked images was started up by a user called Johnsmcjohn that pulled in record levels of activity to the site (reports propose about two hundred and fifty million views in six days) and the volume of traffic practically knocked the organization offline as per one of the site’s network admin.

Reacting to the closing down of his thread on the website, Johnsmcjohn said his expectation was not to turn into the focal center point for facilitating these pictures. He also said that, he did not begin the thread to be the prime place on the web for leaked pictures and that he just made a group thinking that he would have a good amount of followers and nothing more.











  1. Way to go, guys! Nice to see someone with skills and spare time use their constructive energy to fight the establishment’s suppression of the 99%’s fapping urge for pictures of naked women! Seriously?! What the fuck is wrong with you? “More naked celebs” is your contribution to the revolution?

    • No not at all. We had nothing todo with the so called “Fappening”. This has to no ties with anonymous nor does anonymous encourage anybody to do that. We have firm believes about internet security an privacy. This is exactly the kind of thing we’re against.


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